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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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Emergency lighting
Not a Haybox cooker, but...
Re-plumbing a dead burco boiler
Homes 'can cut CO2 by up to 80%'
Fuel Costs
Plug-inable hybrid cars
ultra-violet filters
Softwood windows.
240vac & 12vdc
House warming jobs
Self Build Kits
Moving the potting shed
Boiling Water on Tap
heat store vs cylinder
wood burners - chimney lining?
Economy Seven electricity
good energy film shorts
30 Wash
Yorkshire Water harness the power of wind...
China's wind turbine production and usage
New Allotment Building
One for the plumbers. Zone valves.
UK potential energy savings miscalculated
Saving power in the home - mobile chargers etc
water pump
Underfloor heating.
Combi boiler question...
Economic potential for combined heat and power schemes revea
Welsh water fine
Earth Floor
WTF are the RICS up to?
Drinking water
Single vs double radiators
TRVs (Radiator thermostats)
Eco paints
Dreaming of an out building...
How much water do you use?
Homeowners to get green boiler rating
In no way is this green energy !
Underground water storage tank
About low-impact eco-villages
woodburner companies
gas V lecci
Open minds on the future of the Severn barrage
Women build beautiful homes
Cheap "Power Meter"
Stepping down DC....?
penetrating damp
Maps for green bloggers
4 bedroom home getting an 'E' Energy rating.
Handy electricity bill
Interactive Heat Loss Map - useful if you live in Haringey..
Is green electricity really green?
Air source heat pump
BBC Breakfast team need off-grid demo (Link to report added)
Straw bale volunteers wanted.
Straw bale volunteer in Kelso, Scotland 8th September
What is a bunded oil tank?
Which wind turbine ?
Claiming ROCs now made easier
Dorma insulation
Loft insulation
Metal window frames...
Water metering to become an option in long term plans
Prefab strawbale
Energy efficient appliances
Loads of learing for free in Scotland 18th August to 2nd Sep
80 cash back for installing a waste disposal.
BIOFUEL-Duty free
Paint on DPM?
Dimmer witches and bulbs...
help needed on run down properties
Unblocking a sink
D-I-Y Water Testing.
Woodworm query
Solar Thin film PV
getting a gas meter
Energy Crisis? Yes Minister!
Energy efficient lighting in an old house...
Ice Cooling Instead of AC
DIY (in 20 minutes) Refrigerated Van - Ideas ?
new doors and windows
Green self build book
40,000 households in Nationwide energy saving experiment
Rain savers
Cottage kitchen (photo's please)
Wood fired central heating
Courses in low-impact natural building
replacing internal doors
battery bank sums
Plumbing advice please
Didn't we discuss this a while ago?
"Waste oil not a waste"- Court of Appeal says
Compost toilets
Livestock emissions
Decorative glass panels
Find a ruin
New House
2 tonnes of red sandstone
Peak Oil - closer than people think?
Prototype zero carbon house
Posh composting toilets
Solar power, (British manufacturers) ?
Bristol Green House.
'Green' paints - any experience
Tanking a cellar
battery power from an exercise bike
Power consumtion of fridges
Another timber windows thread
Major planning reforms for a sustainable future
Raw wool insulation
Passive solar
energy efficient light bulbs
Making a house more energy/resource efficient
Another solar hot water question
Thermal store advice
Permaculture magazine and Judyofthewoods
Useable buildings
concrete floors
Brown to build ecohomes
Deep cycle 12v 'leisure' batteries
solar power
Solar power station
Shiny New Power Station
Which floor covering to use?
Replacement windows.
Wood substitute
Boiler service contracts
all fuels have a co danger
Small kitchen design tips
oil fired heating and cooking on gas
Eco wall insulation
Anyone know anything about woodchip/pellet heating boilers?
Building a composting toilet
Green light for home energy improvements
Wind turbines
prius is less efficient to build than a suv
Sava Plugs
This solar panel any good?
Solar hot water heating
hybrd willow
Roof trusses
stand -by gadget
New Eco-Towns could help tackle climate change
Peak Oil
Power saver?
Laying paving slabs to take weight
A new way of generating electricity without polluting
australia bans lightbulbs...
Reduced price ticket for Home Building and Renovating Show
Energy efficient web design?
Green light for Greater Gabbard wind farm
Oz to ban normal lightbulbs
Storage heating or oil fired central heating?
Yurts, Ti pis etc
Curran Fibre
Tri Iso Super 10
Solar p.v. systems question
The Carbon Challenge
Are chimney cowls suitable for woodburners?
Re-siting a toilet
Storing fuels
Small car diesel vs petrol plus other questions
I have no hot water ! Help ?
Underfloor heating in kitchen and bathroom?
No electricity 6.55 - 7.00pm Thursday!!!
Your green energy?
Construction of cottages etc
Scotland running on empty
Grey water, low-pressure garden-related conundrum...
Low energy light bulbs
storage heaters
Check your solar Contractor out
Good value and variety
maintaining French ditches
'Green' damp proofing
Ecobuild 2007
Idiot guide
Gas central heating v open fire
woodburner window leak?
Rayburn advice please?
remember steorn?
Consumers and environment benefit from EU energy action
Replacement strip light
When to replace an old boiler?
Renovation Reading
Cheap sheds @ B & Q
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