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Free buckets and growing seedlings
Preparing chitted potatoes...
Grow your own bamboo canes?
Take a look in LIDL on the 3rd
Sprouting Coriander
Broad beans
Seed Suppliers
Grow Your Spices?
Gnats, mozzies, midges, etc.
Chitting Potatos
How are your stores going?
Apricots in tubs
sprout greens
5" Vine eyes
Cunning Plan... Frogs, Ponds and Biocontrol
Record keeping
New Allotment Diary, Feb 13th
New allotment...
New Allotment... Maybe...
Nasturtium Seed Pods
Excellent allotment site
buying seeds from Ebay?
Calling all allotmenteers
veg patch-to-be
a good thing to start with...
Fruit Trees
Well,I just couldn't usual!
Article discussion - Renovating old fruit trees
watering systems
discount heated propagators
Chicken feed
Fly prevention
Carnivorous plants
F1 hybrids?
yams and sweet potatoes
New compost bin
Herefordshire Pomona
The Allotment
What are you growing this year?
Back to sqare one
Windy Polytunnel Virgins
compost worms
Sprouting Potatoes
Melons for outdoors or a cold greenhouse
peppers for paprika
Runner beans etc up sunflowers?
Vegetables in containers.
Growing potatoes, advice please
Wilkinsons have got their fruit in ...
Transplanting Grape Vines
Free Muck!
Have you ever been to a Potato Day?
Paraffin Greenhouse Heater
Perennial Veg
Free seeds
Polythene greenhouses, an obvious point.
Gardening for the disabled, elderly, etc
anti slug velcro
Biodegradable pots
Homemade Clotches
Permaculture mulch bed
Asparagus... Does it need to know that it's winter?
rainbow chard
weird seeds!
mushrooms in the loo?
Alan Romans' bargain packaging-and-catalogueless seed
Reduced Price HDRA Membership
A Chance of an allotment
Victory garden
Things to think about starting this month
Apple Tree advice
Rent an apple tree if you can't grow your own
Growing Chillis
growing chick peas and others for drying
Essential Veg?
something light hearted
Free Veg(how to obtain)
Next Year...
Peat free compost.
opium poppies (but for bread, not opium)
grown your own wine!!
How about?
Recommended Reading
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