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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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alternatives to fossil fuels
Solar panel types...
Gravity Light
Possible odd question about microgeneration CME resilience
removing sodium content in groundwater
Shipping Container Homes
Solar PV and add ons...
Wool insulation
What wood burner?
rayburn royal downsizing to just cooker use
Rayburn 355SFW Info
Algae Farming...
Estuary power
Thermal Mass
Simple Window Draft Fix
The resurgence of steam
types of firewood
Anyone have experience of external wall insulation?
Well insulated front door
Insulating the outside of a single brick skin building
safety glasses
Themal siphon.
Dismantling a water pump
Good book on shed building?
The kind of thing one expects to read on April Fools Day
Fifty Free Farmstead E-Books
Ovo energy
Positive pressure ventilation? Heat recovery?
You too can save!
Optimum generator size.
Rolling back the Green Taxes
woodburner fans
Best time to cut down trees?
With energy price hikes round the corner is it time to open
Making and Burning Manure Brick’s
Burning Sawdust
Defrosting a Freezer
Solar panels for garden classroom
Open source construction set — print your own house
That time again...
Workshop exterior?
How to tell the state of batteries (in a PV storage system)?
Free online course in Solar Energy
Anaerobic digestors...
Matching different solar PV panels
decent roofer needed Shropshire/Stiperstones area
Orkney powers up UK's first large scale grid battery
Running a laptop or and ipad from solar panels
Running a 220v fridge off a 12v battery - will it work?
Help wanted for buring waste
Flue Liners
Straw bales, which way up?
Joint DS project for the school holidays?
Wiring for batteries (storing leccy from solar panels)
Free power Saturdays
A True Blue Tory spills the beans
Rated people
Stud walling without ceiling joist thingies
A+ reliable freezers...
damp patch in fireplace from baxi burnall back boiler
free central heating boiler
More free insulation
Insulating a shed floor?
My Electric Avenue
Where should I start?
Old loft insulation.
New PV Project now complete & pic
Do LED bulbs flicker?
Solar is now cheaper than nuclear. Even in the UK
Freezing water
Straw bale build in Oxford this summer
How much does your 4kWh PV system generate?
Advice on a log burning boiler stove please...
how much should a porch cost?
Stone finish question
A use for the much maligned leyland cypress...
Seeking joinery company in West Devon
How small can you build a reciprocal frame building?
Woodburning range cooker choice
Sewage treatment - solids!
Water filter options
Help! Need advice about door rope for logburner
Biodiesel info please
What is your Favorite wood for burning?
LPG Terminal
Legals for pipe crossing neighbours land
24v House
Fluorescent tube madness
Night Storage heating...
The Joy of Six!
Cement mixer recommendations sought
Has Carbon Emission Reduction Gone Mad.
Best book on strawbale construction?
Everlasting Boilers promotions
Bendy thing?
Burning paper on a woodstove?
how to power our new home?
Daft question? Solar panels - which way up?
A milestone...
Tripping out
PP how long does it take?
Norwegian's Take Their Wood Seriously
prices for boilers with solar cylinder?
hot water supply thermostat.
MIx and match solar panels?
New design small urban wind turbine being tested
What sort of shower?
traditional lime plasterer eco-builder available
help..thermosyphon solar system and wood burner with coil!!
A clown in the bathroom
TV Series - derelict property into dream home?
No heat or bathroom
aga or rayburn
advice on wood burners please
New woodfuel documentary...
Accurate room thermometer
Water Purification.
Strawbales as loft insulation?
Installing a woodburner?
Sealant for woodburner pipes ?
Homefire Ecoal 50
My latest little project in the garden ......
It's blindingly obvious
Power usage.
Sitting Room is finished (pics)
Pavegen - Energy from your feet
solar HW, solar syphone etc
A Well Designed Sawbuck
Disturbing loads
Is a 3KW woodburner big enough....
Burning coal
How much for a solar power plant
Guesstimate for a total re-wire - 1929 4 bed detached house
How long to season logs?
New light bulbs on the way
Thinking of changing to a wood burning system
Multifuel burner
rayburn help; how to remove the summer brick
Heat store/cylinder question
Plastic film to insulate windows - does it work?
Onshore wind farms - like one on a hillside near you?
RAYBURN heating issues
Self healing concrete
Loft insulation grants
Would appreciate advise on stoves and range cookers
Chimney Liner
Solar kit for charging leisure battery
Quick Wood Stove Question
Heater or dehumidifier?
Solar PV: anyone used EEC?
Garage roof
Soil pipe reduction?
Roofing slate
Get an electric car and kill the planet?
The penny droppeth
Electric underfloor heating?
Liquid air and wind power.
Owning the means of production - Electricity
EPCs, Fact or fiction?
Is this year's coal better than last year?
Butane Heaters
Solar water pumps with solar panel
Rewiring and /or electrical check
I have a gaping hole. And it's all Katieowl's fault...(pics)
how many Kva do I need ?
FTGH gas meter
Severn Barrage
light and dark septic tanks - anyone got experience?
Wood fired range cooker - tips?
Refferal scheme for Free Solar energy.
where to test spring water?
Water Supply Bore Hole
A shade greener
Converting a quad to electric
Feed in Tariff process query
Chimney Liners
Juliet Davenport wins BusinessGreen Leaders award
How to insulate a 'shed' floor?
Would you believe it? lower subsidies means more PV not les
Ok, so what about recycling *everything*?
Solar PV - so far
Joining plasterboard
New 650kW hydro for Snowdon
Timber Grading
Techy translation please
Could this be the one? And other techy off grid questions
IBC water containers.
Edging there with electric cars
Big engine or small engine?
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