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Land Management
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clearing old brambles
Hedging help please
Sand pH
Buy 24 acres get Turf Bank free of charge!!!
Organic weed control?
Anbody tried a 2 wheel tractor?
Domestic wells and dowsing
Broke me bits
Rabbit + Deer
DIY Irrigation ?
Fragrant climber for clay
Replacement for Leylandii boundary
Mystery shrub?
best/cheapest sources of black plastic sheeting ?
Rabbit/stock proof fence
Roll out lawns
Tricky footpath situation
Laurel hedge
Rabbit proof gates???
Fence bashers
Bramble removal
Living willow structures
Tractor Jobs??
Wood uses
Digging a pond
2000 uses for WD40
Towing Trailers and Caravans. Weight Limits.
Defra publishes advice on the management of byways and right
New life for old crafts?
Cutting hedges
Pasture -> Veg plot
Reed beds
Cheap deer exclusion?
Tree Climbing Course
Harvesting crops
post bashers
Tree/hedge supplier recommendations
(When) do you clear away 2005's old growth ?
for flood planning ?
blocked ditch causing flooding?
Armoured Cable
Fencing questions
Goat willow
Large evergreen in a pot?
Prices for farm gates
A good dent is made in the allotment!
Rat control
Wood yield
Black paint for barns
Pruning elder
What's the problem with Japanese knotweed?
Consultation on vehicle access over common land
Dry Stone Walls
Guidance on disposal of ragwort
Stock fencing
Report on allotment...
Advice or links for over-grown allotments please...
Wild Coppicing?
Rerouting public footpaths
Pests and weeds
Job vacancy
Help with timber sales
Ragwort......and goats?
tree swing
old tre stump removal
Hedgelaying Yorkshire Style
Identify this plant please.
My Garden Wall
Septic tanks
Getting rid of docks
More sustainable food production?
Attatching swing to tree-how?
Fencing help please
in general
Damming a stream
Ride on Lawnmowers
Tackling a sloping plot
Ground elder
Anyone seen this before?
Tree growing times
fence post treatment
Garden Ponds by Bryan Hirst 1.99
Our Little Garden
Mushrooms save British Woodland
Hazle spinny
Anyone know anything about willow!?
natural border
Land Measurements
Making use of spare land
clearing overgrown land
Countryside opens up to ramblers
Article - Small Scale Coppice Production
Back garden hedge laying
cutting garden with a spiritual edge
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