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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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Power & inverter problem
Co-ax work.
Money for insulation?
BOGOF insulation
Our plans are here
installing chimnety cowls: any experience?
Next downsizer meet up...
Yorkshire farmers
Another breakthru for Solar energy
When to buy heating oil
free wood but ...............
What happened to the Gaia Energy Centre?
Low energy dimmable gu10s
trouble redecorating after double-glazing
Defra Consultation on Regulation of Private Water Supplies
The fridge is dead long live which fridge?
Boiler settings
It's shame it's so ugly!
Solar power for the masses
Another nail in the home wind turbine coffin
Running a freezer in the most economical way?
strawbale maintenance workshops upcoming
Batteryless bike lights - product, questions etc...
Another great reason to insulate your home!
water supply probs - sorted, many many thanks
Micro Hydro Installation
Dedicated UK WoodFuel Expo - Ignition 09
Wood-burner at last!
Campaign to reduce VAT on home improvements
New rain-friendly building
Small, portable, wood stoves
Energy Performance Assessment
Defra Ministers give boost to Biogas
Adventure installing a woodburning stove
Hand pumping grey / rain water?
Benchtop Halogen Oven
Exciting solar development
Washing machine power consumption
How easy to convert an oil fired Rayburn to wood?
Hydrogen home fueling station
Solar panels hit problems
New low energy kettle
UK to slow expansion of biofuels
Can you run a little caravan on solar?
Will British weather provide reliable electricity?
Curtains to provide solar power
lightning conductors
Pulse & Glide
Bread maker or fan oven ?
Save your bulbs ...
Gasifying wood boilers
Does has anyone have a ground source heat pump??
This is solar powered so 'technically' it goes here...BUT...
Dutchtubs, anyone seen one?
Boilers ...
First steps to wood burning cooker - seeking advice
At last!!
An evocative picture...
Spinach pests?
book for off grid
Solar prices set to drop
Strawbale build
Wood burning car
Road tax - why can't we cut it altogether?
Should fuel tax be cut? ...
Ceiling Clothes Airer
Construction detail ... floor level below ground level
Cavity walls - do I have them or not?
MPs back personal carbon credits
100 % Veg Oil as a replacement for Diesel
Help needed re air source heat pumps and renewables
Gas boiler recommendations
genny inverter charger wiring
zero carbon house
Building industry seeks to broaden ‘zero-carbon’ definition
How much insulation do you have in your loft
Fuel prices
Banning incandescent light bulbs
UK Wind Weekend 14/15 June
we've got an OWL
Life without a fridge
"Oilmax" units. Is this snake oil?
Wanted Windows
Friends of the Earth Campaign for more Solar
Fuelpod2 (biodiesel)
looking for a cheap & basic cast iron woodstove
Hunter solid fuel cooker question
House for tomorrow
Waste wood – the untapped resource for Biomass Fuel
Woolas invites applications to £4m bio-energy grant fund
Two letters in the Independent re payback from solar power
Hutton waves ahead tidal energy project in the Humber
Plaster skim alternative for DIYers?
Greenbuilding book?
Phased water charges
Do you only flush poo?
Strawbale builds - the reality?
What acreage of solar panels...
Light pipes
The Worlds of Tomorrow, Part 2
Air source heat pumps
cheapest, easiest, greenest self build?
cheapest, easiest, greenest self build?
Dishwasher vs Handwashing ?
sustainable extension
Downsizing from coal to wood
Back boiler with a woodburner
Old roof lights
Restoration project.
Central Heating Problem
This Summers Project
straw buildings for animals
£2.5 million in UK funding for Renewable Energy Partnership
Earth Hour
Cement mixer maintenance question
How much?! (or when did oil reach that price?)
The Worlds of Tomorrow
Child powered generators
Low Emission Zone (LEZ)
low energy light bulbs
Roof - bits blew off in the storm ........
'Fitted' kitchen advice
whistleblower blog
Dry toilet
Low Cost Power Generation
Gas rant and desperate advice sought.
Suitable tank for collecting grey (bath) water
Condensing Oil Boilers
New windows. Hurrah.
Anyone actually GOT a Dunsley Baker Equaliser?
PTFE tape in compression joints?
Hefty gas bill
Anyone ever wired in a thermostat to a boiler? ...
A load of hot air?
Microrenewables grant scheme still failing
Environmentally savy architect sought
Energy Efficiency and Construction
Insulate your loft for £50
Off grid popagation bench ideas?
Energy Saving Day
Yee-hah, new windows at last...
Winter insulation challenge
Scientists say biofuels are...
What do you use (primarily) to heat your home?
Access Towers
Why is ...
Thermal stores
power, watts, VA and power factors
How much energy does an induction hob save / use
eco school
Second week meter reading for the electricity challenge 2008
Water as a greenhouse heat-sink?
How much insulation
Thermal Imaging
Out door cooking
Insulating under floorboards
Meeting an architect
Second Meter Reading for Electricity Consumption Challenge
Low voltgae fridges/freezers
Use air freight and save the planet!
Hip to gable
Want to convert car to run on veg oil - anyone done it ?
Quick generator question
electricity help!
First Meter Reading for Electricity Consumption Challenge
UK set for 15% renewables target
Recharging non-rechargeable batteries
Reducing Bills
Electricity consumption challenge 2008
Woodburning stove installation.
Already paying the hidden cost of biofuels?
Free roofing material for chicken sheds?
Freezer in the garage or freezer in the house?
new thermo-electric generation device
New Nukes
Free insulation board. (by the pallet load)
Domestic turbines
Cavity wall insulation
which chimney cowls?
anyone know owt about cars and gas kits?
Endgrain flooring
New strawbale build, Anglesey
Solution for a very small fireplace
New House MkII
Draining down the central heating system.
Low Energy light bulbs worse than useless?
Modified Raburn
Bike lights?
batteries & inverters
Planning and climate change
Boost for local renewable energy from new planning rules
radiator help
UK carbon footprint shows big increase
Tumble dryer condenser
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