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Todays haul
This is why you have to be really careful...
Mushrooms plus a few ticks.....advice please.
Cherry glut!
Lunchtime forage
Parasol Mushroom and other stuff
Agaricus sprung up all over
can't find it in my flora...
Great for all foragers
not sure it's wild but I'm hoping it's edible
Ground Elder???
anyone got...
Foraging for dye plants
Oysters and Strawberries
St Georges mushrooms
fruit trees in parks... sign up, sign up!
some pix of ground elder
I have been working under a car for over a week ...
First Yellow Chanterelles of 07 picked today!
Forage at the weekend
Barefoot forage
Feral Gooseberries?
Your own wieght in chicken of the woods!
wild foodie's website
Wild food businesses...
Beech Leaf Noyau ( thanks to cab)
yay hooray and double yay!
Finding wild garlic / ramsons
Wild Garlic?
Giant Puffballs ...
jack by the hedge
Foraging on holiday in Brighton
St Georges
It's that nettle time of year again
Nettle risotto
Shrooms at last!
Yesterdays forage
Strange shrooms...
today's forage.....
Tricholoma Leucocephalum
Wild Plants?????
Knit your own foraging bag
My First Forage
Hello mushroom freinds!
mouse eared chickweed
Yesterdays forage...
Mushroom Identification
Hawthorn Blossom
I just found my first "real" mushroom of the year
List of edible plants
Mushrooms on the allotment?
Fly by forage...
Foraging Keks?
seeing the tree in the wood
Handy tip for fruit hunters
What isn't an onion...
Three cornered leek/garlic (Allium triquetrum)
wild leeks & dogfish
The countdown has started ...
100,000 found in plastic bag while foraging!
wild food - ray mears on the bbc
Mushrooms - tPick wild or grow your own?
Raw Haw Haw
Im growing Wood Blewits!
New Years Day Fungi Hunt
Oyster brood log?
Be careful where you forage
message from bingo.
Help with Id
Truffles...HOW MUCH???
My Christmas foraging tradition
Lions mane fungus
Distribution of Shroom Species
Shaggy Ink Caps
lycoperdon molle ,worth eating ?
Is this Fat Hen?
Dec 3rd foray for Blewits.
Indentification please
Blewit glut
Roger Phillips forum
Bloomin' fungi
Foraging and the Theft Act - good article in Guardian
last fruit forage of 06 ?
Cauliflower grew back quick!
Velvet Shank?
Did you know...
What are these?
Fungi on Planet Earth
Poisoned - Please advise
rights to collect dead wood
I know they're not good to eat but
Wood Blewit ?
Bingo and JP's foray pics
Can anyone tell me what these are
Missing: Oyster Mushrooms
Pseudocraterellus sinuosus
i have a idea to help us all . if u guys think it will be ok
What comes next?
Rambo's kitchen nightmares
Last Saturday's Foray
Maggots' life-cycle
Foraging in urban areas.
A place to find pied mutton and winter Chanterelle.
Fungi pics
trumpet chanterreles?
Honey Fungus, does it worth a go?
My first blewits???
Haven't got a clue on this mushroom
Few mushrooms left ...
Girolles picture.
Just found some stump puffballs
Forage in the Cotswolds anyone??
Ride-by haul
Trumpet de mort pictures
ID needed fast for this shelf/bracket fungus
When things go not quite right
parasol fritters
spoke too soon
mushroom video
case of mushroom poisoning in france
Guelder Rose
Pulling up or cutting?
Our Haul
Mushroom book
Basic foraging advice...
Saturdays goodies
Could someone id these please?
Are there any...
Crowded brown mushroom cluster
List For A Novice
Is this a Parasol??
Tawny funnel cap?
Results of Fungus Foray and request for ID
identification fungi
Parasol or Shaggy Parasol, can be something else?
what are these?
chemical tests for shrooms
is this a cep? good eating?
Best way of preserving giant puffball please
Are these what I think they are.........?
Amanita rubescens?
Mushrooms on the sand dunes
Edible Mushrooms Gallery
Black trumpets
Can you identify this mushroom please?
Show your beauties
what to do with 'rare' mushroom
Mushroom id (sorry, no picture)
5 Mins from Pick to Pot - the story of today's elevensies
Guelder Rose
Ganoderma Lucidum
Lunchtime greens...
Lunchtime shrooms
Mushroom Foraging in S.Wales
Craterellus cornucopioide, Horn of Plenty
growing lavender
Anyone in N. Wiltshire want to join a Fungus Foray Friday
Need shaggy ink cap recipes!
My first stinging nettles
Giant Puffball from Wiltshire
Porcelain Fungus
Bitter Bolete ?
Suillus Bovinus ?
Honey or Sulphur
just a hello post and some advice
Plant puzzle
Early for blewits, but...
RDF looking for Foragers for new BBC3 TV series
Look how beautiful....
Loooking for Foray - i found this - maybe some good tips!
Best Mushroom Identification Book
Agaricus Macrosporus?
Fly Agaric Emerges
Two Different Unidentified Dark Berries
The boletes are out!
'shroom query
Parasol Mushrooms....
Natural Foods for Health
Dried Mushrooms
Good mushroom haul
Roadside chestnuts?
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