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Wildflower meadow protection plan 'backfires'
Not mowing my lawn to encourage diversity?
Grass snake eggs - anyone know anything about them?
Still not convinced that we eat too much meat...
Yesterdays cliff top walk. A few snaps.
A Visitor.
butterfly watch
RSPB / agriculture / Lake District survey
Ranger job for Parish Council
Crucial 2014 farming issue
Wildlife groups warn of threat to British peatlands
One for dpack...
A few pics from the farm...
Chiminia thingies / BBQs
Solar power saves water
Out of bed like a shot!
String ‘em up
Flixton Island goes on the market
Carbon Capture
Noticed from vegplot's landscapes ruined by windfarms post..
More otter action...
To make it easier for developers IMHO
What *I* do on Mondays...
Great use of social media
What I do on Mondays!
Birdwatching app
plant id
Fledglings and the next hatching
Pond care
Tadpole rescue update
Assorted reptiles
No sooner had we laid down tools when?
batty bat is back
Purple Oil Seed Rape??
Tadpole rescue?
Caught on camera...
Peregrine falcons
Stumped. Bird ID please.If you can
A CPD for Ty Mawr systems, 4th April Llanrwst
First night.
The pro-GM lobby's seven sins against science
Save the Bee.Threat to pesticide ban in Europe
Alkali loving plants
Seeking volunteers or possibly volunteer network
id please
Grey long-eared Bat
harlequin ladybirds bite
What killed my toad then?
I think the wood piles are working - stag beetle
Swallow numbers seriously down
Cinnibar moth larvae?
My compost heap is inhabited!
one more reason to curb deforestation.
Coronation meadows?
Jedi master of data visualisation...
The State of Nature report
Bluebell woods
Urgent! there is vote going on ...
Iberian Lynx quest - a holiday trip report.....
Not a sight you see everyday....
Red Admiral butterflies
sellafield weather shutdown ?
Earth Hour
sustainable/organic/fairtrade palm oil
Q-underplanting solar panels with wildflowers - realistic?
deer cull ?
Airships - worth a try?
Wild salmon not threatened by sea lice
Eco energy meters
Where'd my tits go?
Baby slow worms.
The greenest government?
We've been accepted !
Farmers spraying crops with glysophate???
Saw Scale Vipers....
'A great silence is spreading over the natural world'
Scotland's commitment to renewable energy
Very peculiar year - no wasps
Graveyards, nature and some pretty orchid pics...
Sycamores Losing Leaves
Nestle blames biofuels for high food prices
Help me plan Toads' Paradise!
Britain. Not as concretey as you think.
Pest resistance to GM maize increasing.
The failure that was Rio
What a way to go!
Broad bodied Chaser Dragonfly (m)
What an excellent idea...
Blackbirds adopting Grey wagtail chicks
Anyone know their Damsel flies?
Anyone know their caterpillars?
Orchid fields
Is that rainforest burning on your barbecue?
Commercial water usage?
Oh dear - Jezzer Clarkson can't keep the public away...
Rainfall data for the last month
green government ?
Cyclists in the city
Bosavern Community Farm needs help
spring wildlife photo
'Doomsday dating'
water trading?
LED downlights - tech info req. please
Time to leave the bramble patch alone.
Greenwashing explained.
Seven cycling myths unpicked.
They're eating us out of house and home!
Another sad pesticide story.
Women blamed for creating waste water
In the local rag.
A whale tale.
Simple, effective & lovely (IMHO).
Buddleja - a useful invasive?
Solar chargers for laptops etc
Penrhos nature reserve,HolyheadWales is under threat!plshelp
Cute insects.
global warming ...all bad?
Climate impact risk set to increase.
neonicotinoids now suspected of affecting other animals
New stats on greenhouse emissions
Bee not extinct after all...
the stamping dance
today's essay...
This is precisely why I rant at some flyfishers...
mway speed limits to rise ?
They're still here.
Fly Agaric
anatomy of a lotus flower?
September tadpoles
hegdehog survival natural selection
Interesting alternative to cremation...'liquefaction'
otterly wonderful!
Brown Linnet
Red Polls!
Fascinating butterfly
Large skipper butterfly
Mystery beetle
I remembered to take my camera with me.
Hurtigruta in real time
Peak Oil. Are we there yet?
Weedy Seadragons...
A Nice cup of Tea.
Swallowtail butterfly
Uses for wood chippings
Dust Bowl
Disused mines legislation?
Remember Dutch Elm Disease?
Pond Project with pics. Planting suggestions?
Feeding the birds
A plague of voles?
6-800 Wind Turbines for Mid Wales
Aerial photo survey shows England's orchards 'neglect'
Bat detectors?
What sort of bird is this?
my trees sort of
Badgers? Lets see what happens.
Biofuel targets are unethical
Peat bog reserve for butterflies
Air pollution images
More reasons for making a pond
Peak Water - Downsizing Our Water Footprint
Flower ID 3rd and final
Flower ID 2
Wild flower leave plant ID
Consultation: The plant protection products regulations 2011
Frog Spawn
solar flare video
Green up the economy to make it grow!
Cyclone Yasi
Is it a crime to speak up for the Earth?
FREE tickets for UK Aware - sustainable lifestyle exhibition
What's the point of relocating fish?
How The Seahorse Got Its Shape.
forestry commission
Plastic bag use on the rise...
something to do with the kids. rspb garden birdwatch
It can be done.
Its getting otter and otter
Bully for you.
Gardens - the new countryside
Rare fungus found in Gower...
Kinder Scout to be fenced off
Wildlife Ponds
Our hedgerows and flail mowers.
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