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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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Where to buy double glazed wooden windows.
Ziggy's conversion
Installing a basement.
white wash for inside of garden shed?
Bike wheels ...
Double Glazing - Wales
PV array, Am I losing a potential energy source
Shameless pimping of new building course
Marine Stewardship Council Certified Fishy Cat Food
Combining oil fired rayburn + hotwater + solar panel
Stick a power station on an island.
Cavity Wall Insulation : House Not Suitable
Green roofs or roof gardens
calor electric
laptop running in a powercut
solar pv, how thick am i ?
Moving a rad.
Free Grand Design tickets.
how do you polish marble?
measuring optimal angle for PV panels - questions
Thousands of small turbines
Natural light energy saving bulbs
Next years wood
How much energy does your building use?
New Log House - Green Loans ?
heating for attic room
Finishing a fireplace.
Replacement Windows - which would be best for us?
No stopping the Prius Hybrid car
Hydro electric power
Looking at Investing in a Wind Turbine
Cavity wall insulation question
Solar thermal electricity?
Has anyone made a compost loo?
A taller stepladder
Low end solar Charge controllers.
12 V connectors
12v Cold Cathode Bulbs (CCFL)
Documents on sustainable travel/shopping
15% off voucher B&Q
Heat reflective radiator panels
Cavity Wall Insulation - Views Please
wood burner prices
Wind turbine efficiency reduced by buildings
Price of Solar PV panels
central heating thermostats
Ordering heating oil after the snow
Preparing old paint work
Parquet flooring.
damp patch
Weight of snow on roofs
Which Flue liner?
Train Fares Reduction Campaign
Woodburner question
Temperature gauges
More efficient motoring (from a cycling blog...)
Wood burner.
Is that wall imprtant?
Repair storm damaged solar panels?
How to run a 12V PC fan from a solar panel?
Cheap woodburner recommendations ...
Wind turbine question
Straw bale construction
Lammas Project wins funding award
clothes drying thing for the aga
For those with central heating - what's your thermostat set
Help -What a week !
solar power experts?
This years energy saving.....
Rayburn Oil Consumption
Small dehumidifier recomendations
Insulation bargain
heating degree day analysis and energy spike reviews
Hot water tank problem
Cost of gas cylinders advice
Conservatory Heating
building costs
incubator repair needed
Recommended weather stations?
How does a genny work?
Copenhagen Christmas Tree
Installing a wood burning cooker and gas hob
Manual washing machines
Wood fired propagation bench
Economy 7 storage heaters
Keeping the rayburn alight through the night
pre - insulated pipes - any difference between them
Calling all benders.
It is a poor workman blames his tools...
BBC Solar panel article
Windsave set-up?
Wood Boilers - any thoughts?
Woodburning Stove - advice needed please
Cars are greener than buses
Urban Transport Document
Lighting a fire- Top Down burning !
Rerducing our water consumption - RESULT!
Electric car article
Considering installing a wood or multifuel burner?
Oil Supplies Forecasts by International Energy Agency
Masonry Stove High efficiency wood fuel
Loft insulation 2 for 6
untreated sheeps wool insulation
OWL electricity monitor/metre or similar
Permitted Development Rights on farms....
How big should a window be?
Is my wood any good?
15% off voucher for B&Q
Smoking generator on startup
advice on stabilised earth walls?
huge net bags for storing and drying firewood?
woodburner disaster
wood burning rayburn for cooking - remove boiler or replace?
Ok techno-greens what do you think of this one?
Sneaky Turbine
Roof moss - leave it or remove it?
Alum to remake old batteries?
wind turbine self-build course
Lime and tar
Solar panels
Faggot stoves
Swindon eco homes
Slate roof costs? One for the Welshies?
Building costs.
'Press Release' from Good Energy
Soak aways
Thanks to the maker of the stove!
What roof?
Chainsaw Mills ?
Cement render removal...
Saw horse.
Approved kitchen
Rayburn & Radiators
Bio Mass ?
roofing tar paper
Lime washing outbuildings
Energy consumption calculator
Cost of installing woodburning central heating/water?
Heat Pumps - Maximising Efficiency
Anyone using LED lighting at home?
Anyone here use heat pumps for home heating?
Panel cutting layout software
Chimney lining firm recommendations (Leeds).
Dehumidifier - is it power-hungry?
Dry toilet
little wenlock woodstove: tar on glass question
Hooray! Our beach has arrived
Decent LED bulbs?
How to stop cold drafts from my chimney!
New Boiler or what?
Extractor fan with Heat Recovery
Lammas success!!!
question about heating water
Spin your own electricity?
Solar Powered mobile phone
Drax profits down 80%
Rammed earth wall
Washing Machines & Generators
Free water saver
Green porch
Bering Straits Bridge
Batteries versus water for storage....
If you are into batteries
One nil to the good guys
Well its a start & a step in the right direction
Low flush/surge handwash/grey water loo
Nissan Electric Car
DIY Wind Turbine Plans
Recomendations please
Changing energy supplier
Eco bulbs update.
Solar PV July results
Funny old day
Toilet standards
Cheap 85ah batteries from Go Outdoors.... Help me!!!!
Volunteer Available
Loft and ceiling insulation
Cleft Chestnut.
Oil tank question ...
and in my tent i need a ...?
Bell cement mixer-wiring instructions?
5p per kwh
Sedum roof on a wooden building in Spain??
What is the other 9%?
QUESTION: to render or plasterboard?
Solar water heating
Predicting renewables available question
Local grid and National Grid praticalities
Household battery back-up
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