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PHP error
IE7 and FF2 Problems
I see member 2000 is there!
Posts you've read thingies...
PM Suggestion.
Site/forum downtime Sunday morning
What happened?
Woss happened????
Followup to article ?
View latest posts
Front page - todays traders
topic urls for guests have been changed.
Site accessability
Recipes button...
What does the yellow mean?
Downsizer buttons ... do you like the new layout?
Where have you been?
Downsizer shopping bag ad not working?
No one spotted the site change yet?
Major name server outage
Unable to post pictures ?
re large collection urgent dear mods
Mafia scum site down?
Just remembered why...
Making Links Little
New Avatar
New gallery system
Happy 2nd Birthday to Downsizer
adding pictures
A little typing help
file attachment test
The wife has intructed me to ask ....
Simple attachments
How can I delete my membership?
is this proper ?
the archivist thing
Signature Lines
sallys article pic
View latest posts
Is the site any faster/slower
Dodgy postings
hugh fearnley whittingstall
hamsters dehydrated?
Nice avatars ?
Almost 200,000 posts!
Have the hamsters been fed?
Site errors earlier
Odd error message
Server upgraded
34 registered users online!
Server is being attacked
150 articles....
"no results meet your search criteria"
Advertising and Downsizer
Stupid question! Can anyone not access the site?
Sorry about that
Shopping database
If you can see this, you are seeing our new web server
So when shall we move servers?
Downsizer pages are loading really slowly
Page titles
e-mail notifications arriving in odd order
online/ offline icon
Question - no rush though
Just an idle thought
Is it just me?
A new server for downsizer
bit schloooow today?
Sorry about outage just then
can we have a new parenting thread????
Anybody have posting problems?
Another game of spot the new forum feature!
Testers required...
banner ads again
Banner ads
Ad Banners
Downsizing pictures.
Downsizer forum now has a google page rank of 5
Events Calendar
PM Over useification.
New Banner Advertisments
Need a little piccie
New advertising format
Forum "Flood control" changed
If you cannot post READ THIS
Is the new feature working for you all?
Discussion guidelines
Regional section
Pictures, maybe one for Jema
Sorry for the short outage
Anouncement concerning Hints and Tips
Watch topic
Downsizer abroad - POLL - please vote
Downsizer abroad!
Change of forum software
Site was down/ still problems
Deleting/Saving PMs
Users logged in to joomla
Help nora!
quoting currently broken
Search in phpBB
Odd ads...
who can view avatars ?
Netties skin cream article
Article submission
Latest posts
Another request to ponder - PM search
Top 50 Articles for 26th November 005
Good home for old Fridge
Site server upgrade
Thursday morning server restart
Bag ad..
Clear your cookies if you can't login
Do we want a quick reply option?
Authors names displaying on home page?
55th top poster
site timing out
Congratulations !
A bit more site speed
Downsizer bag and t-shirt pic
Who is listening for Seans interview?
big green gathering article
Newsletter error
Registrations problems
Unless any one yells very loudly I am making a change
Where's all me icons?
downsizer bags
13 to go!
Are you renovating a Dream Property?
"About us" in the forums
Local community involvements - new forum ?
Happy Birthday to you
No pain no gain
Sorry about that folks
Powertech solar
A small appeal from Downsizer
Server speed
Reorganising pictures
Members who've joined bu never visited?
O.K. Team...
Hits on "page not found"
having difficulty PM ing
Bookmarks component updated
Not quite the end of the month....
Is it my internet connection...
How can this be possible?
Downsizer Site graphics for user whereever
View Latest Posts Behaviour
Website Links
Reducing the size of a picture for my profile
Downsizer Logins
search facility
being indecisive
Problems with Links
Trading Post sections
Do we need a login form on the home page?
Links vs Events
member 800...
dodgy as it may sound, are you 18 to 25 or now, 27
Site was down momentarily
The Traders (Trading Post) section
Blank Pages
Google adsense new feature
Anyone else have internet problems today
Site very slow for me
Firefox problem with site
Introducing a new hen to two already established (help!)
I think some of our users may be getting to keen
An awful lot of people finding us with searches!
odd error
750 Members....
Thinking outside of the box
Exclusive view of downsizers secure hosting
I can see trouble ahead...
Front page better or worse?
Site Styling with CSS
top or bottom
Article sections
Shall we have a general "self-reliance thread
old links if the category consolidations go ahead
Should Home brewing be merged with cookery?
merge cooking with curing and smoking
Can we drop Home Education from the front page?
Should Landscaping be merged with building/Energy Efficiency
Suggested new look for section pages
your mambo template is veryyy cool
Some quirks likely today
Quote of the day system
thumbnails for editors choice?
Forum graphics
Posting problem
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