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Storing marrows
Seed saving
Bizarre Peppers Problem
October: Sowing, Harvest and Jobs
Raspberry varieties
Ripening peppers
Mangel... Is that the same as sugar beet?
Another great reason to have an allotment...
What to do with a 11 Lb courgette?
old cherry trees
Whats the green stuff in my "cabbages"
Brambles in a wall
Do snails lay eggs?
cheap tools
Post-potato crops?
Lessons Learned
Harvesting Hops
overgrown courgettes
September: Sowing, Harvesting and Jobs
Runner Bean Bed
Sand for storing veg... How dry?
pvc greenhouse
what do you feed your tomatoes
Worms update
Runner Bean Tubers?
we've been busy!
caterpillars on willow
Gooseberry bush
new allotment - path worries
onions your experiences
french beans again
Butternut Squash... How many is too many?
How long is sweetcorn good for?
Plum Moth
seed potatoes
Varieties yields report..
Self seeded courgettes inedibly bitter
moving red currants and raspberries
HDRA and Heritage Seed Library
spring onions
french beans
What likes really acid soil?
Carrots and mooli... Store in the ground or in sand?
Can anyone recommend a green manure?
advice please - my first allotment is very overgrown
What to grow?
any ideas
Plum varieties
Cuttings from fruit trees
tomato trouble.
what now?
Me and my little lemon tree
Seeds by size?
mystery brassica attacker!
growing cucs
storing seeds
Storing spuds?
Gearing up for storage -the cheat's way!
Tomato taste test
Dwarf French beans
What Grows in Shade?
New arrticle - planning your allotment
Seeds for schools
Buying Seeds.
Harvesting now...
Red Worms (eisenia foetida)
Christmas spuds
Pumpkins for Seed?
Which fruit trees?
Northern garlic
Strange courgette fruit
zucchini time
Which squashes?
What do you know about green manures?
My red onions are white!
Beetroot Disaster
Spud disease question...
slugs, snails & compost
Honey Fungus/Silver Leaf
Is there time to still sow anything?
first time courgette problems-they're yellow!!
What garden pests do you like?
what do you grow for the winter
Do you compost anything you oughtn't to?
Bettle vs Slug
Travelling worms?
Weird weird plants!
Baker and Biggs on fruit and veg 2.99 each
Bath, part two...
Putting garlic in early?
first toms!!
Well, I didn't think that would work!
Deterring mice
Vine weevil
Spuds from Seeds?
Potato varieties (with pictures...)
Tomato collars
Mental raspberries - please help!
Mental raspberries - please help!
Just finished my greenhouse.....
Over wintering onions...
Fruit Trees
drying garlic
Should I use artificial fertilisers?
Raspberries... Pruning?
Elephant Garlic
When to dig up spuds
Side-shoots on Spuds
Regurgitated earthworms
What to plant/sow now ...
Now's the time to get weeding!!!
Planting potatoes, trenches, big holes, little holes...?
Potato article
Tomatillo help!
splitting apples
hungarian yellow wax
Storing New Spuds
mixed salad leaves from Jekka McVicar
Summer pruning of soft fruits
The honoured dead
Ultimate slug control!
a novel path surface
my sweet peas are bugged!
Which Consumer Programme
Veg Talk
The Soft Estate
Chillis so far
cut flowers
Watering plants...
BioDynamic farming Whole earth - or totally barmy?
Using seeds from store bought food
Double stalked coriander
growing courgettes
How much can you grow ?
Gaps in my veg
fig trees
winter greenhouse stuff
allotment virgins
Can redcurrants ripen off the bush????
Bolting Turnips
Black currants...
Grape vines
Pick your own
tomato plants - too late??
Storing onions
Are onions supposed to flower?
Sweet Potatoes, not getting any now :(
Tayberry trouble
what veg seeds can I sow now for autumn/winter/next spring?
Salad potatoes
Belfast sinks, possibly...
Today I...
Todays harvest...
Allotment toolkits
self fertile fruit trees
Cane protectors
Guerilla gardening for seed saving
Ants and lettuces
Sunflower oil
Frost in June?
drying / freezing herbs
Pruning currants
Weird bugs on the asparagus!
Ants on me beans
Cat repellant
Slugs and Snails.
New article - grow your own for those with nowhere to grow!
Black Fly on Broad Beans
Unusual edibles nursery
Home made liquid plant feeds
Aphids on cherries
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