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One for the spooners
Mum (aged nearly 90) would like a crochet pattern please...
Eeek. Dangers of car DIY
Cleaning with vinegar.
Just dreaming,.. advice?
The forgotten art of repairing things
Can anyone knit fish?
Cor! I split a tree trunk all on my own!
Very useful information for fabric stashers....
Sock pattern reccommendation
Totally bonkers.
decoupage question
Hats for Cats
Newhome sewing machine
Cob Oven v2.0 - now with 100% more dragon
What is an "LPD" door?
How can I raise a door
cravat pattern wanted please
more soap
Car stereo wiring
White tea and jasmine soap. (with the picture)
old wall paper paste
House modification options - which do you prefer?
Bias binding
Question for fabric restoration
Massage bars.
Question for spinners/crafters etc - angora rabbit fibre
Elder flutes
Extra large pendant light shades
Too much choice!
Sally were you asking about split skirts?
How to fix an edger tool?
testing testing....
plain unbleached muslin.
Concrete roof.
Toggle's blanket squares
Replacement bolts?
Dish washer salt and dyeing
Raw fleece hanging baskets/pots, other suggestions?
Solid oak table
exciting delivery!
Thanks to Paradise Regained.
decreasing in pattern?
Where can I get desktop leather?
On the scrounge
Making a sweatshirt smaller..???
Fork/Spade/Shovel handles from scratch
Calculating stairs
Wiring question: end ferrules on flex
Painting on canvas
How do I..?
I thought was going to be about Sally-in-wales
crochet / knit leggings
Immersion heater replacement
Best wood treatment
attention sewers..
Snow dyeing
Refashioning a long cardigan- with chew holes
Making a work shirt.
Butchery Course
Aga Cleaner !
dyeing wool blankets
One for the Biology teacher
Oak 'slices'
One for the woolsmiths.
blacksmithing today....
Toilet plunger - looking for all plastic
Star shaped allen key
knitting pattern query
Recommendations on books for leatherworking
Wooden doors to last forever
Wireless intercomm question
Peg loom question
Oak gall ink
Sleeping like a baby...
How Many Buttons........?
Easter egg ideas
Hose spray repair?
Quality plumbing washers
woodburner catastrofy!!!
Cake for the Pig person in your life...
Odd balls of wool
Advice needed....
New type of spindle for me.
Translation from Norwegian anyone?
Washing advice please
Small gate ideas
Weird and wonderful requests
spinning question
Preserving smoked salmon skins
One for the woodworkers
good ways of removing sticky damp draws
Teddy Bear Patterns
My winter project
walking foot for singer 201k
Socket sets
Cut resistant gloves.
Thank you Bodrighy and BA.
Solar dyeing
Seam ripper
Woolly coated labradoodle hair - can I spin it?
egg/fruit picking basket.
Removing plasterboard from ceiling.
Hand and Nail Cream recipe wanted
Greenwood, Art & Craft Courses
Where can I get
And another thing!
This afternoon`s sewing.
kitchen tiles wanted
waste wool for stuffing toy animals required
Wool Stash Building! Help Jose on Kiva?
Sowing thread from wool
Concrete worktop - our experiences
Victorian Gothic Dress
Winter projects?
Willow tension tray/trivet.
Anyone any ideas (car won't start when warm)?
Drop spindle - where to buy?
Rotating laser levels
NECCI Lydia 3 sewing machine.
Crumbly soap?
Cross Stitch Frenzy.
Hockney - drawing on an i-pad
Felting for beginners - book recommendations please
wooden spoon maintenance
Knitting help please.
bracelet for Jellybat.
Blogs that are good for sewing and crafting?
Bathroom (Ignore the poll, the bathroom's finished)
bay wreath
Last week I felted a
Rainbow Silks website
Spinning lamb's wool fleece fluff . . .?
Ma's Jewellery
Build your own poly greenhouse
Woodburner shelter
felted flower pattern on slippers
Damp wardrobe :(
Help, red indian costume
ventilating a shed wall
What wood should I use to make a window sill?
Another pressie I am making
Sewing machine needle
The story of the Aran sweater.
Does anyone know how to repair a crack in a metal drain pipe
Hand planer or bench planer thicknesser
Lace weight yarn
Glass painting
Chuck: keyed or keyless?
New in the shop
I'm spinning
The circular knit, the 57cm meter and the gaping hole
Re-shaping polystyrene lasts
Ideas needed for "puppy steps"
Aligator skin
In need of a sewing machine...
How long is... (sorted now, thanks)
Re upholstering dining chairs
Beeswax Polish
a horny spoon.
The Shrunken head of Rudolf......
Spinning wheel problem?
Circular needle casting off
For the knits...
Paper pattern grumble...
Spend spend spend
Averting the great vinegar-syrup catastrophe
Nails or screws?
Do I have to use 5 dpn's or can I use 4?
man's aran jumper pattern
Design and tech lesson in home school.
Dear yurt knitters, you're famous.
BBC Article "Etsy, Folksy and the mania for making craf
Minor knitting miracle
Why does it feel like laziness?
Flippin' lace knitting charts!
Lace scarf
A nifty jig for cutting lap joints
Inky fingers
Wombles wonderful Winter woollies for Willow
Online source for 'eco' paper/packaging products
Airbrush Compressors
Leaking rad help, please
Simple cheap candle holders?
Gothic architecture handwarmers
Torque wrench
Upcycled jeans to skirt for "Funky" fancy dress pa
Lime bast
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