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essential oils
Fantastic way to soothe sunburn and insect bites!!!
Making Cheese question
'how to make biodiesel' - book review
Waste Veg Oil Burner?
Hardwood garden products
natural beauty book
Why is my soap so slow?
Enviro mesh
Lard for soap
Bel yoghurt maker
moisterising soaps
Mixing fragrances
Menstrual pads
Which bread-maker?
making staffs
energy information
Biodiesel course
My new garden inspiration cards
Failing to make Charcoal
Sisal for knitting
Any spinners out there?
Jigsaw puzzles?
Curing cock & hen capes
Soap Making- a beginners guide
Aromatics for home made soap
recipe for fabric softner??
It doesn't get much better than this!
Willow Split Canes
Making a Rag Rug
We're all going to dye
Slugs & snails
rhubarb leaf insectiside
Hanging Pan Rack or Herb Drier
scythes and sickles
Tidy box.
Willow for Hurdle making
Metal U-shaped things
old crafts
I'm making soup tonight
What articles would you like to see?
Timber for Sale!
N.V.M.'s avatar
Bathroom renovation pics
New Article : Keeping a fragrant and fresh house.
Simple cold smoker
Make your Own articles on the main site
New article : Homemade Natural Skin Cream
new article:Covering a footstool
Pastry - What Did I do?
Herbal Beauty Treatments
Crayfish Trap
Making a Coldframe - Advice ?
Bread Experiment was a Success
making Pasta
Classic Cured Meat for Under 1.00
At last a shower
Bacon Help?
Now I'm Frozen
Wish me luck
Knitting Art
Good news and bad news
Are you a bodger of perfectionist?
Anyone make slippers, moccasins etc?
Hand Knitters - help with socks please!!
Drying Meat?
Home Hair Dressing
Bookmarks, and Christening presents
Basketry question
Has anyone started on Christmas yet??
Moisturiser/ hand cream?
Wheelwright in scotland
Excellent DIY site
Preserved review discussion
refurbishing furniture
Carrot cake & Apple Braid...
Baked beans
Thinking caps on please!
Local crafts
First soap
Peanut butter
Dehydrator info please?
sewing tips and hints
Learning to sew
Knitting Machines
Socks on 4 needles, with pictures
Looking for an alternative to tiling
Where do i get plumbing stuff
making essential oils
Learning to knit recommendations
most useful tools
preparing foods for sale
Make your own Polytunnell
Bee Hives - Help!
Chocolate making - help!!!
pizza oven
Wheat Bag, part 2, the completed item
Wheat Bag
Soapy Weekend
Building a store room
Recommended Reading and Websites
Removing ceramic tiles from a plastered brick wall
Wood stains
2005 Calendar
3 glass painting projects, basic instructions
Rosewood woollens
peg loom
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