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Land Management
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Cracking rat and mouse traps
splitting hazel?
May Need a New Chainsaw - Any Suggestions?
Log Splitters
4 bits of land to rent in Surrey.
Getting rid of trees (conifer or leylandii?)
Sycamore Problem
Garden Advice Needed Please.
Billhook - which one?
advice sought please
All I want for Christmas is a new road
Perhaps Sterlite Industries should be renamed Sterile
Planting Willow
Land areas
'Firewood' hedge (and sheep)
Vegan Organic Farming
Come one, come all to the wounded bunny party
Damn tree
Guineafowl and tick control.
Starting a hedge trimmer?
My nipples need lubrication
Cutting trees down
Hedge trimmer recommendations
Removing wire stples
Seawed as fertiliser ?
Badger cull - here we go again
Mattock ?
Advice on blade repair needed
Question for those who let grazing.
woodworm in our logs
Chainsaw Courses.
Grain Intervention Stores
Bracken for bedding?
burning stubble
Surviving Elms in Gloucestershire
Our pond is drying up!
Recommendation for ways to trim girls' bushes...
tying trees to posts
Allen Motor Scythe - help and advice wanted!
Harvest oats by hand, chance to have a go!
moving wild cherry trees
Comfrey, Or,how can I get rid of it!
Hemlock Water Dropwort
No grass just baked brown stuff
Scythe - which one, where to buy?
What material for retaining wall in garden?
Wooden gates
Daunted by the scythe of the tathk.
wooden compost bins
Grazing Pastures/Haying Fields
Does SBK kill bracken?
Last Chernobyl sheep monitoring restrictions lifted
Anyone know much about forklift trucks?
Small scale grain growing
Rectangular baler problem question
Brake spring bust
mowing with a scythe early in the morning
Rose roots question
Weedkiller methods???
Article on Sustainable Land Use
howard 700
Have you got your scythe out yet this year ?
The 6th West Country Scythe Festival 12-13th June 2010
We plough the fields and scatter.
Where can I buy sheets of weldmesh
Chainsaw spares.
energy required to cut an acre of grass ?
Removing Molinia Grass
How much haylage
Holes in grass.
to rent or not to rent
Hymari Equipment
Rotten gate posts
How to kill moss?
Fences and planning permission?
Land management grants.
Grassland renovation
Keeping wild goats out
Jesus loves tractors
Chain Harrowing- Why ?
I bought big boss a coming home pressie :D
Hedge laying
FAO Brownbear.
Snowed off
chicken manure question
Will I need planning permission?
Re seeding chicken pens.
A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Faithmead...
tree stumps
Tractor Storage
suppliers of hedging
defra records
Renting land.
grass seed
ground cover/temporary road
What's the best tool to cut down a blackthorn thicket?
A question for the legal beagles
So - water dowsing, how does that work then?
Snow chains question
Logs in Kent
Planting a hedge
I need pointing to an expert.
electric chainsaw question
Is shooting squirrels socially acceptable?
Sunny December Days - Landscapes
Sea walls
What am i standing on? Sub soil enquiries?
My new azada
Non Slip Decking
Rat trap recommendations
Morewoods Scheme
Alternative hand tools
Wire Joint
planning permission
Who says you need a big saw?
Single Payment Scheme.
Impressed by Volvo
Masssey Harris Pony
Chainsaw repair
Peeps out over the Parapit
Badger Cull
Self assembly tractors
Digger hire...
Uses for dumped tyres?
Tempory / portable road
Wooodland management
Which Hedge Trimmer
Pruning fruit trees
Gorse/Furze Fuel and feed
Drowning in advice
Electric Fencing mains or Battery
How much land is enough?
Sallow ( goat / pussy willow )
Fox problem
RoundUp/glyphosate Question
Making water filter from dishwasher bits - anyone?
Converting oil tank to water butt - adding tap
Moving a smallholding - lock stock and chickens!
Hay question...
Quick growing top-fruit?
Straw mulch for pathways
horse-logging courses
Finally pulled out all the ragwort.
Planning neccessary for courses?
Fencing ideas required
Small scale land based Planning (inc Functional Need)
Trees hedges boundaries and neighbours.
Cost of Building a Roadway
rough cut mowers
A question for the scythers amongst you
what shall we do with additional land?
Recommendations for (cheap) hand pump anyone?
Sheet composting?
Post Drive help
Selfmade Snathes for Scythes
Best weather.
Orchid ID please
Buying land-advice?
Japanese Knotweed
Fix recoil in ryobi strimmer
Hay making or just back breaking?
abandoned/derelict land help and advice needed.
sharpening/peening scythes
unfortunately still true
Wild Boar
meadow field
Making hay.
help with trees
A two-pipe problem, Watson...
PROGRAMME : 2009 West Country Scythe Festival
Quad bike recommendations
Chainsaw Advice needed please
advice on steel post and wire fencing please
Land drains
Keeping deer off a new hedge
Using round-up, or not!
If a tree is planted that has potentially invasive roots....
Old Hay
Ideas or solutions wanted, Now with bucket modification pics
Help- willow being attacked by caterpillars
Advice for scythe buyer please
Water Supply
Land drains
double glazed greenhouse??
Wind taking our fence!
a very useful online resource
Amenity grazing
do you need PP for a static caravan on AOC land?
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