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Lunchtime forage (in the rain)
Other stuff found while foraging...
Topshells (painted top)
Best wild green salad in yonks...
Very pleaased with our 'crop'!
Todays 'forage'
The ethics of foraging
cheesy fungus id help needed
volvariella gloiocephala (speciosa)?
Found my first ever shroom!
End of Elderberry season
Is it possible to mis-identify giant puffballs?
Mushies at work
Shaggy parasols in the rain
agrocybe cylindracea?
Birch bolete
Damsons, and damsons, and damsons...
mushroom Virgin !
Japanese Bean Tree
beech mast
Mushroom indentification help please
Cob nuts / Hazel nuts???
Not a lot of forage but...
Fantastic forage
cannot identify this mushroom
Pesky teasing National Trust
Lunchtime forage
Thursday haul and have you tried...?
Agaricus question
Question but no photo's afraid
Found a mysterious "blue berry" - NOT a blueberry!
Bitter bolete pix - id confirmation please!
The Hammer of Thor ( or: what a whopper)
Death caps about - watch out!
Spring Amanita ?
Saturdays Shrooming (start of September)
Mushroom Walk - Fungus Forays
mystery agaricus any ideas?- version 2
When are crab apples good?
Question about Agaricus Bisporus
But they used to be edible...
Fungus Identification
Mushrooms in sheep fields
Bullaces !
random agaricus?
Mushrooms that go bad
Agaricus augustus?
Best hauls in August ever
Parasol mushrooms are up!
Is this Rowan?
beefsteak fungi pictures
This morning's haul!
free spuds
agaricus augusttus - the prince
Chicken of the woods
Horse mushroom???
Weird weeping fungus......
Jelly fungus
St george's experiment worked!
baby giant polypore - positive id please??
slightly spooky but funny
Dirt Cheap Food Dehydrators
Can I eat this mushroom
A tree full of ears
Sloes. Is it too early?
Field Mushrooms... Whiteout!
Dodgy things do happen...
Rooting shanks!
Field Mushroom?
fat hen
Foraging fruit in the rain
Rowans ahoy !
Mushroom hunting??
So, sloe
hazel nuts
Request: Shrooming in E.Anglia / E.Mids
Wild service tree berries!
late summer greens
Foraging (or rather lack of it )
Weekend forage...
Are there any fellow foragers in bristol/bath?
Wild redcurrants and gooseberries
Any mushroom sightings?
wild leek confusion
Unripe hazelnuts. safe to eat?
potentially stupid apple question!
Blackberry tip
Early Autumn?
Loads of Cherries - but lazy
Hawthorn for Hypertension
Good night tonight
First cherry plums
confusing hemlock with elderflower??
Top ten seaside foods...
Soft Fruit Glut!
amelanchier / juneberry /Apple Serviceberry
country kitchen magazine
lime blossom woes
wild food/permaculture/organic travel
Huge Mushroom
promise of autumn forage
More and more cherries...
Fantastic find for me!
What's the chances of Foraging this - any ideas?
Oyster Mushrooms?
meadowsweet thoughts
Fungus id please!
Rock forage
Wild Strawberries
Forage this last week...
Cherries! Cherries!
bog myrtle/sweet gale (for beer, wine and drams)
Hawthorn Question
A first time for everything ...
Roger Phillips new mushroom book
horse mushroom in may???!
This weeks forage has included...
Elderflowers, coming to a hedge near you...
Colybia Dryophila?
Fab final haul of St George's
ID Help please
did you know....
went to the hospital today...
Help please
Very odd foraging this weekend
comfrey and meadowsweet
Ha, Ha, ha - how's this for 20 mins work.
Top 10 foods by fresh water
unidentified mushrooms
These looked like field mushrooms but...
Available forage this weekend...
Yesterday lunchtime, great forage.
beech leaves season - shorter than the asparagus season!
Fairy Ring Champignon?
Tapping lime trees
Whitecurrant recipes?
Find your autumn sloe sites now !
Lookout for elder
Best Lunchtime Forage in ages!
Hooray for the May
Garden escapes : broad beans/field beans
Fairy Ring Champignon's are up!
Along the hedgerows at the moment
St. George's are here!!
Good News everyone:
Japanese Knotweed & other musings
Forager for the telly
In Praise of Stinging Nettles!
Washing it when you get home...
St. Georges Shrooms... None yet here.
Wild Garlic recipe
Ground elder is worth eating...
hawthorn buds!
Foraging Article in the Indy
Top 5 Reasons to love Three Cornered Leek
Wild Spring Salad
How to pick cow parsley part 3: The Water Dropworts
How to pick cow parsley part 2: Rough Chervil
How to pick cow parsley part 1: Avoid hemlock!
Improving forage, at last!
Wild Garlic
Oyster mushrooms?
Fungi book, any good?
Sweet Violets
Sap processing
Birch tapping? about now?
blanching dandelions
downsizer picnic?
Wandering around yesterday...
what can you do with wild garlic?
Getting Discouraged By Builders - a huge whinge
my local forage
Rain! Yaaay!
Fungus in the compost heap
Recipe suggestions for Oyster mushrooms
fruit curds
Velvet Shank?
Let's talk about ceps, baybee...
Slim pickings today
what kind of sorb did I make wine from ?
wild service tree berries
Mushrooms and frost
Mid November Goodies...
Possible Bay Boletes ?
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