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Dark brown headers
16 online on the forums!
forum front page
Web safe colors
Font color problem
Font size
How should the front page look?
Any html experts out there?
Forum find
A bit of spam user nobbling
Please look at these!
What adverising do we allow?
Alexa ranking
Forums updated to 2.0.11
new frontpage colors
blimey is that the color!
Making the site less busy loooking
14 online on the forums
Popular items now have a spot on the front page
How many latest main site items should we show on the forums
Should downsizing and value added facts be merged
sign on password
Forum category order
guests viewing private messages?
12 online on the forums
94 guests and 2 members
Forum changes
Changing username?
Display of user ratings on main site
Very happy
Glossary now searchable
Main site prev/next article
image not working
Colour schemes
Logo design competition
Please link to this site
Advertise for free or broadcast your work to the world
New Avatars
Apology to the mods
A few Changes perhaps?
Spelling and grammar on main site
Have your say
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