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TV: No Waste Like Home - 18/08
Nature reserve fun day
Shrewsbury Flower show
Llanfyllin show
Local food resource
Fungi forays and fungi photography at Bedgebury Pinetum Kent
Learning and practicing languages with BBC online
Traditional building courses in Essex
A Gun for Christmas
The Mischievous Wind
Fair Trade Flowers
Cigarette on the Waveney
Muddy Shore
Olenana's Land
Organic Food & Wine Fair, Ryton Organics Gardens, 16-17
Motherless Nation
Riding the Bullet
The Department
World Sounds
On the Ropes: David Trimble
Colonising the Slums
Wild Blue Britain
Just a Minute
Seed saving books
Hoghton Farmers' Market
Full on Food
Slaughterhouse on BBC2
Monday Telly
Sceptical Landscapes
The Torres Strait Expedition
Cultural history Of Dieting
Diggers of the Underground
When the Future Was Green
On The Ropes
Under Water to Get Out of the Rain
Bosworth Show
Longworth School Fete 3rd July
Wilderness Gathering 2-4 September
Maaking music in the land of song
Farmers Market, Newbury
Why cows hate yellow
Really big bonfire...
CAT sale
The Royal Show, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, 3 to 6 July
The Life and Adventures of William Cobbett
The Story of Township Music
The First Glastonbury Festival...
Mao - The Unknown Story
A Raw Deal for Reptiles
Ferry across the Mekong
Open University Open Day
bargain shroom book
Sally's new book
British strawberries at Waitrose
Dixon of Dock Green
Fountain of Life
Secrets at Camelot
Food carcinogens
The Workaday World
Plain Tales from the Commonwealth
The Farm
Mail order fish from sustainable sources
Cheese, please?
Chindogu book review
Kitchen Nightmares
Satish Kumar on Desert Island Discs
The Next Darjeeling
The war in the East
Swimming Dragons
A Man as Strong as a Crocodile
Crossing Continents
Wise Guy
Pin It, Squash It, Pickle It...
The Gay Divide
Humph's Back!!!
The Little World of Don Camillo
Southern counties Game & Country sports Fair
Hail to the Harmless Drudge
Leaving the Land
Ray Mears in England
Green Festival in a London Borough
Farm Ideas Magazine
An Earth Made for Life
Money Box Investigates Commission
Coming out of the Woodwork
Alvin Hall's Secret Collections
Fastest Animal In The World
How the Stars Became
The Things We Forgot to Remember
Chicken Keeping
There Were Six in the Bed
Costing the Earth - Green Fuel
Ray Mears in Sweden
Game Fairs and Country Shows
a good life
A cautionary tale on the impact of wind and wave farms
The Holy Fire
Gas Guzzling Goes Green
The Walbottle Generation
Inside the Ethics Committee
Taking the Mick
The Balance of the SexesRadio 4 Monda
First Cut
Blackpool under Soviet control?
War's EndRadio
Next smallholding /self sufficiency meeting Sunday 4th Sept.
Winston Churchill's Toyshop
John D Rockefeller
Hard Graft
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
A Life With Wolves
Latest self sufficiency meeting dates for your diary!
On Your farm
Wilderness Park
The New Guinea Singing Dog
Anyone wathcing Hell Kitchen mkII
Interesting sounding restaurant...
The Godless Continent
A Year in the Arab-Israeli Crisis
A Life With Kanzi
Making money from porkers
Edinburgh Downsizer Meet?
Spring Bumblebees
The Wildwood
Brains for Sale
Appalling but true...
For John Noakes fans everywhere
In Living Memory
Politically Incorrect and out on a Limb?
Wild Awakening
The Englishman who Ran across America
Scars of Evolution
The Energy Gap
British Beekeepers' Spring Convention
The Observer Food monthly, Sunday 10 April
Welsh Downsizer Meet
West Dean Gardens (Sussex) summer events
Epping Forest Foraging Day
East Midlands Meet
The Apprentice - doing a farmer's market - on now BBC2!!
The Shanghai Sailors
Seven Days
Costing the Earth
Booze and the Beast
Listening In To History
Running Away to Sea
Creative Living Forum
National Homebuilding & Renovating Show
Love thy neighbour
Hibernating Peacocks
Down the Wires
The YHA at 75
Going to the Blogs?
Chimpana to Chimpanzee
Sami of the Future
Magic Carpets
The Tiger or the Tank?
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
BBC1 Inside Out Special
Swindon designer outlet farmers market
His Master's Choice
The Reichsmarschall's Table
Richard Mabey's Nature Cure
River Cottage Charity Auction
New Knitting Group
The Nose School
Designed in Britain, Built in Japan
Order! Order!
Nice Work
A Bird Singing in the Dark
The Wine Programme
Victoria Goes to Ambridge
Unrest in Peace
New issue of Permaculture Magazine out
Making money from pigs
Military Justice
New series of Gardeners World starts tonight
Natural Death Centre Events
Super Size me on Film4
The Plummer Terrier - DB Plummer
An excellent programme
The Number Cruncher
The Art of Gee's Bend
Ocean Wanderers
Soundscape: The White-Tailed Sea Eagle
The Dear Leader, The Great Leader and...
Jamie does School Dinners...
Love Cuts: A Valentine from John Hegley
Canvey Island: Englands Rainforest!!!
Prawn Farming
Tsunami Aid
'On The Farm' by Jimmy Doherty - ****
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