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What happened this morning?
Search not working
Search query
Should we have an amazon affiliate link
Forum topics...
Buying from Amazon via Downsizer
Might just be my mother's computer??
Search isn't working?
Why ... ?
Any faster?
Hampster issues
banner add
quoting a post
Just a thought
Ad from ethical junction...
Any faster?
Attaching images.
Problem with long replies
New Improved Recipe Data Base!
Is the hamster poorly?
BBC Thinkers Quiz
Tidy up of chat
Where'd half my screen go?
attatching files
Category changes
Suggestion: Interest icons in profile
Do the hamsters have a hangover?
problem with PMs
Site layout
Can people see threads in the subSilver template
what is firefox? is this only temporary?
Try using Firefox if you can't read threads
Cant see any text in threads!!!!
Problem with the site ?
Downsizer may be moving to the windy city
Mark/edit as recipe
New recipe database PLEASE READ and comment
Does the hamster need some chickpeas?
Recipie Favourites
Why has ...
googling downsizer
Bees Knees - we want to advertise our guest house with you
Downsizer, trader; Trader, Downsizer.
Site Suggestion
Site error
Pet hate
'Downsizer Traders' link
Forum speed
"Malicious behaviour detected"
Summer Time
Can someone PM me my password please?
Are the hampsters any faster?
Firing blanks
Post Counts
In Box full
I will try and find out
Any problems with downsizer?
About 1000 web searches per day lead to downsizer!
help from the mods please!
Missing thread
Uploading a game avatar ...
Latest posts
Clocks go back tonight...
What is our most view thread?
How to post sticky
28 to go!
Search function
h and s , defra regulations etc ,realistic issues
forum changes
Is it just me?
Sad news ...
Subscription to Downsizer, terms and conditions
Subscriptions to Downsizer
Has advertising policy changed?
Is it just me or is it very slow this morning?
If you find yourself unable to access the forum/website
How many Downsizers?
Locking threads that aren't abusive
Problems on here this morning?
Home Brewing section
Is the hamster in need of a coffee?
forum glitches
Section suggestion: Family & Friends
How is a newcomer to the site
downtime just now
Hampster issues
Sending a PM to a mis-spelled username
Home page
PM search Club Membership
Topic reply notifications
Post a reply
Where have all the mods gone?
Changes to moderation procedure
Resigned from modding team
Even more pics needed from YOU!
show the hamster a stoat!
Is it...
Image uploading?
sig not appearing ?
Watch topic problem?
How can I...
The river runneth dry
is it having a funny 5 minutes
Photo bucket
Confused over logins
More error message weirdness
Template does not exist.
Bizarre error message from recipes
search flood
Missing target="_blank" ?
Do we want a forum subscription system?
The hamster
Recipes - how do you browse them?
recipe system offline
Panting hamster?
Do you think there are too many polls on this site?
Server under attack again
A tip for not losing your lovingly typed post!
If you're not logged in...
Can't make an avatar!
site lag
Latest posts
missing pm's?
What happened to the edit button?
Downtime and a few problems tomorrrow.
Who's online buttons
The Downsizer Recipes Collection
Moving images
What do people think about
Seems a bit
staceys ad
Favourites strapline
Social networking
Home page problem
Email notifications ...
Downsizer alive and kicking
Downsizer offline tomorrow.
The downsizer clock
What about blogs?
Clearing the message box
The Recipe Database
Can we use this?
The secret world of the Link Fairy laid bare
Hamster had a seizure?
want my old username back please
Uploading images
search function
A little speedier perhaps
A "Drinks" section in Articles
Free American Magazine and Liberty Village Plan
Please feed the hamster....
Quick quick slow
Errant PM Notification
Banner for Shrops Smallholders
the Hamster wheel has come off.
Server tweaked
Network under attack
Downsizer banner needed.
Server should now be faster
Rapidrecipe offline for update
Something to look at.
Weblinks - reorganisation completed
I don't believe it!
slow as a snail
Avatars loading twice?
Do we want this?
Trading banners
Keep an eye out for things going pear shaped.
what's happening this morning?
Trouble with printing a post
Pic gone?
seads.eclipse website
What was that?
Home Page - Downsizer
Big change going in, in the morning.
Caret position insertion
is it me or is it slloooww today
Do we want this change?
short time-out problems
anti spam measures
New Posts
PHP error
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