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Rye Flour
Barley Flour
Spelt flour
Haybox cooking
Yorkshire cheesecake/curd tart
what is the oldest vintage home brew wine you have?
Another 35 bottles of elderberry stashed.
Meals for under a quid
Lemon/Lime Curd
Duck eggs
Bottle by Bottle variation in wine
pancake day
Looks like I'd need some demi-jons after all.
Irish Lemon Pudding
Bottles or barrels?
Poultry Plucking
Can anyone recommend a wine recipe for dried elderberries?
Wines for February?
Lunchbox recipes
Onion soup
Jam Roly Poly
150 green bottles
Rick Stein's Chinese stew with tangerine peel?
What type/style of cook are you?
Adventurous Jam
using different grains
Price warning
Homemade Cider
Making marmalade
Got any advice on making fruit and herb teas?
Once a month cooking..
Just tried my first Gloucester Old Spot....
crusty bread
Sausage Time Part 3... The Cured Product
What are your views on stopping fermentations?
I love 5 gallon batches!
Blaand... The results...
Feather steaks
storecupboard cookery
sausage making course
Chicken Liver
Liver Pate
Junk food at Xmas
Filing Cabinet Cold Smoker MKII project
Beef Jerky
Beef recommendation
Goose fat
Christmas Goose
Prima Profiline knives
How long can you keep homemade wine?
Spout Wine!!!
Turkey Crown
Goose roasting times
Can you get away with storing wine in a garage in winter?
3 day Bacon cure, getting closer
My own chestnut stuffing
Sausage time part 2, the results
Fermenting Elderberry, not sure what is happening.
cold smoking
39 bottles of Elderberry
Different recipes
14 litres of Sloe Gin (hic)
ham in cocacola
Some more not too good smoked salmon
Sausage Time!
Slider - what to do with used sloes
Yeasty bread
What are you eating for Christmas dinner?
Mulled wine
Alcohol for the Criminally Insane
Question from a team ninja member!
Yeast for bread
Pearl Barley
VegeRen and ricotta
Stuffed Parathas
Bread making
What sort of cooker do you use?
Onion Marmalade
What are you giving people for christmas
Recommended Reading
How do you make an Onken biopot?
Smokers built from Whisky Barrels
Romany Pike Pudding.
What's your favourite vegetarian dish?
lol, joining the crowd and kicking of some yoghurt
Need to buy some cheap red wine
Pork Pies
Kitchen tips
What's brewing?
Christmas dinner
Bacon Cure
What's cooking tonight?
How long do you give between racking wine?
Blackberry and Apple Jamelly
Fruit / wine / cider press
Fusion Asian English traditional roast
Asian season opens
Veggie Sausages
The Hydrometer
Basic Stock Making
Whitecurrant Jelly!!!
Beef and Blewit Stew
Organic veg prices
Beaverdale wine kits
Hmmm... Freezer Space... What shall I brew?
Smoked venison
NeilK's Online Recipe Resource
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