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moving hens
Aylesbury drake anyone?
Egg Eating :-(
Stunning birds
Blood in Egg
Badger attack
Turkey for Christmas?
Ducklings with deformd beaks and scabby feet
Turkey hen sitiing on duck eggs? any issues?
Turkey turkey cheap cheap!
I can't stop buying poultry
Ova-Easy manual?
Fostering ducklings on a broody duck
Quail chicklets!
I have a broody duck!
Trapping what I think is a weasel
Feding ducklings cracked maize?
limping cockrel
incubation problems - any suggestions?
Ixworth article from the Guardian
Looking for bantams
Pilgrim goslings!
Would a chicken attack a cat?
Guinea fowl eggs
Black Swans
Hen problem
Runner ducks
limping chicken - not bumblefoot
Colour it Green - you know about chicken poop don't you?
HELP with geese eggs
Goslings or eggs wanted
Cock as a deterrent to fox attacks
I admit
Picture stealing dilemma (another one!)
Wanted - Aylesbury Duck Drake. Northants area
name that breed.
Introducing chickens.
** WARNING** Cute duckling picture alert
Commercial meat birds
Essential reading for poultry keepers
Poorly chicken, pls help.
Chicken run question
How are your ducks laying ?
New Beak, Pointless?
Chipped leylandii for chicken run??
Recommendations for 150 bird hen-house? Or a quote?
First Goose Egg of the Year
Whats happening?
So Proud of my Guinea-Fowl
My new Vicar seems really randy
A wanderer returns . . . or two?
Chickens and ivy?
Where can I get....
Does anyone use an avian aqua miser, or anything like it?
Quail / hatching eggs
Snotty chickens
Guinea fowl injury
Feed conversion Ratio
Egg infection in the incbuator?
Yay, first goose egg of the year
chicken shell and other stuff question
am i mad...
Naughty bantams now off lay
Slap your eyes on these.
The bantams are coming back into lay, but...
Exchange of eggs
Jersey Giants, anyone?
Broken eggs
first goose egg of the season today !
bye, bye ducks...
this year is me last
Lincolnshire Buffs?
chickens for brooding
How long
Sexing turkeys
Perosis, slipped tendon, swollen hock
Bleeding from? vent?
New course dates for poultry courses
The law of sod in operation again!
poultry transport
In praise of the silkie x bantam.
Turkey eggs?
Duck id please.
What's the best time of year to get new birds?
Genius automatic coop door
Family portrait.
Any Ex Bats looking for a home in Mid Wales?
Fertility of shop bought Quail Eggs
Hens and predation protection
Bresse gauloise
First cockerel into the pot tomorrow!
coup ideas wanted
My Welsummers have finally moulted through.
Aylesbury Ducks Wanted
A nice day off ...
Duck Help
measuring flubenvet
Desperate for a female Runner Duck
big tub Flubenvet - where?
PP forums
Dispatching turkeys. Advice please
Turkey Auction.
Tell him, will you?
Dear Chickens
What heat lamp to buy?
Dressing chicken, no, not clothes . . . :P
Guinea fowl
Poorly hen
??Christmas goose logistics please??
LS cockerel FTGH or ARO
Surprise late hatching
Turkey staggering
Bye bye chickens
tame chick
Limping chicken. Help please!
Culling - Does it matter what they've got?
Ducks attacked/replacing/introducing - advice needed please!
Geese / Ganders wanted Nott's Leics Lincs
Looking for a good Buff orp cock
Mucky eggs
First Home-Reared Roast Chicken
Cochin x silkie
Rest in Peace Snowbell the chicken
Barnebars, anyone?
Breeding question
Best all rounder cockerel
Derbyshire Redcap hens wanted
What the....?!
Cream Legbar cockerel
Guinea Fowl and Hamburg Bantam
Cornish people! Sticker sale?
Barred Plymouth Rock
Poultry plucker
Blatant plug
Will a cockerel stop my heans feather pecking?
Trans gender hen?
Dear Chicken
LS cockerels and hens
Rotten eggs
Chickens,ducks, pigs, sheep and cattle!
Looking for POL in Essex/Suffolk
Rather up market chicken house....
Chicken claws
ducks slugs and possibly fish
Just for the record ...
Apple Cider Vinegar
Half passed soft shelled egg. Help please.
Red Mite
its clear out time
Advise please
Lazy hen?
RIP Gervase.
Poultry house
New levels of poultry advertising
Vaponas? A mad Idea?
chickens and runner beans
Chicken heaven!
Hatherleigh Market
Who was it who was wanting peacocks?
When do I give up
Anyone had problems with poultry from Cyril Bason?
How productive are ex battery hens?
Cockerels banned on allotments?
How long have you been keeping poultry for?
It's official, I am a chicken pusher!
Red mite kit? What would you pay?
Egg eating?
Scots Dumpies - 5 week update
Wartime Chickens?
Culled my first chicken... :(
Feed prices
Egg weighing
What happens to the males? (Commercially)
Cutting a Cockerals Talons/spurs
OMG I've turned into Chez.....
Prolapse in young hen?
Poultry housing
Diatomaceous Earth?
Dispatching Ducks?
Bantam off its legs
Staggered hatch?
Duck egg update
Leccy fence problem
How much for eggs? !!!
Preseli coop in Totnes
Late hatches
Chicken looks Very sick and cant open one eye
Bedding etc
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