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Vegetarian Fox
Eat the Weeds - Can we eat grass
Cucamelon fungus?
Successful Basil Growing?
When to stop tomatoes?
asian pear
Bed Depths for Pallet Collar Beds.
White paper in compost?
Garden shredder alternatives
Layering redcurrants?
Plant swaps
Bamboo from seed
Meadow Cranesbill
Cyclamen - how long from seed to flower?
Alternatives to Fruit Cages
Too late for celeriac?
Too late for parsnips?
Climbing Beans
Pretty and productive in a hostile environment?
Nasty grey aphids on brassica seedlings...
Toms and manure-will they need feeding?
Fragrant, hardy rockery plants
Chilly nights ahead!
Edible plants for a pond?
You say tomato, I say potato...
Go figure.
Walnut tree - how big will it get?
charities or groups wanting donations of seeds?
Asprin for blight
Lilac appears dead
*Now acquired!* Allotment - questions to ask?
Pomegranite tree
Ripe Near Me, anyone?
Problem plum - pruning advice needed
2014 Calendar
Willow update.
Weed suppressing membrane
Cool nights this week-wrap up your tender bits
DIY Fruit Cage
Top tips for greenhouse relocation?
Has anyone got a decent Honeyberry / Blue honeysuckle crop?
Raised bed for herbs
Greenhouse gap to fill?
Apple excitement
Fruit on young plum tree
Horseradish - in pot?
Mary Mary Quite Contary
Kiwi fruit
A good day at the office
No dig?
Snowdrop & daffodil bulbs
Crab apples from pips
Suckered again!
List of heritage/organic/non gmo seed suppliers
Apple mint
Water retaining gels
The latest project plans
Easy prunus wins
What to grow?
Fried crispy tomato seedlings?
Fun with PH
what t plant after potatoes
Wot's everyone planting today?
Poly tunnels , what's good and what's not so good about them
First Early Spuds(And Asparagus)
Bare Root Strawberry Plants - Trim Roots?
Pruning neglected fans
Non plastic plant labels
Where to get fruit trees?
Asparagus Seeds from 2012/13 Seed Swop.
Early Sweet Peas.
Crane Fly Larvae
Lily beetles are back
Any Tips for Growing Black or Curly Kale?
Slug repellent plants.
Recommend me something interesting to grow?
Sweet potatoes?
My peas have sprouted!
Have I lost it ? What do you think I going to do next ?
Sweet pepper pots (pots for peppers)
Nice Question
Fertilizer chemical ratio query and application rates
Blackmoor nursery discount code
Blackmoor nursery discount code
Tell me about strawberry plants, please?
What CAN'T I plant after last year's...
Is it too late to plant fruit trees?
Apple Scions
Training apple and pear trees
Indoor grow lights
Four candles...
Poor germination rates.
Grafting knife, tool or something else?
Musquee de Provence pumpkins.
Japanese Style Gardens.
Growing climbers in pots.
Another seed swap network
callousing cuttings v useful technique
What are your favourite spuds?
gm blight resistant spuds.good idea or not?
almond question
Pruning fruit trees
Never mind the weather
Autumn flowering bulb question
Walnut question
Bean seeds.
what are you sowing and planting?
Storing potatoes?
Tigernuts / Chufa / Cyperus esculentus
Potting Compost
Salt Spring Sunrise and/or Green Tiger tomato seed
Honey berry, any good?
Cordons & rootstock - another apple question!
Real English Fruit blog
Apple varieties?
Apples, pears, cordons etc etc
Seed Swop 2014
Fruit tree grants
More Seed Porn!
Permaculture Books.
Brown Envelope Seeds. Good seed porn!
More grafting questions
Soil type by postcode/map
May 6
What is everyone growing this year?
I have my first....
spring bulbs
Not really edible, but I was given a sack of daffodil bulbs.
Garlic time?
2014 Potato varieties
Heirloom seed suppliers
Mild weather
Pak Choi
Couple of questions on rootstocks.
Starting out
Plastic Ground Sheet Stuff
New potatoe
Lots of little flies in potted plants
Hamburg Parsley.
What's this veg?
Rotting/composting weeds
Overwintering pitcher plants
Crab apple variety
Runner Beans - how to cook?
Mushroom Compost uses
chestnuts roasting.....
Apple Yields
Blossom in October
Pruning currant and berry plants
Slug stuff -a few tips
aspergillus-advice if poss
Edible/useful hedge
motorbike tractor
tomatillo seed
Allotment question.
Mushroom spawn
Fruit trees for schools
Couple raspberry cane questions.
New Allotment
"champagne" raspberries
Broad beans
Garlic, advice please
EU Regulation on Plant Reproductive Material
When do we harvest...
ID Please
Tom Tatos a good idea?
Chillie Peppers?
Sweet pots, anyone else tried growing them?
Bloody Nora
are you picking your bramleys yet?
Tomatos for Sauce
Which Raspberry variety?
I knew there was a use for Japanese Knot weed
Red Pepper.....
corn smut! who knew!
What the blinking hell is this?
Home made caterpillar spray.
Greengage outrage
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