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How do I make a slot punch?
What kind of knitter are you?
Food Drying for idiots
My shawl wot I made
Interesting Website
Helpful children with biros..........
I wanna make a tea cosy!
spinning wool
recycling wool
Tiara boxes
Build your own Bar-b-que ! Week by week
British produced knitting wool
dishwasher powder
Any good recipes for brie?
Dyeing sheepskin
Potato sack
Plastic for polytunnels...where to buy??
Red Chilli Jam recipe?
Creative recycling - greetings cards and gift bags
What can you do with butter milk
Sodium Hydroxide
In Vino Veritas.............
Red onion marmalade
Lichen as a soap additive?
Replacing a zip
Hardanger embroidery
First Cheese
Is sheepskin washable?
I blame certain ladies on this site!!
Mushroom pate
grow your own coat
Jelly sweets
Oh Alum, where art thou?
What is snot?
Raspberry & chocolate jam...
Ideas for new baby
Pro-biotic yoghurt, or whatever it's called
Gifty yum yums.
how can I clean a velvet chair
Making your own bread (Bread makers)
Make your own Christmas Tree Angel
Hair slide thingy...
Anti-slug veg beds
Knitting socks
Seasonal Scents and Recipes
Charms/wooden initial etc
Apparently there's a new knitting craze!
Non Electrical Lighting
Filling in holes in the wall
double cream
Sore sewing fingers
Circuit Board Question
Christmas decorations
i would like to make...
reseating victorian chairs
Coloured varnish question
Build it yourself wheeled tiller/rotovator/cultivator??
Slow cooker recipies
Substitute for distilled or demineralised water
Bike trailer
Sausage Making
Coconut glut!
Glass bottles...
Orange Peel
The Downsizer Soap Making Challenge!
Dish washer salt
Homemade shake n vac?
Hair Dye
What to add to handcream?
hot soap
Shampoo/conditor recipes
Bond sock pattern
Pumpkin-soup, pie, roast etc,
sewing machine maintenance
Does anyone have a Christmas stocking pattern?
Curing soap
branching out a bit on the old soap front...
Sloe gin: how old can the gin be?
what to make with Lavender
Speaking of Mead!
Know an easy way of producing perfume? (And a confession!)
Non-greasy moisturiser
Bond Knitting Machine
order of work - sewing question
How much wool for a scarf..
Backing for cross stitch
Spinning help
Newspaper Log maker
Sewing Machines
National knitting week, it be, apparently
Spore print pictures/cards
Laundry Tips
Ooh, organic fleece
Heres my Beehive Composter I made today.
Counting stitches
making knives
Building a wormery
potting shed/shelter
Scandinavian famine brought about Lichen Vodka
Simple yoghurt queston, lid on flask or not?
Knife sharpening
What do I do when Iíve survived the End of the World?
Hot (warm) soap?
Christmas Crackers
Leather and leatherwork
Crochet help please!
The End Of The World Survival Kit
Recycled Fireplace
One needle bad, four needles good?
Wool winder
Yogurt gone wrong...again!!
Fragrance Oils
Anyone know where I can buy angel wings?
Downsizer Challenge...soap making?
Which of these do you want to take part in?
Spiced Crabapples
repairing a basket
Crab Apple Vodka (or Schapps)
Knitting Machines?
Soap Swap!
Cheap and easy laundry soap recipe
hedgerow jam
Microwave/slow cooker Jam
Fruit butter & cheeses
Panduro Hobby catalogue
First Bacon Attempt
That's the Jam done then...
How much for homemade chutney?
makeing elderberry wine
Sugar from sugar beet
Soap Hell - Help!
Rag rugs - book recommendations needed
What to make of leftover trousers
Knitting, especially socks
What can i do with 100s of postcards?
Well that was clever, wasn't it?
Cherry Tomato Confit
In a pickle?
Bird Scarers
Singer Hand Sewing Machine
Brother Knitting Machine Patterns
Handy pocket
Collecting fungi
Basket Weaving
1940s knitting patterns and more from the V&A
Woodworking plans?
Plague rats
Scratches in wood
Making crisps (with pictures)
Make Your Own Paneer/ Ricotta Cheese
Sawing timber
Railway Brake Van
Whisper it...crafts for Chr...
Home made cold frame
Repairing Beech worktops from splitting due to water damage
Website Recommendation
Want to see my pond?
keeping of the butterflys
Getting the flower buds off lavender stalks
scoubidou things
What can I do with buttons?
Celtic roundhouse as garden shed
Recipe for cucumber soap?
cross stitch
Kitchen Work Tops Advice Please?
Handy Farm Devices and how to make them
DIY plans
hot and cold washing machines
sourcing glycerine
new woodwork venture
DIY Cider Press??
Soap moulds.
Electrical wiring for outside
grill or grids for drying food?
fly spot solution
fly spot solution
golden labrador scarf, anyone?
Natural grease remover suggestions?
If it looks like soap,...
Shearing sheep lovely soft hands how do I extract from wool
homebrew enquiry
Lavender wands
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