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ID please.
Don't Give Up
How to do a spore print
masses of volvariellas
late for these
whitebeam jelly experiment - help !
Common Funnel / Don't Think Its a Chantrelle
Wood Blewits
Rain, and more rain...
Mushroom id - 2 I found in the garden
Wood or Field Blewits (or something else) ?
Mushroom haul
Mushroom - No Idea Any Takers?
I reckon shaggy ink i right
Field blewits
Knowledgable Mushroom Picker in North Wiltshire?
Fungal Foray
Wild Mushrooms at Tesco's
Chicken of the Woods
Michael Jordan Books on Mushrooms
where have the mushrooms gone?
Note to self re Shaggy Ink Caps...
field blewits
C4: Do you live off the land?
Help with identifying large haul!
Someone grazed my apple tree.
Abundance of fungi?
Oyster mushrooms
Mushrooms in the "Telegraph"
This weeks basket of mushrooms
My tree has exploded.
Interesting Mushroom
very strange round my way lol
Strange growth!
Mushroom help?
Mushroom found whilst hunting sloes....looked intersting
practicalities of foraging
Blushing Boletes?
Cep Report
Are these truffles?
Bad reaction to Shaggy Ink Caps?
mushroom ident.....not great photos
Hazards of foraging
any mushrooms gatherers in essex (southend area)
good or bad?
Hericium Coralloides video and pictures
Ceps and chanties
Boletes ID Please
Another Friday's forage
cab or john(mushroom man) ID help please
Fear of foraging - help!
Truffle oil
Are there Mushroom Gatherers in Sctland?
Monday Mushroom Madness
Bog standard parasols?
Our first forage!
Best UK edible wild plant & herb guide?
More id please
Identification please
friday foray
Shall I feed these to Sean?
Amethyst Deceivers and Mould
What would you do with....
Is this mushroom edible?
Woman Dies From Eating Wild Shrooms
bad year for elderberries ?
hedgerows in swindon
Thanks for leaving all the mushrooms
Giant funnels
Foraging publicity!
What a cheek!
Winter Chanterelles...
Top Wild Food that you don't really like...
Amthyst deceivers
Horns a plenty
Beefsteak Mushroom.
luridiformis and erythropus
What are these berries?
unusual season
Look what I found this week. New pics added
Good year, bad year for mushrooms?
Unidentified black berries
everything ripe all at once
Boletus appendiculatus
Author Poisoned
Buying truffles (not trying to cheat though :wink: )
what are these berries?
Mushrooms - expectations of a newbie
How do you forage?
Horns everywhere and two baskets of mushrooms
Is it time for Elderberries?
Nice haul
Boletus aereus (Dark Cep)
YeeeHaaaaa Ceps and Chanterelles
About an acre of fennel
Chicken of the Woods
whats this fruit?
Mushrooms for dyeing
Blackberry royale
Foraging in Crete
settle viaduct yorkshire.
Trailer load of apples
Road kill
Can we eat these?
odd forage
Wild marjoram
Blackberry harvest...
Truffles in Devon
Oops! Henbane? Fat Hen?
Ceps, Chantarelles...& a Charcoal Burner?
hawthorn berry recipes
razer shells
A little forage humour...
wild cherrys
Pea fields, do you.......
Wild Raspberries
Just interested to know what this is...
Flowers for Foragers?
Black summer truffles
Chanterelles everywhere.
In praise of the blackberry.
someone give me a reason...
my raspberries look ace
What are these please?
Fairy Rings
Smallest vetch
Weekend forage
crab apples
Whats wrong with the cherry plums?
Hampstead Heath
Bilberries, whortleberries, Whinberries, Bleaberries, Hurts
Wild Food and The Marine Larder - Research Help needed
Drying Hygrophorus Milky Cap?
sea beet
dock leaves
Agrocybe cylindracea?
pleurotus corneocopia
Gathering and cooking mussels.
Cherries and chocolate cookies
ElderFlower Tip
Surprise pink cracking boletus find...
Is this burdock?
can you guys help me its a wierd one
samphire etc
st georges
Mushroom Enquiry
PFAF website - problems ?
giant puffballs
Mushroom Q Am I gong to die?
Oyster mushrooms
Seaweed id
Sea Kale........
freezing elderflowers
Chicken of the woods.
finding places for sloes
New foraging find
St. Georges shrooms, and rethinking old foraging haunts
Friday Forage... Chicken of the Woods is here
Nettle soup
Things to do with wild garlic
ground elder allergies anyone?
Forage of the Week... Vote now!
out now
spring at last
legal position re foraging
St George's Mushrooms
Does anyone on here forage in the North West or North Wales?
Sarcoscypha cociea
March the 2nd Forage
Last of the Wood Blewits
sea buckthorn
persimmons (Diospyros virginiana)
Fiddleheads part two
Foraging calendar : Flowers
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