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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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electric suppliers
Cheapest floor?
Reusing a septic tank
old double glazing
Off Grid - first step
Well water supply - thoughts?
House hunters warned against buying homes with free solar PV
Straw bale classroom
Woo-hoo: here's my new dining room... (photos)
Off grid water pumping
Rosatom s offer to build the new reactors.
BBC article, international table of clean energy investment
Off grid pioneer.
Anyone heard of HELMS?
Feed in tariifs from 1st April 2012 - Solar PV
Planning permission no longer required for non-dom solar
Free Lime Plastering Workshops April 2012
Liquid metal battery, the missing link in renewables?
Solar water heating?
National trust going green
Whats the maths behind solar panels ?? is it really feasible
[Yorkshire] Region ‘best place’ for clean coal power project
Lime Plastering
Retaining walls built from earth-filled bags...
Water filled radiators query?
Inverters - pure sine wave or modified?
Plumbing question
Anyone interested in strawbailing?
fireplace build :shock:
How many PV panels do I need...
DIY shower cubicle
Government suggest Energy Literacy be tested.
Solar pump required.
Tree houses with a difference
And you need a qualified electrician because...
Floating Islands
Rocket wood stove!!
Solar PV
Cold fill washing machines, how do they work?
Greening your house
calculating butane consumption
Woodburner installation regulations
Discounted electricity/gas rebate thingy
Traditional looking loo with right hand flush or dual flush
Another tiny home.
Hobbit house
electric clothes airers.
alternatives to a cooker
septic tanks and what not to use
rainwater loo flushing system
Wanted - for an old Rayburn
Low energy bulbs - are they really as low as they claim?
Getting started with solar PV
Decent LEDs at last
composting loos
Woodburner stove rope
Landis & Gyr Generation Meter Serial Number
Car battery & charger questions
Any electrician types about?
Eye watering bill - Changing leccy provider
I have light switches...I have ceiling lights...
Replacing electric heating/hot water with coal rayburn?
Solar PVs in the winter
Weather stations
Numpty question, changing a GU10 bulb...
Fire rope for a Charnwood
Getting our first solar electricity
Our solar barn with Lumicity
FIT rates tumble
Really green construction
How much do you pay for your electricity?
telegraph poles wanted - delivered - ideas?
upvc windows
Hempcrete query
Combi boiler filling loop?
Condensation moisture mystery
Low voltage downlighters query, help please?
Don't DIY planning appeals
Solar PV tubes
Electric 'smart' meters - anyone recommend one?
Wood burner suggestions/recommendations
Spec for my shed - what do you think?
Ziggy went down to Sean's house...
Flue question
Just had an obvious thought on electric cars
Build your own concrete/fire brick stove query
"clean burn" oil
What happens to the juice when the battery is full?
RHI put of hold, due to EU conflict !!!!!!!
Wind up torch- any recommendations?
Cheap solar lighting
anyone here an architect?
Home-produced Biodiesel - taxable?
Building a terrace - advice please
Cavity wall insulation recommendations wanted
Flat roof replacement
ground source heat pumps...
Cavity Wall Insulation
Question About Possible Energy Savings on a College Campus
How much does gas cost?
Solar PV switch & inverter prices
The beginning of the end...?
Bacteria catalysed hydrogen fuel
Electricity free "light bulbs"
New to off grid
Very small scale solar PV
Solar heated animal drinking water
Home Energy Consumption
Britain hits wind high
Off gridders
Memorial Wind Turbine
Solar power paying for barn
Energyshare - thought this might be of interest
hot water solar
12 volt power
The eco house I'm helping to build
Micro Hydro
12v House
Cost of fitted (or refitting) kitchens!!
Asbestos testing kits
Solar PV on a UPVC conservatory
Drying cupboard
Free Solar Panels
chest freezer v front-opening sort
The chimney...
monitoring solar pv on pc
Harvesting/Islanding surplus PV production.
Solar hot water - how to stock the hot water?
Enecsys micro inverts for PV instalations.
Surplus lagging/insulation
Dragons Den?
Roof tiles
wood burner recommendations.
Things can go a bit pear-shaped sometimes...
PV Panels
Thought this might be of interest...
water supply problem
Storing wind
Clean people are destroying the planet....
Huge Electric Bill - HELP!!!!?
Problem with old solar system
Shredder advice
Electric Motors
Storing E7 in a battery... Is it a stupid idea?
One for maths fans.
Remodelling an attic conversion into two kids' bedrooms?
New gov rules/tarrif.
Cob house for sale - buyer collects!
Smart Holder, fire wood holder.
How big a water cylinder?
Planning application ... smidgin of progress
Vertical wall mounted solar hot water.
Rising damp
Washing machine
Solar hot water and PV - recommendation sought
Water Pressure Question
Households offered £10,000 to improve energy efficiency
sabre saw
Progress report - House build
Converting petrol generator to run on LPG
12 V 4 Amp hour
Gas flue problem.
Solar battery chargers
Who wants to have a go a building a DIY biomass boiler then?
Generator plus inverter equals...
New inverter
Sheeps wool insulation
Micro CHP
Wind power report
Anticipated Usage
Drift wood. I downsized yonks ago..
Chimney Pointing
Second hand solar panels
Frost damage on old cottage
windturbine & solar help please
govenment threat to large scale FIT projects.
Mole hire
Rayburn Nouvelle - info needed.
New grants released.
Solar PV
Small charcoal kiln
solar panels - how to choose
Insulation under statics
Laying water pipes.
Lister engine generator
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
Barn Project
Solar Water Heating
Vermiculite and lime for heat insulation
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