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Urgent baking advice required
Who makes cards?
Diluting rosewater
Wedding outfit ideas needed
Baked Potatoes
Freezing Berries
New cosies on the block
Fingerless mittens
Patterns for blinds and curtains
Repairing a wicker/bamboo chair
Ethical dilemma - re merino
Chicken sausages
Cookie cutter
backstrap weaving
Runner beans woes?
bite repellant thing
Uses for blackcurrant leaves
Thingmas Projects
Grating soap to add essential oils etc
Gherkins in brine - what spices to use ?
fly repellant
Downsizer Virtual Show - Best scarecrow/bird scarer
Making shampoo
sun block
Downsizer Virtual Show - Make & Build
Downsizer Virtual Show- Most inventive recycled craft item
Breakfast Cereals
Courses for smallholders
Compostable camping loo??
paper tape dress form
Minty Soap
Pallets - how to take them apart.
Caffeinated Soap
Yoghurt - How long should a culture last ?
Knife Making
Wild cherries
Canning and pasteurising
Compost sifters
Gransfors axes
new forum for spinners, weavers, dyers and felters
Home Curing Kit
Wonky mattress stitch
Car parts?
Smell of Baking Bread
International stars - who knits ?
Needle Felting
It's rhubarb jam time
4 Head
Jam jars - could anyone recommend a supplier?
stuck fermentation
Dried Apple Pieces ('Natural' Apple Tea from Turkey)
desperatly seeking local people
Comfrey liquid feed
Natural v Synthetic dyeing
Table legs
Sock machine!
Hat & tea cosy back from Wales
Sugarless cooking
Bread Troubleshooting
Novice Rhubarb Wine - Fermentation
Felting- properties of different wool
Greenhouse Question
You knit what?
Does flapjack freeze ok?
Tartaric Acid..can you buy ?
Making Tofu
Shaving soap
Homemade muesli combinations
ideas for simple homemade face cleansers etc
A greenhouse for under a fiver!
Ethical merino fleece
Coconut Oil
Burnt soap :(
Dyeing - the basics.
going to have a go at felting tomorrow!
shaving cream recipe
Quick-dyes review
Fleece ideas
Moral Fibre
Environmental Health Inspections
Curtain ideas please
Painting a canvas banner
Car Boot Sales
What are you knitting right now?
Clothes Making
Elderflower/berry Question
constructive day
warp weighted loom
Did anyone else enter anything in the Wonderwool comp?
Average foot size of a 1yr old?
Home brew beer
paper pots
Stone floors
Sewing Machine Repairs
Attachments for Russwin No 2 grinder/mincer/mill ?
I think I'm developing a wool habit
Wellington Boot stands
Green wood working courses
Leather work
Pricing a stole (Poll)
Pricing craftwork? Help needed
tie-dye baby clothes
Make your own Podcast
Home made wines
Weather Vane.
Knitted nets
seedless jam
wash eggs!
Powering speakers. One for the technically minded...
Knit a jumper for a penguin!
Spring Knitty
Spit roast
Making Vinegar - Easy Instructions
Shall I wear this hat to Wonderwool?
Wild flowers in soap?
Assembling a barn Cloche
Oil for wooden tools
bead suppliers
Fairtrade beads
solar drier
Putting up a worktop - is there a math formula for..........
Pressing leaves and flowers
Rush and Cane Work
caramelised hazelnuts
Woolies or Woollies?
Bust measurements
soapflakes, borax and washing soda
Scenting soap
Take a seat !
Knitting machine bother- advice needed
a knitted beanie hat
Just summoning the energy to...
Fruit press
Want to mill my own flour, but cant find any wheat
Black beeswax
sausage stuffer
I knitted a sheep!
Rob's wool
Resin beads
Today, I shall mostly be
Extracting oils
Asparagus Knives
Gareth's Latest Creation
Citrus peel
Supplier of recycled paper carrier bags?
Drum Carder (wool carder)
Silly Hats
Sourcing ethical merino wool
Wedding Ideas
bed rest and BORED!
the Kerry Hill Wool Scarf That I Knitted!!
knitting stripes
Selling knitting kits - pattern copyright?
Fixing a washing machine
Top site for knitting chic
Making jelly
Anyone going to Wonderwool Wales?
Thick as a plank?
machine knitted socks
Tension swatches (!) and making a pattern fit
Cloth nappies
wedding garter...
Little fur/wool brush thing?
ideal cards
If your crafty and you know it...
Lopi Pattern book?
Glycerine soap
Hey Bugs!
processing tomatoes
knitting yarn
poultry runs and rabbit houses
beauty treatments
Top loaf
Laundry soap question
steel tubing?
sock needle size
Useful website and forum
New article - Recycled Yarn Shawl by Stacey
Monmouth Caps
Greenhouse heating using heat pumps- help on an idea please
Making soap with butter
Screen wash recipe needed
Opinions on these please?
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