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natural beauty book
Why is my soap so slow?
Enviro mesh
Lard for soap
Bel yoghurt maker
moisterising soaps
Mixing fragrances
Menstrual pads
Which bread-maker?
making staffs
energy information
Biodiesel course
My new garden inspiration cards
Failing to make Charcoal
Sisal for knitting
Any spinners out there?
Jigsaw puzzles?
Curing cock & hen capes
Soap Making- a beginners guide
Aromatics for home made soap
recipe for fabric softner??
It doesn't get much better than this!
Willow Split Canes
Making a Rag Rug
We're all going to dye
Slugs & snails
rhubarb leaf insectiside
Hanging Pan Rack or Herb Drier
scythes and sickles
Tidy box.
Willow for Hurdle making
Metal U-shaped things
old crafts
I'm making soup tonight
What articles would you like to see?
Timber for Sale!
N.V.M.'s avatar
Bathroom renovation pics
New Article : Keeping a fragrant and fresh house.
Simple cold smoker
Make your Own articles on the main site
New article : Homemade Natural Skin Cream
new article:Covering a footstool
Pastry - What Did I do?
Herbal Beauty Treatments
Crayfish Trap
Making a Coldframe - Advice ?
Bread Experiment was a Success
making Pasta
Classic Cured Meat for Under 1.00
At last a shower
Bacon Help?
Now I'm Frozen
Wish me luck
Knitting Art
Good news and bad news
Are you a bodger of perfectionist?
Anyone make slippers, moccasins etc?
Hand Knitters - help with socks please!!
Drying Meat?
Home Hair Dressing
Bookmarks, and Christening presents
Basketry question
Has anyone started on Christmas yet??
Moisturiser/ hand cream?
Wheelwright in scotland
Excellent DIY site
Preserved review discussion
refurbishing furniture
Carrot cake & Apple Braid...
Baked beans
Thinking caps on please!
Local crafts
First soap
Peanut butter
Dehydrator info please?
sewing tips and hints
Learning to sew
Knitting Machines
Socks on 4 needles, with pictures
Looking for an alternative to tiling
Where do i get plumbing stuff
making essential oils
Learning to knit recommendations
most useful tools
preparing foods for sale
Make your own Polytunnell
Bee Hives - Help!
Chocolate making - help!!!
pizza oven
Wheat Bag, part 2, the completed item
Wheat Bag
Soapy Weekend
Building a store room
Recommended Reading and Websites
Removing ceramic tiles from a plastered brick wall
Wood stains
2005 Calendar
3 glass painting projects, basic instructions
Rosewood woollens
peg loom
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