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Land Management
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Trying to source strong grass multi-seed mix
electric fencing for eejits - batteries in particular
next weird request - planning info
MF165 Hydraulics
Oil pollution in pond
Is solid ASPHALT toxic?Neighbour putting it next to garden!
Felling licences
Rabbit fence
Celandines,how can I get rid of them?
Clearing Brambles
pit saws
What do you really need for an allotment site?
How much for rabbit / deer proof fencing
Permitted Development Rights for 5 hectares + query
Hedgelaying course in Dorset
Land area calculator
Water and land drainage
My neighbour is going to dig a ditch
Other Scythe Courses in 2009
Scythe course June 2009 : Ireland
2009 West Country Scythe Festival and S. Somerset Green Fair
Coppicing weekend
Pond/Lake advice
Hay from a small area
Good Agricultural Practice
Tree preservation orders.
Does anyone want rabbit traps?
Fertilizing grazing land - what are your views?
What is Wrong with What we Eat.
Anyone know anything about post drivers??
Saw this stunning tree-horse on the way home...
Question about type of wood
Making an offer
Telegraph pole access
Tractor advice
Holly, how rabbit proof?
Horse manure & pH
Fun new venture
Plague of Slugs
Money Talks
ANCIENT TREES - surveying for the Woodland Trust
Hedgelaying courses!
Solar powered Electric fence?
grazing licence
a final cut of hay this year ?
Guilty mole killer...
Ah, autumn
Need help finding pigtail spikes please.
How far do tree roots spread?
New lawn mower advice please
So just how long does ground take to dry out?
White mould under Mypex?
Need a Smallholder-Sitter? Recommending Downsizer Pel...
Re-seeding horse field / seed supplier wanted!
Building a lake
different kinds of scythe blade
Peening and Honing?
Phosphene gas
Russian vine disposal
Small Quantities of Stock Fencing
Woodland managment
mowing Cathryn's garden lawn with a scythe
Scythes and scything events
Upgrading our man-tools ... chainsaw advice?
New hedging question re growth
Copicing at work
Box hedging
DEFRA extends CSF Capital Grant Scheme to 2008/09
Help me buy a trailer please
Water leak
Interesting change of use for Devon farm buildings...
What do rats eat?
Well that's one less queen wasp
Climbing plant ID and control
Defra launches new organic advisory service for farmers
Two person saw
Garden mulch and a new toy
We laid our hedge
Hawthorn and Blackthorn Hedge
Coppicing: Courses On Making Traditional Wattle Hurdles.
Women in farming
2 wheel tractor advice please
Recommended garden shredders
Categorising land use
Wood chippers
New terrace - how to edge?
getting rid of an old hedge
stream/banking management
Electric fences again
Using this as a pruning ladder
chain saws
hawk post
Renting Land owned by developers
Another electric fence question- earthed fence lines?
The Somme.
Trimming hedges in winter?
felling very dead oaks
Full Circle?
My holding.
Tree species choice
Land prices
new pond and garden pics
Hedges. Suggestions?
Track over a bog
Biodynamic farming
2 handled shovel
Pre-menstrual rage leading to a land management decision...
Instant earth banks
Would you give up some land for flood management?
McCollough Flexi drive......
Fighting a losing battle with thistles...
1st Lancashire Scythe Festival
What would you do with 5 acres?
Melted jacket
Wood Shortage?
50:1, 40:1, 30:1. How important is it?
Brushcutter recommendations?
Gratuitous garden pics
Fencing tips.
Building supplies deliveries
Lawnmower recommendations?
3rd West Country Scythe Festival
Insect Identification
Decking ......or?
So many moles - so little time
Any rotovator recommendations?
New hedge.......any ideas what it is called?
Landscaping - anyone seen this
Electric Fencing
uses for weeping willow logs that are sprouting leaves
Hedge laying
Will I regret rotavating?
Willows and hedging
Hedging suggestions
Making money from a smallholding
Mini balers
Great source for hazel wood/products
What size is a smallholding?
Sources for hazel posts?
Growing willow for basketry
quad bike questions
Alder and what to do with it.
winter plans / jobs
Polytunnels need planning permission
What exactly does an acre look like?
Poly Tunnels
Non-timber forest products
Hedgelaying courses in Somerset
Mushroom Compost
spreading granulated fertilizer
Laurel cuttings
Pond Progress
Squirrel Control
Oak Spangle Galls
Buying land
Fertilising a field
Mole Catching. Another string to my bow revealed
Which 2-wheel tractor?
Hedges again
Growing an oak tree from an acorn
The great Flymo saga
Mushroom compost
Retaining wall
What should I put here?
Why everyone should own a Scythe
Wheel driven mower
Fencing quotes
Is there an alternative for concrete?
Sandy dry soil, what trees?
Electric fencing/netting
common land
Hedge trimming
rather than lurking in here...
Taming half acre
Weedkiller v, Rain!
Area of a circle?
Laying blocks.
How to find a fencer
Our Paddock....can you help!
Plant Identification
clearing old brambles
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