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One eyed cockerel
feeding oats
making olive eggers
An Albino Egg?!!
Naming chickens
New chickens :D
Bird Flu or Bull Shit?
Broody hen at this time of year?
Feeding hens
New article - chickenomics - costs from egg to eating
Please help new duck owner!
When is the best time to get chickens
Chicken House painting
Big Dave and his harem
Ex-Fruit Barrels
Geese and eggs
New Boy!
Pond pump recomendation for duck pond
Transporting chickens
Worming birds
Bird Flu for the not-beginners
Welsummer eggs
Bird Flu for beginners
Cream Legbar Cockerels for Free
Sticky eye in bantam
khaki Campbell
Silkies Wanted
Cheap Chook Housing !!
Ducks, Geese and Hens
Blood in egg
new chicks
fox fear
Guinea Fowl
Keeping quails
Avian influenza
Good Home Needed -URGENT!
Trade in wild birds a greater bird flu risk?
hen trouble
How tame are your chooks?
Minimum ground / water for ducks
Which Chicken? Please advise.....
Free To Good Home
How old are my chickens?
hen with "the runs"
Breeding Marans
More hen help please
Hen losing feather around the vent area
Self waterers
red mite
Please Help - No Eggs Since April
bantam vs chickens
Do chickens dig?
starting from scratch
netherlands to keep chooks inside
Anyone After Hens (not POL) in the Nottinghamshire Area?
mouse deterent!
Birds of prey and poultry
battery hen
Do hens get egg bound?
Sending duck eggs in the post
Do cockerels mature earlier than hens?
killing a chicken
Hens Bullying Hens
tomato leaves
free range gobbledygook
hatching rate
when you eat laying hens
Break it to me gently...
pictures of hens
Homemade/organic treament for poultry mites?
Guess What I've Done Today!
Best structure for chicken house?
hen nest
Bantam egg numbers
Chickens not laying
Moving Chickens from the UK to Ireland
Sad News!
fertile egg question
ill hen
eating chickens
new hens
advice on keeping geese (and should i)
what breed to choose?
growers pellets
Very poorly chick
runner ducks for sale
Chicken breaks its own eggs
Squeeking raspy hen - help
incubating eggs
Sexing Silver Speckled Hamburg Chicks
Chickens attacking chickens
What chicken?
please could someone advise me?
chicken arks
goose attack
We just got ducks!
Rescued Aylesbury duck - advice please
Newcastle disease in Surrey
Defra Consultation on chickens kept for meat production
cats and hens.... a bit of a thick question
Stamping/registering - a bit confused.
Top Day
finding chickens with fluffy bottoms (!)
How do you stop a two legged fox?
Chickens & Polytunnels
pop hole size ,bantan
Chickens - keeping on allotments
Rare breeds
Broody again
And now geese...
embden goose
Hen House Design?
emergency question about incubation
Sausage and eggs anyone ??
PVC Chicken !!!???!!!
Poultry shows
Plum trees in chicken pen
Where can I buy POL chickens in West Yorks??
Sick Chicken - Devastated Son
Agressive Chicken!
Mites! Help!
Feeding laying hens
New to keeping chickens and lots of questions? Please help!!
Urgent Duckling help please???
New battery hens might not perch!
introducing new birds
Incubating of chickens and ducks - does lightning effect?
Egg with own fuse..........
Introducing new chickens after fox attack
eglu camoflage!
i'm a Daddy!
Posting live chicks/ducklings
Birds bed time problem
Poor Queenie
Chicken Outfits
How tall is a chicken
flying thing~ with a taste for the red stuff
new chicken
Eggbound hen - help please
Chooks For Sale
Help with introducing a new bird please
Poultry wanted
The eglu
First time broody.
Ducks that call u ?
Chickens eating eggs
Mad goose
First day in the big outdoors
triplet trouble?
cider vinegar
I'm a (Goose) Dad !!!
vaccinating chickens
Poorly goose
Woodland chickens
Calcium deposits inside eggs
A poorly chicken
poorly chick
its got to have hurt!
baldy hens
At Home in Yorkshire!
Start stop egg laying
I've got a clocker
It's going well with the chooks!
Greens for Hens!
sexing chicks
What a whoppa of an egg !
Shed to coop conversion.
What nicked my chickens?
Duck enclosure
Easter day
First aid
She's laid an egg!!!
Alpacas. Why?
Bald Necks
Pet hens
Night-owl chicken
good home required for FREE! trio of geese in kent
Chicken wings
Use for Feathers
Chooks rubbing feathers off on tree roots?
goose questions ...beware, long post!!
Broody Bantam hen with 16 eggs
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