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First Ceps of the year
Parasol Mushroom
Cep question
Giant puffball
yellow stainers
Have i found some field mushrooms please?
Can Anyone identify this mushroom?
blushers about
Fairy Ring Champignons?
Chanterelles Are About
todays foraged and grown lunch
Fairy ring champignions
this mornings breakfast
Mushroom ID - fairy ring in meadow
boletes about
Mushroom ID: Slender, brown, found Ireland
vase shaped or giant puffball
Giant puffball
'shroom id please
field mushrooms about
ID Please
tasty but sad
cow parsley & hemlock
Selling the hedgerows
Help identifying plants?
They must have been St Georges' mushrooms
Double cuckoo flowers
Dock leaves
Can anyone identify these fungi
marsh thistle
Best Foraging Reference Book(s)
Loadsa shrooms
Can you identify this fungi please
Is this rock samphire?
more morel piccies
Snails for tea
Garlic mustard
bladder campion[tsakrostoukkia]
Wild garlic in Formby area?
Georgies about
Wild garlic
St George's Mushrooms
And tonight I shall be mostly eating
Found a good spot in the sea yesterday...
Razor clams cooking suggestions please
Shrimping & Seaside Forage / Field Wood & Hedgerow F
field blewits
Mussels and wild garlic
Calling all foragers...Its a Spring salad forage and picnic!
It's Still That Time of Year, Barely
Wild Garlic
It's That Time Of Year!
wild teas
Be careful out there...
mushroom id-field blewit and one mystery
Mushroom ketchup recipes
found some mushrooms what are they?
Hand Held GPS for Foraging
Wild garlic
Tricholoma Equestre /Man on Horseback / Yellow Knight
ceps are a bit late
Mushroom ID please - horse?
mushroom ID.
who has ever eaten...
Any Ideas?
unusual fungi
Honey fungus
cauliflower fungus
geotropas about
Help with identifying mushroom
Can anybody identify this fungus?
A new fruit to forage...
Wood blewitts
Morels in late autumn?
late Autumn bounty
Any advice about wild pears please
Mushroom Identification
bit of a late season
end of October foraging
A few local berries that are confusing me
ID Help
Fungi Foray - mid wales
v excited
Chicken of the Woods
a cracking time
Hen of the woods
Fungi courses in Kent
ID help please - red berries
todays little haul
Is this a honey fungus
Is this blackthorn / sloes?
Crazy Cep
Beech mast / nuts
Urban foraging
Can anyone help with shroom ident please
Common puffballs
massive shroom ID session.... i need some help
Mushrooms in New Jersey
Interesting mushroom
ink caps...right?
fungi on tree ID?
Edible mushrooms on conifer plantations?
Puff Ball?
My First Chanterelle's ?
Another tree ID please?
Bitter bolete
Not a chicken of the woods
small puffballs
Just picked
ceps coming on well now
I'm off to Anglesey this morning.
Autumn 2011 - a bumper wild harvest?
fly agarics
Orange Birch Bolete
Terracotta Hedgehogs?
todays haul
new season walnuts
wild berry wines
excited by walnuts!
bays and ceps
It's a cracker! But not as we know it. Unidentified Bolete.
surely these must be CEPS!?
lead a guided forage in Suffolk anyone?
elderberry time
big mushroom find in the middle of the neighbourhood
Spiny Hazels
Strange berry ID please
Hen or giant poly?
Not a Chanterelle...
What Rubus 'bramble' cane fruits live near you?
Ident please.
Mushrooms ID please!
Foraging courses in N Derbyshire update
When to pick hawthorn berries?
Plums, Are They Edible?
rose hip question
Ident please.
Boletes, What Have I found?
Berry IDs needed please
ID needed for enourmous mushrooms
It's never too late
Mystery boletes
Jelly babies
Too impatient not to try impatiens
Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) seeds
Ident please.
Useful find.
Boletus ID Please
How close do you think is too close?
What are these Mushrooms
First foraging experience and is a course worthwhile?
Identification help needed
First Cep!
Has anyone tried making beech nut oil?
WW2 foraging
Am I correct in thinking
Green Walnut
first parasols
new seasons chanterelles
Help with fungi Identification
First Cep
Sponge Bob Square Pants
velvet shank
Bolete Identification Help?
field mushrooms
Basic question about foraging for mushrooms
Fairy Rings
Oyster Mushrooms
Hedgehog Fungus
stinkhorns about
Can I eat it or just look at it?
BBC Article - Is foraging legal?
chuffed to bits with the council
Alexanders or hemlock?
Wild fennel, red clover and rabbit
Mawgan Porth - Cornwall... tips?
Ground Elder, when to pick
First Wine Cap Mushroom?
Dryads saddle
Wild garlic
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