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'The English Housewife' book
Creative Vegetable Gardening book
The Modern Pagan
Disease Detectives
Badgers: To Cull or not to Cull?
Book Reviews
Old Country House
Kodo Drummers here in February
Glos and Wilts Food Group
Start the Week - James Lovelock
Alderley Edge Farmers Market
As Safe as Houses
Eating Biodiversity
Green Machine
Ghost Ship
Crossing Continents
Playing Rosa's Tune
This Sceptred Isle: Empire
Book publisher
Wales - The making of a People
Burns Night
helmshore farmers market (between ramsbottom and rawtenstall
ashton - u -lyne farmers market
Alternative Medicine
Masterchef goes large
The Allotment - on Discovery
Changing Places
Dry Stone Walls
Sustainable Communities Bill - Public Meeting, Dorset
"Pig in a day" review
Elizabeth David - a Life in Recipes
Potato days
Under Laboratory Conditions
The History of Blacksmithing
Sounds like a laugh...
Hibernia Hunting
Reshaping the World
Here is a Box, a Musical Box
Who Killed Christianity?
Anyone Fancy Being On TV?
Pay Off Your Mortgage in Two Years
Tate Modern
capitalism as if the world matters
farmers market
Bach on Radio 3
The Adventures of Dougal
The Future's Plastic!
Pointless or not?
Every year 17 million tonnes of waste food is thrown away
Hairy Story
The Greening of Chemistry
Food Is Not for Free
Quick - someone ring radio 5 live
River Cottage Family Cookbook
Two programmes on in a minute or two
solstice celebrations
In Search of Mornington Crescent
Why Can't We Stop Shopping?
Natural World BBC2
I'm on Wiltshire Sound Radio morning 11.10.
Wildlife Art Exhibition
Bike Trailer Review
Gervase & Mary Jane
Woodland Moths
Natural Despots
Living with Harry Potter
Going For Green
Planning Against Panic
Food safety
The Firing
The Garden
A Year in the Country
Gallery visitors pick own apples
Real Story ...
R4 Food Programme Awards
John Lennon Interview
When Trees Turn Bad
Segregation in the US
Stories from the Steppe
30 days 25/11/2005
The Trade Trap
After Katrina
The F Word, 17/11/05
Jamie Oliver - 16/11/05
The Food Programme - Radio Four
Costing the Earth
We're back
Suma blog (by Downsizer member Macatsuma)
Anne Frank Guide online
Food for Fuel
Koran and Country
Glasgow Dreamer
Could Do Better
New outlet for local food
Repeat for Tales from Green Valley
A nice cup of tea and a sit down
Mining in Madagascar
30 days
The F Word
Business startup 25-26 Nov 2005
botton village documentry
New article - Farmers Markets by Nanny
grand designs revisited
Article: Todmorden Market by RoryD
green wood centre - ironbridge
John Peel Night
Forest Schools
Crossing Continents
Margrave of the Marshes
National Living History Fair
3 day strawbale and carpentry course
What's on at half term, or what activities do you plan?
Centerparcs Longleat
Clarissa Dickson Wright's A Greener Life: The Modern Country
Crawfordsburn Apple festival, this weekend.
John Peel Night..
Lincolnshire smallholding club, latest events!
New series of RC not on till the 19th
Wife Swap
Fungi Foray, New Forest, Wednesday October 12 2005
Fungi Foray, New Forest, Wednesday October 19 2005
How to Rescue a House
Building With Straw Bales
Ashdown forest food festival
Poor fish!
Latest RHS The Garden magazine
Macmillan Coffee Morning
BEWARE! More discount books in this thread.
Number 1
America's first National Downshifting Week
Book on nocturnal plants and animals
New River Cottage Series Starts Oct 5
TV- name of downsizer programme? (cable/satellite only)
Crossing Continents: Gaza
The Man Who Made Mock Turtle Soup
This Sceptred Isle: Empire
Green Fair: St Neots, Cambs, 1 October 2005
Weald Wood Fair and Wood Season
Rick Stein's French Odyssey
Lancaster Seedsavers Apple Day - 22nd October 2005
Lancaster Seedsavers Harvest Festival - 16th Oct 2005
Savernake Forest, Sunday Oct 2nd
Apple Events at Brogdale
Brogdale Events & Courses
Agroforestry Research Trust
Apple Events 2005
Keepers Nursery Open Days
Low Impact Living Initiative (LILI) DIY for Beginner Course
If Food Could Talk - Hidden Stories from the Food Chain
Downsizer picnic
Nuclear Power
Old Harry's Game
The Green Pea Campaign
Food Programme
Newbury Show
TV: Reposession, repossession, repossession (Tonight special
Apple day at Audley End Essex
Herefordshire Festival of Fungi 22 - 30 October 2005
Amazing value
waitrose seasons magazine
Risking It All: New series starts 8/9/05
At the risk of inciting Professor Kathy's wrath
Surrey Farm and Village Week 17-25 September 2005
The Romsey Agricultural and Horse Show
York Festival of Food and Drink
Cook Books on offer
Alresford Country Sports Day, Hampshire, 11th September
REAL ALE !!! Newbury
Green Living Fair - Northern Ireland 17/19 Sept
Holidays In The Danger Zone
Leeds and Region Guide to independent food
The Food Quiz
Purely Peel
Atilla on Radio 4
Listen to Britain
"Grow Your Own - Fresh Food From Your Garden" Maga
Dream Homes
Flirting with Armageddon
The Lost Generation
Fair Isle on the Edge
A Very British Coup
More fungi huntin' courses - Wilderness Wood in Sussex
Happy meats
Worth watching? "Tales from the Green Valley"
1 minute films
Arctic Meltdown
The Tunnel
The Drovers Return
Room Full of Mirrors
Six Places That Changed the World
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