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Idea for a tasty lamb dish needed
Serrano ham
needed - thickish chocolate sauce recipe
elderflower cordial
Atul Kochar's Red Kidney Bean Stew
Homity pie
Best Asian Spices to Buy
New Fishing Season
New Cook Book
Super cheesy arancini...
Cider duty exemption under threat.
Pressure Cooker Times Chart
Pandan Leaf?
lemon drizzle cake recipe?
marmalade sauce
it is st pancake day again and on my pancakes .....
Tartiflette tarts
Gf pastry
The Dal Cookbook
Best Before
What to do with the residue ?
Millionaires shortbread
Carrot & Turnip Curry
Stale bread
what can I use cornflakes in?
spicy red cabbage
what would you do with a pound of shredded cooked pheasant?
very nice but what is in it ?
Lancashire hot pot making ahead
candied oranges
Tarka dhal
spicy chips
Curry. Possibly not for the purist.
Ideas for nourishing foods for the elderly
the preservation of endangered cultures
Athletes foot and coughs
Our First Mead
Boiled fruit cake
New toy...
This Year's culinary success
Help with gutting/cleaning a goose
Not Christmas dinner for non meat eaters
I saw this and thought of you.
Freezing pork pie...
Which kitchen food mixer?
Waffling without an iron anyone?
Unusual Christmas gifts...
pig chat
Lemon and blueberry steamed sponges
Mushroom, Artichoke & Feta M'Hencha
Any time, any place, any where (in sorbet form)
Non-vegetarian bread?
Question for bakers
Carnation Banoffe question
Why does my pigs trotter stock never set
Healthier Confectionary?
Reheating Soup
this season's Spotty Dog Cider ready
Attention attention seekers
What to cook for xmas this year?
Persimmon Mousse & Chocolate Mousse
Pheasant livers
Needed fruit cake expert
Pin sharp lemon tart
Butter challenge
Tough cockrel legs
Smoked haddock in fish pie
Persimmons ...hmmmm
A simple omelette
Savoury Bread & Butter Pudding
'Nana's Parkin' in the recipe database - cooking temp?
Bara Lawr (Laver Bread)
Chicken korma
Treacle pudding
should /could we use the ds recipe base to create a book ?
what cook book would you give as a present ?
Unripe aubergines?
Peeling apples
Amazing Pumpkin Bread
River Cottage Autumn.
Pork, lime and chilli jelly
Beetroot Crisps
Ginger Wine
Pumpkin, thyme and cheddar muffins
Pork rillets
The last of the apples.
What do you do with a block of dates?
is it sharp?
Why I do the shopping and cooking
Hazelnut liqueur
A whole hoggett
Ottolenghi's Braised Cabbage
Pressure cooking
Salted lemons recipe
Question about dehydrator sheets.
Bottling tomato - top tips?
aprox 2 kg out of date dried fruit,any ideas ?
Hazelnut ice cream
Glut of Peppers
returns to VIGO
Chestnut and garlic paste
Squash Recipes.
Help - over boiled chili jam
Proper puddings
Food Dehydrator
green tomato salsa
Tagliatelle with Runner Beans
Carrot Ginger Cake
Adding calories
dehydrator idea
Autumn fruits
Honey cake competition
Anyone looking to start juicing (pasteurised)?
Chocolate Coconut Slice
I wonder if Mr Kilner's seen this
Apple Pie Mix
Sugarless rosehips?
Jar lids
Spices, to Toast or Not to Toast?
Pickled chillies
Spreadable chorizo
super cheap and fast cider
Roasted vegetables
Courgette & Potato Cakes
Drying tomatoes in the oven queries
beetroot thoran
Sour dough
Electric daisies
Garlic, Botulism & Fermenting
Ginger cooking wine
Cherry Plums?
super easy cheap and rapid fruit wine
Fruit in alcohol?
What temperature is your home freezer running at?
Sweet lord, somebody help!
The Haybox has gone all modern - Wonderbag
Nectarines a plenty
Blackcurrant cordial
Unset rhubarb jam
Refining spirits.
I've got that sinking feeling
Bottling in jam jars
First Sourdough Bread
improved pemmican recipe
pressure canners available in France
Baba ganoush
Walnut raita
Dehydrator recommendations
Aloo Tama Nepalese curry
Brisket for jerky?
Perfect pork Crackling?
Duck egg mayo
Broccoli leaves - what would you do?
Washing chicken before cooking?
Strawberry recipes, anyone?
Pink elderflowers for cordial?
Cakes, melted butter...
Lemon juice concentrate in jam?
Hey Nick
cordial from pink elderflowers
Mmmmmm cherries..........
Infusions Ahoy
Horseradish Leaves
Left overs
Strawberry & redcurrant jam Q...
mutton is ace
Hmmm... Yummy...
Oil instead of butter...
Herb Robert tea problem
Hand Made Kitchen Knives
BBQ dry rub...
Frozen gooseberries
I saw this and thought of you...
15kg frozen minced beef,suggestions please
Accidental fizz
Did anyone see Masterchef last night (I'm after a recipe)?
DIY absinthe
Oak leaf wine
Low fat aubergine and bacon pasta.
Rhubarb rhubarb
how to eat up lemon garlic mash spud ?
Question for Sean
Chicken Pie
Slow-cooked Rabbit in Olive Oil
One for the cured meat lovers amongst us.
Any Black/white pudding recipes please.
Festive Easter Food
Frozen food waste
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