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age and seed germination
Monsterous Marrow
polytunnel hoops....
How they do it in Russia.
Seaweed mulch
Landworkers alliance skillshare.
This years Garlic
the slimey hoard part xn
runner bean question ,pollination update
Aphid control
Enough compost
sprouting seeds
Help telling squash and courgette plants apart by leaf
Pear tree problem?
Caterpiller ID ?
Grow My Own Shiitake Mushrooms
mint in tubs
Flower ID please.
Sweet Potatoes
Greenhouse: beds, bags or buckets?
Lawn plants and mowing regimes
Pray for me
Lacklustre Lettuce
Sweetcorn seeds
First Olives set 8)
i just found a roman snail
Thirty year study compares organic to conventional
Sex my Junipers
A thank you to Downsizers
Copper tools?
Crop rotation questionb
Its not natural!
Slugs and snails
Crop to follow after garlic?
Potting on propagated seedlings
Rubbishy soil.
Fingers crossed for a good crop.
Which outdoor pepper
Whats happened to my Cucumbers?
Polytunnel Strawberry Nibblers...
oak vs chestnut
Leggy seedlings
If you were going to have just one apple tree...
Any Pests Eat Wild Bluebells?
Plant ideas please?
Woody Thyme
thanks for the shopping advice folks my shed roof is covered
Small area to 'plough'
why is my rhubarb flowering?
Glyphosate (roundu) storage
I e run out of windowsills...
"special "compost
Grow your own furniture!!!
homebase plants?any thoughts?
Plant toxicity
basil ,BASIL.(and other distracted herbs)
raspberry recomendations?
Flower sprouts/ kalettes
Chillies for gifts
Windbreaks, again.
Fruit cages
creosote substitute
seedlings and mould
raspberry canes; how many?
Predictable Glut
aldi fruit bushes
Go Truffle!
Luffa? Loofah?
Pink vegetables
The great tomato experiment!
raspberry canes
Electric tiller/rotovators
Pruning Hazels for nut production?
Go on then.. what are your plans for the year?
Raspberry pruning
RHS International Garden Photographer of the Year.
apple scion wood?
Pears - Hertfordshire varieties?
Professional soil testing
Georgia Candy Roaster Squash./Blue Banana Squash.
cost of hedging slips
Fresh horse manure
Quince - how do they grow in the north?
Aldi Fruit Trees (it's that time of year again)
Pussy Willow
Seeds Ordered
Too early for earlies?
szechuan pepper
Perennial Alliums
Tuber trades?
Heated propagator
Job for someone...
Novel way to deal with ants...
Seed Swop 2015
Gardening Projects 2015
Thomas Etty website fail
Bulbs, seeds or plug plants?
I need a cherry tree
tis the most wonderful time of the year....
December gardening list
Do Runner Beans give you the Runs?
Oriental Iris and frost question
Propagating raspberries from canes?
Anyone near Spalding - and want some growing space?
Peaches and nectarines
Fruit Trees.
November the 8th ?
Charles Dowding courses? Anyone been to one?
Aww - an old friend just bit the dust
What not to grow?
The Year of The Beans.
Polytunnel Newbie
Crocus sativus (saffron)
Gooseberry cordons
Potato Yields
Squash/maize ripening
Anyone used Chris Bowers nursery ?
Plum tree questions - and gage
Mould On Greenhouse Plants
Another nut question - drying walnuts
blackcurrant cuttings
Hazelnuts - storing and eating
You turn your back for a minute...
Pear identification
See-through wormeries
Elephant Garlic Question
What would you grow?
pumpkin question
Manky looking fruit.
Growing Strawberries in Chicken Manure
chillies & Sweet Peppers turning black - isthis bad?
Tomato varieties reviewed
Ugliest parsnip award!
Like Sungold...but bigger?
Extreme gardening reaches new heights.
Chilly nights ahead!
Bye bye allotment
Another Seed Order Gone In
Sweetcorn - too slow?
Clever ideas needed
Polytunnel Irrigation - recommendations?
Wasp trap baits?
Anybody used ultrasonic pest repeller to deter squirrels
Check out my melons!
lookng for plum variety advice
Weird Veg?
Mulberry ?
if you had room for one more tree
Anyone else's tomatoes got blight ?
triffid corn?
Caterpillars ...any predators? ...and feeding tomatoes
Is there such a thing as too much grafting?
Green manures - perennials?
My Office.
Winter purslane!
Assorted Cuttings FTGH
One for Tahir. This mornings harvest.
Surprise scorzonera!
Wild Chamomile
The tide turning?
Mosquito/midge repelling plants for clay?
Filling raised Beds
slow release fertiliser problem
Lavender cuttings: advice needed
Overwintering Veg
what can be sown in August?
Summer plum tree pruning
Summer Ball Courgette
Perennial runners
How Much Compost?
stunted courgette plants
how is your fruit coming along?
The first sweet pepper of the season.
Plant feed
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