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Traders for school Christmas Shopping Evening
Paint for exposed purlins?
Lead lined gutter
BBQ & Bread Oven Project
How to make a silver pendant look old/tarnished?
Which wood for very young woodworkers?!
Wood store
something just for me.
Routing chipboard
Rice substitute for wheat?
Basket making.
making a pendant
Butter dishes
Dehydrator cupboard
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Trying to find thread on wool processing by fermentation
Transporting a fireplace
automatic watering system
New knife finished
Stuka / Chalet Interior Varnish
External thread size 10mm compression fitting
Wool stuffed pillows and quilts
Preparing fleece in the Iron Age and Viking times
Modular raised bed idea.
Can a dumbo make a Wonderbag???????
The last shovel maker
shot silk
Taking knitting needles on a plane.
In ground composter from a Wheely Bin?
Pizza oven potential bargain
Re-carding fleece?
This time we decided to do something other than sewing...
pole lathes
Uncreasing leather
Pheasant feathers
Leather strap .
My first ever crochet project
Correct screw length
Qu for the crochet experts
Another drilling problem...
Drill a big long hole or dig a trench?
Plastering help
Just showing off ...
Paint for lime mortared house
Made this today
Making a cupboard shallower
Question for sewing people
Big thank you to Mochyn, Sally-in-Wales and Chickem
Very excellent moisturising balm
broken mirror
Steam cleaner/Mildew on ceiling artex question
Top tips...
Rubbish soap.
dehairing a deer hide
peg loom string
tweed hats?
Free wood
Repair Hozelock spray?
Fabric glue?
Treating/painting outside woodwork?
Singer 201k Treadle machine in need of hand crank advise
Legwarmers ideas?
half circle skirt
easy knitted tea cosy pattern wanted, please.
Buttons From Deer Antlers - Questions
What can I do with a dremel
Repair manuals
I have a new book - on basket weaving
Alum curing bunny skins
Black leather.
Essentials of Handspinning by Mabel Ross
And these :)
I made this :)
Reasonable polytunnel?
Plying on wheel - eejit questions :)
Baggy trousers.
Fitting a mantel on top of a fireplace
What's on your needles?
Black smith or metal workers opinions sought
paint question
Sewing people
I made a shawl pin...what do I do next..
jet collecting and working is proper work
Treble clef adjustable ring
Learn to spin workshop Cornwall 21st January 2014
Jones 691 sewing machines
acrylic Paint
help please roman blind advice
I need to go straight!!!
cleaning silver .rough chemistry
The Orkney Hood
Saw this and thought of you lot!
Some useful stuff
Knitting belt, who uses one
How is a sheepskin prepared / preserved
12 days of knitting!
crafting with kitty no. 5,495,221
2014 craft projects?
Introduction to Shetland lace
Bookbinding supplies
How on earth do I .........
Need to keep singles to ply later.
Knitting - blocking
first glove
Distressing leather
Lion brand wool ease super bulky.
Freeing up screws
I've made a stained glass thingy
oven heating element . non electrical shock
The Joys(?) of single ply wool.
Need some drilling done
Metal lathe.
Flat & Fitted Sheets
electro etching ,anyone tried it?
101 uses for Beeswax wanted...
Ironing Boards
sewing genius
Swants (made me think of BA for some reason)
Looking for a supper sewing person
Boot recommendations
Thermal curtain question
Ultimate Christmas cake recipe please
Epoxy recommendations?
almost at the curtain time of life
Coloured twine - UK supplier?
Christmas (or other) tree decoration exchange!
Singer Overlocker Offer
Good book for Bead Jewellery?
I need longer arms!
best way to reattach driver's mirror ?
Dying polyester
caravan or trailer wheels
Pumpkin pincushion
Advice for a new spinner please.
Spoon carving workshops?
Making things for Christmas.
Drying Crab Apples
Polyner Clay.
rowen recipe needed
Chopping block
Fein multimaster or cheaper equivalent?
Shampoo bar recipes
Knitting pattern for a sheep?
Downsizer group on Ravelry
Knitting needles query!!!
rsi /tendonitis from vibration changes by using the vac pipe
How to cut concrete?
Could you lot sew Nenna some little draw-string bags?
does anyone have Vigo press cloths?
A good power drill/chisel < 200?
Buying prepared wool ready for spinning
Where do I buy a fleece for spinning
Spoons, Rustic Wood!
Wonderful use for Nutscene twine
homemade wood stains
Wood/Metal Blade
Blog. A fisherman knits. Anybody read this?
Mold Cape
compressor spraygun
Getting fleece spun
A DIY Pasteuriser?
Fair-isle/stranded knitting for eejits
Latest product and labels.
Curing deer hide
Buying PDF sewing patterns
Haven't wasted my time...
Noisy floorboards
Rug thrums?
Peg Loom help please
On this day
Upcycled Feed Bags
. . . for the royal sum of 50p
a basket of soaps....
Spinning alpaca
Learning to spin.
A label from the "vintage" range.
Pointing gun
Bunting-80 feet of it made so far
Cuttlefish bone
Making urge
Will soap melt in a hot car?
Lovely old fabric,rather stained.
No more dog blankets
Tumble dryer
DIY solar panel
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