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Can chickens foster?
Beware dogs and chicken layers meal
What is the right thing to do?
The Ducks are here!!!!
A tip for fit Birds !
Duck House
Chickens, point of lay (South Wales)
Shouty chickens!
Utilising my broody hen - *Now with added panic*
Poorly Duck - Help required
Introducing new chooks to the existing lot?
Dead hen
quail + legbar (blue laying chickens)for sale birmingham
What Duck
Wobbly pigeon
Kennel to hen house
how do I stop wild birds eating all my chucks food?
They're coming
Where to start with Chickens?
The Domestic Fowl Trust
Quail and Partridge wanted
Am I being very mean to our broody hen?
Bantam Poo - sorry need some advice
Pros and Cons of Ducks
Chicken Run type escapees - help please?
Help with Silkie Eggs
Registering chickens with defra - have you done it?
Homemade chicken arc - design ideas wanted!
cream legbar (blue eggers)chicks for sale +ftgh cock.b'ham
learnt something new about chickens today!
Suggestions for lining out a chicken house?
emergency chicken housing
The textbooks lied!
I've just been to market ...
Chicken manure tea
killed by foxes
Matilda advice please.
Dead or Alive?
Lonely Bird?
New birds, please?
Light Sussex in Essex?
Humidity in incubator
Barred Wynadotte - Sex change?
Buttered eggs
Fallen stock
How intelligent are foxes?
FOC Bag of layers mash here
Bird flu restrictions lifted
hens not laying
Home made incubator?
proud broody&5 week old ducklings
Anything i can do about extremely broody hen ?
Plants for the free range poultry garden
shredded paper.
Cats and Bantams
Chicken for Dinner..
BBC map of poultry keeping areas in GB
What Everyone Needs to Know about Bird Flu
Which incubator do you favour?
How high?
chickens for food
Standing room only
silkies for sale west sussex
Meatrix 11 has just been released
pair cream legbar birmingham
Bobwhite Quail Wanted - Birds/Eggs
Chickens in the veg plot
Chicken lice
Where to find rare breed chickens in W. Berkshire
humidity help - urgent
Egg colours/quality
Electric fence question
new ducklings(photos)
16 down, 34 to go!
Red bottomed chicken
Feed chickens baby cabbage leaves ?
Our happy chickens
Disinfecting hen houses
Wanted: Red Dorkings
cream legbar chicks available(blue eggs) photos~
Avian Flu Precautions in Belgium
Essential reading
Lost a hen
just like kids in the playground !!
Snow birds
Rescued Hens
Small and perfectly formed
Beak Bits
Its snowing !
Noisy hens
new chicks in raised nest box in communal coop?
Insulated packaging
Selling eggs
Ruffled Feathers?
silkies for sale
Radio 4 now - Flu
feeling slightly hysterical, bluebelle died overnight
1st egg from our araucana's
hubby's finished the chicken run and a few pics of the girls
Forget the rest .... ask the best!
New girls
Is bread ok for the chickens ?
Heat lamps
Tiny egg
4 Little Chickens at Home
Great Britain Poultry Register
Advice on chicken accommodation
Buff Orpington cockeral
Feather Loss
Stolen bantams! & request for POL
1st egg from new fiddlesticks flock
Should i buy un-vaccinated chickens ?
Sex-change chicken
double yolk
help - bantam gone broody! what to do?
panic over bird flu is already affecting businesses
Bark chippings and cider vinegar advice from CS vet
Fresh eggs
the New Fiddlestick Flock
Poultry Suppliers Beds/Bucks area ? & general advice ple
Bird flu and small scale poultry keepers
Light sussex chick needs home! Birmingham
Avian Flu precautions in France
last of our chickens gone
Found 2 hens!
Poisonous plants and chickens.
leghorn bantam cockerels
Found a dog today
Cost of layer's pellets
chickens smell!
Please help - info required on worms
Are we getting the downside of the hunting ban?
Re-usable egg boxes.
Warrens in West Wales
Poultry for sale
Poultry for sale
Old English Game
Stag turkey for sale
Bird Flu Updates
Where to buy what to look for...
Flubenvet discontinued
Can't believe I'm doing this
Help. I desperately need a new home....
free tgh white campbell duckling
I miss my eggs
For sale
poultry want list
little confused
Warm winter feed for chickens
down to one chicken now!
Got an egg!
Call Ducks
xmas pressie
chutney is truly free range now! :(
Poultry Register set up by DEFRA
Goose feathers
How do you boil and egg. ?.
we've got baby chicks hatching
we got 4 geese today
Chooks and the cold
chickens and freezing water
Gonna build a (chicken) house.....
Chickens finally coming!
C'mon, who's got the smallest?
Eggys! :D
Light Sussex laying.....
Hubby's gone to fetch...
how are your chickens at the moment?
WANTED Young Barbu D'uccles
wanted black mottled, silver partridge Pekins
Pekins, mostly black with green,orange twinges
WANTED silkie chicks day old to 3 weeks
Egg thief !
chickens for sale
Bird Flu: Human to Human
Bird Flu: and Eggs
hatching fertile eggs
Chicken house and run for sale Nottingham
Needed - Pot Eggs
Factory farming of ducks
free to v good home
Wheat with weevils
Sexing bantam chicks
broody and day olds
greening of water containers
CRD in chicken
Bird Flu: Practicalities for Poultry Keepers
duck eggs and stagnant pond...
advice needed re chickens
Taking My Chickens to France with me.
laying question
Dead chicken
if I got chickens...
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