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Any blacksmiths about?
Latest celtic inspired earrings....:-)
FTGH.three drakes.
Gluten-Free Rosewood Sausages
Turkey stags, herefordshire
Berkshire Weaners
darton fury compound bow sell or barter
Gloucestershire Old Spot( Half pig) for sale ( Near York)
Wanted: two or three muscovy ducks
Deer fat wanted
Unusual commission
british lop gilt
FS: Warren-type POL pullets, Somerset/Devon border
Rosewood Beef Futures
Wales v Ireland tickets are no longer available
Oxford Sandy & Black weaners
FS: Ford fiesta, 1.25 petrol automatic, now 450, tax, MOT
I'm now on the hunt for another sewing machine....
trestle tables
A crackling offer on pork!
Tomorrow, Yeovil Farmers' Market
Camper fridge
folding camping mats
Valentines necklace.
Sticks and pins all in the shop.
Beaded hair sticks
Hair and shawl pins
For Sale: Aylesbury Duck Trio - Leeds
For Sale: 3x In-calf heifers. west-wales
8 packs of minced Ayrshire beef - 24
FOC - Kodak ink cartridges
For sale - dairy goat kids - Mid Wales
5.5KVa 110/240 generator
Beef,Pork,Bacon,Sausage,Gammons and Wild Boar
300GB IDE Internal HDD
Gloucestershire Old Spot Pork, Sausages and Burgers for Sale
Pumpkins for swap
british lop weaners
sun holiday token words.
Free infant / todler clothes
Mule Yarn wanted
Zwartbles 1/2 freezer ready butchered lamb Shrops/Powys/Hrds
boxes for moving/storage required please
English goats for sale
wanted 10'x20' shed workshop
FTGH knitting needles
Goats- Faith, Hope, Charity and Stinky Billy- Updated
Indian Runner ducks- UPDATED Cardigan area
But it's cold out side
Last Orders please
Meat swop.
2 chicken arks Cornwall
500g Coriander seed 1.50
500g Star Anise 4
Canning stuff
Could I borrow a petticoat?
New celtic inspired pendant design
FS: Hens
Gift idea, and help us plant a windbreak whilst you're at it
Fingerless mitts
Windows wanted
Pre-orders for the Midwinter meet-up
10mm Steel tube
Wanted leghorn bantam cockerel
ISO Japanese Quail
Meat by text
help with pricing willow stuff please
WinTV Card (Analogue) foc
Engraver dremmely type thing, foc.
Sally in Wales..... Yule oil
Swap - oca for Bocking 14
willow for weaving wanted
Wanted Dead or alive......
Joist hangers/truss shoes
The last of the cut price pork
Christmas Turkey
Anyone got any rabbit or Woodies for sale?
Sheepskins now back in stock
Still on the hunt for a Christmas goose.
Wanted, pig arks.
Ugly sheep - free to mediocre home
Free Range Hens
Christmas gift offer
WANTED - Small Filing Cabinet...and a desk :o)
Wanted: Job on farm Ceredigion
Sheep for sale
meat and turkey producers wanted
Half price sausages
wanted: 20/30 ml bottles
Wool needs a home.
Woodburner (now found new home)
Smallholding sitting
FTGH + Photo of Leather Jacket - TAKEN
Free to Good Home
For sale ,eglu classic 150 ,Monmouth.
Dad's Books.
Wanted Mini van
Girls clothes.
Reuseable Nappies
british lop sow
Weaners for sale (East Sussex)
Aran wool wanted
FS: Huge, comfortable, reliable estate car with towbar.
FS: Folding caravan
Christmas/Midwinter 2012
curing skins - by Katie Thear FTGH
Christmas vouchers for courses, chickens and hatching eggs!
looking for a parrot
Hand printed giftags (now with pics)
A work colleague of mine has a Yurt for sale...
Muscovy Female ducks - Wanted
Quintet of Cayuga Ducks
Aylesburys, 2 years old, 5 each
Order early for present-giving occasions...
Free for collection
Rosewood Farms Newsletter Sign-Up
Welbar Cockerel and Welbar hens
Anyone have any goat's meat for sale (or knows a supplier)?
Peugeot 306 for sale
Finally - the web shop is open!
New Beef Boxes
Zwartbles ewe lambs for sale MVacc pedigree
Fundraising Craft site: Make ME Crafts
Bed - 4 poster - got to go
Cheap meat
chickens for sale cambs
Wanted land to rent ,for poultry keeping & veg growing.
Gold Campine cockerel
63mm mdpe pipe wanted
Black faced ram linocut
Free Postage on Barbeque boxes
Saddleback Weaners (now sold)
Engineering blue bricks
weaners for sale cambs
Plague Rats special offer
Light Sussex Breeding Trios.
Lovely old Norwegian spinning wheeel for sale
4 young geese for sale. Welshpool area.
Berkshire Weaners
pea straw cambridgeshire
More Prima patterns
Suffolk cross Ram for Sale - Newport, S. Wales
Rosewood meat
Male Japanese and Range Quail
Angora goats for sale (Sussex)
FS: Pullets, Vorwerk bantams, Light Sussex bantams
Mutton offer
Oak Doors (Internal) WHB, WC, Radiators for Sale, Carmarthen
External door and wooden window available
FS - Aylesbury and Runner Ducks - Somerset
FS: Silk Noils/Throwters Waste
My Bonnie has been SOLD
Turkeys for sale nr Welshpool
Day old Hubbard chicks Glasgow
FS wood turning lathe
Wanted Nanny Goat
My new book
Wanted: holes
For sale - Mazda 323F ZXi 2.0l V6
Land Rover Defender for Sale
Kids Quad bike 90CC
Dexter Beef
WANTED: Finger Bar Mower N Cambs / S Lincs
Black Croad Langshan Bantam pullets-Reduced for quick sale!
water meter wanted
10ft ifor williams demountable trailer cambridgeshire
Hay for sale off the field - East Coker, Nr Yeovil.
Spices as well as homebrew supplies now available
Old Rayburn for refurb., anyone interested?
Guinea Fowl Keets (Yorkshire)
Pietrain Weaners (Yorkshire)
curly sheep fleeces wanted East Midlands South Yorkshire
Septic tank or cesspool wanted
'Special offer' on current greetings cards
late 1800s fireplace for sale
Clear out - rugby jersey
wine making equipment must go
vanilla bulk buy july 2012
Boer goats for sale (East Sussex)
one off offer on beef
2 x IKEA single bed linen sets for sale - hardly used
Campervan wanted...
Various military uniforms -nursing
Pedigree coloured Ryeland tups
Pedigree Berkshire Boar
pedigree Berkshire Gilts
blue marans, splash and black marans pullets for sale
Pedigree Kune Kune Boar
british lops for sale updated weaners also available
dressmakers dummy/mannequin wanted
Selling Up - Various Pekin and Orpington Bantams - Somerset
Turkey Poults
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