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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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Burning fat
Libyan crisis, rising oil price, and over-due realism
Harvesting rainwater
Off grid electric generation book recommendation
Lime wash
Views are wanted on renewable energy in Yorkshire Dales
Energy Efficient, 'sympathetic' housing in rural Scotland
Recommended PV Installers in West Yorkshire?
Deer head hanging side gate post
Solar PV Panels and the Feed in Tariff (FiT)
failure to copy picture to site
Larger woodburner for when we open up the crog loft.
Heating and electric for my barn conversion - a clean slate
Inventory of Carbon and Energy Database
Appalling Solar PV installations
Rayburn SFW problems
Solar battery charger
Got any hose?
candle-power - where to put for max light ?
Manure /compost heated green house?
Hurrah for the sleeper train
CO2 emissions comparison
Electric for my shed
Wood vs Oil
"cleanburn" heating oil
Unvented instant water heater
Air source heat pumps
LED bulbs at Lidls again
Installing loose sheep's wool....HELP!
Another kind of photography
Window and door supplier - anyone used these folks?
How much for an oil fired boiler?
Low voltage electricity.
Do hardwood outer doors stick in wet weather?
Thermostats, combi boilers and efficiency
Electric cars not yet affordable...
Re old planning permission
I'm planning a new bathroom. Any ideas?
My Rayburn needs some tlc....
Water pumps freezing issues
insulating under the floor
firewood Btu
Renting a Caravan in Germany. Insulating Floor From Inside?
Hot Water Cylinder with 3 heating elements
Log prices
Junk in the loft
Planning permission & small stuff?
I watched Gervase do something terrifying today...
what coal for a Coalbrookdale ?
Earth bonding question.
Permaculture polytunnel article please?
undoing a U-bend on a sink
Sloping roof insulation
Price freezes
Help with condensation in the loft
Are there any thatchers on DS? You're urgently needed...
Woodburner flue
Anyone any ideas on stopping water freezing?
19p light bulbs.
Hot water cylinder in central heating circuit
Ventilation for LPG cooker and wood burner
Colouring limewash
Shutters and curtains 'act' as double glazing
Woodburning cookers, yet again...
Solva house plans
Economy firewood briquettes now available
Community renewable energy
free or ridiculously cheap pv panel offers
Safe fuel for indoor minerís lamp
Burning cooking oil for heat.
Borax for treating woodworm etc.
Windows may not be totally carp.
converting units to KWh..
PV in 2030
All ready for winter
Google get behind me Satanical Search
More washing machine pondering
Problems with recessed spotlights
Talk to me about INSULATION
Laying a concrete path
Energy Saving Week
What temp?
Using subsoil clay
Advice please re heating and cooking options
Firewood briquette prices reduced for this winter
Simple solution to flying logs.
gas V electric
Alaskan Chainsaw Mill
WHAT???? 170% efficient water boiler??
Rocket mass heater stoves?
Caravan Burner question - sizing
Voltage Optimisation
Grand Designs - solar hot water
Loft Insulation
ibc water storage
Connecting an Oil fired rayburn
Which is cheaper - oil or bottle gas heating?
Salt in walls
sealing with pva
Chimney Sweeping
Trying to influence Government
book shelves or boiler or what
Wind farm ?
Digital thermostat advice please?
More tubes?
alternatives to plastering?
Bloody useless Screwfix
Articles on energy consumption
Biomass - A Burning Issue
Compact tractors?
Solar roof tiles
Bitumen roofing
woodburner sizing?
Self levelling screeds
Wood Burning Stove
LED Bulbs
New designs of small nuclear power stations
Water Harvesting containers
Which Turbine?
Heat Pump in a Solar Hot Water System
Water harvesting for toilets
Electric convector heaters
Ideas for testing plumbing before covering
Dishwasher economy settings
Living without a fridge
Rain getting in chimney
Roof tiles
Pizza oven.
The future of biofuel?
Fire bricks.
solar electric producers
Renovation advice needed - urgently!! COSTS?
Would someone be so kind to explain Feed in Tarifs to me ?
Log Cabin dealers?
Warm start problems
Water Power
sizing a boiler
water pump?
Save the Planet
bottle wall
Fungicide paint - what do you think about it?
Interesting front page from "The Express"
Economy 10
insulation grants
Security Light Rant
Breathable roofing membrane
caravan on blocks?
firewood gleaning rights
Solar Controllers
Energy efficient behaviour far more effective than thought
REAL assurance scheme ...You heard it here first
Eco shower heads
Capping chimneys and their ventilation
Free electricity anyone?
June solar figures
Castle building
Rocket stove
Flexible/roll up solar panels
Flexible insulation for gypsy caravan
Testing solar water heating to near destruction
VERY old Wolseley fencer ... help?
multi fuel inset firepace
My inverter is broken again
Free NPower Home Energy Monitor
Tinted film for windows to prevent overheating
UK's first de-salination plant
Nokia's green phones
If you are interested in PV then..
Solar results for may
Houston we have a problem....
Caravan wood stove installation question...
insulation board question
More boring MCS stuff
solar system
Biomass gasification
Giant gravel "batteries" for electricity storage
The Cost of MCS membership
Which tellies are most efficient?
Some poignant questions needed please.
More Bad News for solar Installers / industry
Power output question
A thumbs up for the FIT (Feed in Tariff)
Rainwater collection of potable water
The Baxi Bermuda
Battery load tester
Upgrading Double Glazing
Our first solar panel
Our Solar Powered Houses.
Plumbing question
Where to buy double glazed wooden windows.
Ziggy's conversion
Installing a basement.
white wash for inside of garden shed?
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