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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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Cavity Wall Insulation
Rice concrete cuts greenhouse emmissions
Green Roof
Rainwater savings - results - 1 year on
How did you choose your energy supplier?
Generators & Batteries
Petrol Generator
Windmill up-a tree project
summer house
Virtually water free washing machine
A++ Freezer
Cement mixer query
It's Official - The Era of Cheap Oil Is Over
Drink 66 bottles of beer...
Fusion power
Compost toilet - where to put/store the compost?
Fixing Plasterboard
Does anyone use a woodburning Rayburn ?
China perfects the electric car...
Solar Hot water Query
Free tickets: greener homes and buildings - wales this w/end
Off grid range cookers - help me remember!
Joining corrugated to the wall.
Harnessing Wind Power
eaves strip for twin wall polycarbonate - is it needed ?
Wind Farms Kill Goats
Another new battery technology
Floor paint
How long for estimated utility usage to be adjusted?
Argh! Anyone know anything about boilers?
twinwall polycarbonate roofing
Cold frame ideas?
Traffic management trial.
Energy saving lightbulbs and dimmers
Electric cars better than biofuel cars
Non profit energy supplier
Firewood for this coming winter.
Solar hot water
New Peugot leccy car.
April & May Solar / Wind Results
Leaded lights
Wood finishes
Human powered electrical instruments
Bicycle blender
Cob or earth oven
Plastic or wood?
Roofing Options
Roundwood Timber Framing Course
Allen Scythes anyone?
Our 'Place'
Low flush bogs
Scaffolding's up...
Ideas needed for solar charging 12v battery
Woohoo & June results
LPG vs Natural Gas
Amazon Nails funded courses for EU residents (not UK)
Amps -> KVA New Electricity Supply
Progress report
Decking Treatment
saving electricity on freezers
Endgrain flooring
Kelly/Storm/Ghillie kettle?
Corrugated cement cladding
wind up/solar radio
Solid fuel Rayburn + Oil boiler
multifuel question
x-tex (artex remover)
Running a CPU fan?
rechargeable battery suggestions
solid fuel heating - opinions please
Thermal mass windows
Eternal Light
Thermal store with many thermal inputs
crushing clay
best sheet substrate for lime render
lifting of planning for for most domestic micro generation
central heating pump heads
Gasifying Wood Boiler
fitting cnnector to water tank
Strawbale Owlry
2 port motorised valves
bales damp proof?
End of the World Paranoia
Central heating system. Airlock?
ground source heat what's it's name thingy...
Info on combination Woodpellet/oil fired heating
Telephone cables.
Telephone cables.
Green roof ...
Hamster power
DIY - replacing a [ceiling] light fitting
central heating from stove/ range how to control pump.
Solar PV configuration
cost of electricity
Advantages/disadvantages to Granite Walls
under floor insulation
B&Q cavity wall insulation - any experience?
dehumidifier help please
Gravity fed rads from a woodburner
Rayburner heat output to room
Will damp wood damage my woodburner?
Wind Turbine
Marshall Stoves
cleaning woodburners
Double ROCs for microgeneration
Advice needed for open fires!
My back boiler is leaking . . .
Straw bale social housing
Houses built of straw in Lincoln
taking off skirting board carefully?
Volunteers for 2009
woodshaving for insulation
Sheeps wool insulation
power savers
MVHR (Heat Recovery)
Windows/glazing for self-build
Living Villages Holdings Limited
Range vs. stove
Solar laptop chargers
Anyone with a heat pump
Anthracite - no longer available
Green Telecom
Wood stove not burning properly
Stove installed - Advice on the next stage of the project
B&Q LED GU10's on offer
UFOs cause global warming
Pine needles as kindling?
Should we ....
room heater
How much is firewood in the UK?
No fridge
House heated by rabbits ...?
recycled glass worktops
Energy Saving bulbs offer at sainsbury's
Right charger?
Build idea for Blacksmith
Washing Powder/Liquid Choice
Green Oak Gate (new pics added)
Solar charger.
Scaffold tower - buying
Sustainable building wiki
Merry Coalmas Everybody!
glass vs perspex
New house pics
Fire cement
Lime plaster
What's the greenest way to heat a house
Off grid internet help
How to size a boiler
Renewable energy book
Wooden window costs
Crap plumber rant
Heating temp and small children..?
Wind turbine
Burning sawdust?
Solar panel maker makes bid for Opel
extractor fan wiring
Suppliers of bore holes? Update with pics (LOTS)
Composite windows
hot water for lab
further blow for Eco-Towns
it's time to put the heating on when....
Sustainable Energy
gapseal floorboard insulation anyone??
Will mushrooms save the world?
Solar PIR lights
Gunk in hot water
How green is your bio-fuel?
Solar Panel OCV
What temperature is your home on average?
Aaaaargh, the in laws!
Hints and tips for woodburner airwash systems
Woodburner fitted today!
woodburner on e-bay
Distance Learning job at CAT
'Free' energy saving light bulbs
Roof insulation.
Gas calculations
Solar panel supplier
Where can I get a kitchen aid clothes airer thingy?
Cowl fitting
Block paving
New house
Coal/Antrhacite Price
Forestry as a renewable energy source
Why would one radiator not work in my central heating?
Oil prices
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