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soup recipes please
Chocolate Fudge...
Korean bulgogi beef
egg yolks
diluting too much curry powder
Yeehar! The Port Gaverne Inn agrees to stock our cider
Apple crumble muffins
How To Separate Eggs
Scones or Biscuits?
Haggis Eggs!
re-fermenting cider disaster
Bought Seville Oranges
Normandy Cuisine
non brick malted grain bread
Roasted Winter Vegetable Pie with Black Pepper Crust
Invention test anyone?
Liver pate
Jam - without refined sugar or added pectin?
Super Healthy Slices
fried rice
Preserving Meat
What's in your fridge?
Slightly alcoholic fruit leather
Help needed for bread
sevile oranges
Extra Virgin?
supplier for bag in boxes?
working out ABV
Cabbage-based suggestions, please?
Buttermilk Biscuits
fish stock question
Regional recipes
Fish Chowder
How do you make your yoghurt ?
Cooking giant couscous - how long?
Washing food preparation cloths.
Deep fried Mars Bar, a traditional Scotch pudding
Chili, Lime & Mint Polenta Chips
two ingredient, gluten free pancakes
Vacuum Flask Recommendations Please
Meat cuts
Gratin of white cabbage & lentils in a Provençal sauce
Making cheese.
yorkshire pud
Hand cranked oil press
Medieval banquet.
I may have discovered a way of eating beetroot!
Vintage Recipes - Be afraid, be very afraid!
Pumpkin spiced kulfi
OK, so I bought a gadget......................
ace sourdough cookbook edit to include pancake recipie
Freezing bacon
bolognese bulking ingredents.
Elaine's brisket
Moroccan Lamb Mechoui
I've just bought a tagine
Duck & Mushroom Strudel On New Year's Eve
peanut butter fudge
Blackcurrant and liquorice sorbet
pudding pancake
Spiralizer opinions please
Venison Steak On Boxing Day
Coffee grinder
Fluffiest pancakes ever
Dividing cake mix between two tins - baking time adjustment?
2006 elderberry and blackberry
Mackerel gravlax
Hairy Biker nut roast any good?
what do I do now
Welsh leg of lamb - any tips for a perfect roast?
Anyone got extra Kefir grains?
quanities for 5inch sponge tins
Making sweets.
Induction Hobs & Enamel Pans
Excellent diy project
Unintentionally making vinegar
Vegetable oil spread.
Cider: easiest possible way...?
Pumpkin chutney
Xmas din dins
The dangers of fermentation
Mirabelle plums
Corned beef
Icing the Christmas cake
Vacuum packing problem
How to keep it when it's dehydrated
Favourite pumpkin recipes..?
Home made dehydrator - is this doable
Gluten Free soft Pastry Recipe
baked beans
apple /cider sourdough,has anyone else tried it ?
Chocolate soufflé with caramel sauce (for Jamanda)
kiwi fruit in alcohol
Butchering a turkey
Beef saag
Gingerbread men
Looking for ideas,Veggie + Gluten Free.
Preserving Chestnuts
Birch Sap - A few concerns
Quince Wine.
It's that time!
Best place to buy seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)
Paw Paw
Bizarre Apple
Who's recipe was the Sticky date cake?
Making Pasata
Cider Press Cleaning
Looking for a Specific Bottle Pear Recipe
Gluten free pastry.
Polenta versus cornmeal for fried green tomatoes
Gremolata - have you made and or used it?
apple and grapefruit chilli preserve
Bottling haricot beans.
Bottling fruit purees in oven
Apple press cloth
Making Vinegar from scratch
Bottling apple juice.
Canning/bottling jars
Peach Jam
Peach Chutney
Winter Spiced Jelly.
Giant trout
Ranking and when do I know
Green chilli jam?
Beetroot ideas please
Apple juice going brown?
Marrow and Ginger Jam
Would you eat my jam?
Have I created a vinegar?
Vacuum Packers
Filtering foodstuffs
Building a cider press, compression question
Bottled pears in apple juice
Sweetcorn bread recipe please?
Indian lamb chops
Sweetcorn Recipes Please
Pear Wine
Numpty question about canning and bottling
Wood-fired Yorkshire pudding
Fruit wines
How long does oil keep?
Cinnamon Plum Cake
Drying grapes?
Re fried bean recipe.
Spicy Plum Chutney
large runner beans - ideas for use
Fish and chips
the advantages of home cutting
Freezing Elderberries for wine
fresh figs
sugar syrup.
Another chutney question
Heavy based saucepan for Fudge etc
Freezable cherry tomato recipes
Giant puffball
American Terminology.
pollock - any suggestions?
Sweet Potato
Venison with Blackberries and Sloe Gin.
Bottling Fruit
Cider press & apple crusher
Mustard seeds
Damson jam
Bramble jam / jelly
Blackberry Whisky.
Ideas for dried leek?
Nana's Apple Chutney
Naheed's Chicken Curry
Chutney Without The Dried Fruit
Blackberry Chutney.
Aldi GF bread
Gluten free batter mix
freezing runner beans
Why can't I make yoghurt anymore?
Plum & Mulled Wine Jam.
What to do with a lot of plums?
OK one last silly question
Soused Cucumber
The death of a starter
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