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jolly question, we need it
ages ago....
so called simple jobs
natural indigo ???????? anyone used it?
Connect 65mm square gutter downpipe to water trough?
bad wallpaper =
Radiator valves and stuck nuts
Freezer thermostat
Wood planing oak
knit a cathedral out of trees
dye stuff thoughts
hook knife for spoons etc
nice tat
Upping the power tool ante
cleaning and metal and new style
Lintel drilling
Make Ink from Foraged Material
photographing ceramics
Homemade hatchet aka scrapchet
Home made coracle
tools, map+
tis a tool thing for chainsaw sharpening
mending stuff
as promised axe cosy photo
Mortice joints.
a fine axe cosy
Bread dough
Using plywood outside
new adjustable workbench
Keeping the bark on wood
Carbolic soap
external works, hopefully mostly paint
replacement taps
Bent tool
Science geek soap question
Impatiens tinctoria
tea towel printing
Used to be some pallets and a barrel.
DIY Kitchen
Easter Crafts
spray for cleaning door handles etc
Home made soap!
Restoring leather suitcase
A poor workman...
Electrics q
Flattening tins
Body scrub help
Learning to weld
Cattle (Livestock) Panels
Blocking up a back door
Kitchen removal
Carving on a slate
Central heating pump
New toy...
Talk to me about cookers
Outside light
Saw blade sharpening/resetting
Mushroom carving
Fox toy
free vintage sewing patterns
Slow cooker
Slate roof
Refreshing silicone sealant
Replacement Velux Window Blinds Recommendation.
Embroidery silks
Hurrah for me.
Tapestry needle
Hanging a Hammock
Starting a reluctant hedgetrimmer
Drilling Metal Question
Post Augers
15mm pipe...
3-5" diameter holly and ash
Sanding painted metal
Numpty electrical repair
Washing machine diagnosis
charcoal and a couple of "shed" questions
Pallet / shed dismantling bar
A decent DIY project.
Ceiling light problem
Fluorescent starter
Fireplace Hearth
This winter's woodworking projects
costume designer - particularly a hat
Making soap
Solar light advice please?
Old shed for kindling?
Stainless steel (or possibly rigid plastic) mesh
dishwasher repair
Round peg in a square hole?
A frying pan becomes a skillet?
Brick built smoker
Name of hinge?
Repairing a lath & plaster ceiling.
What's blowing my electrics?
No more wool yarn
What can I make with a single pallet?
if you are thinking of becoming a flasher...
How many screws...
Just in time for the hot day
Sealing chopping boards
Anyone near Southampton with a bandsaw?
Using up the wool
Replacing a lining
Possible woodworm
120 degree bracket
Drying Cedar Wood and Processing it for use
FRAUD WARNING; Crafty scam
its curtains for me...
Where can I get small acrylic blocks (for block printing)
Bird nest box, bat box, etc
Nice Axe!
mending domestic appliances part n
Cold smoker
Quarry tiles
Twin wheel wheelbarrows
Flying Saucer Bird Feeder
Tonights beverage
plumbing help!
Removing Fitted Carpets Tips
Green DIY Projects - ideas please
New handle for my Bill- hook ?
bent disc cutter
Old Golf Bats
When it all goes tits up.....
Will this work?
plumbers and i use the term very generously...
Varnish, shellac, polish or...
Pizza Oven DIY
squirrel origami phone cosy
Making things from old Pallets
Brilliant woodworker on YouTube
Granny squares hood.
Singer 196K2 05. Spares or Repair...
Knitting translation needed
Old Welsh quilt
Food Dehydrator?
Screwdriver recommendations please?
tanning a deer skin
Chainsaw trouble
Something different for the fibre artists.
Finished this today
Old singer sewing machine advice: breaking thread.
Repurposing furniture
DIY key cutting
PV Battery charger
Tyre weld, et al
anyone got a tgs173 saw?
Wardrobe height for double hanging?
freezer seal questions
Fencing to protect fruit trees, etc?
DIY Pig Ark.
Getting the ship OUT of the bottle again !
Glass worktop - recycled
For the tinkerers
Book binding ?
kitchen tile painting
Treating hardwood windows
Bright colours for needle felting?
the shed needs painting so.....
wooden tool handles
Preserved timber
Pushing v pulling water
bathroom light switch - inside or outside?
Sew far sew good
Air vent for water tank.
Exterior polyurethane varnish?
Sewing question
Static on me Paramo
Sewing a waterproof jacket
Cotton yarn
Cider down the sink
Plastic pipe fittings
Replacing a rear number plate - what type fittings?
Outbuilding / barn / garage
What is this switch / fuse / thing?
treating a bare wood table
I got given a tree
Wood shed
wriggly tin
Handy Flow Chart for DIY/Repair Problems
Soap shards?
Cordless circular saw
Wiring question.
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