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Seasonal and Frugal Shopping
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this week
Buying British
an odd equation for me
ages ago etc
steel crepe/chapati pan
frugal art supplies
i know i buy odd stuff part what
i know i buy odd stuff but
where dat ting?
trousers boots and things
new shop on the block
the economics of hats
midwinter turkeys vote for brexmas
seasonal maybe, frugal maybe not
frugal but in centimeters
i have no idea what you might need but
black friday bargain
frugal tools, pooters , furniture etc
Lidl have gone properly bonkers again.
Local food for local people
Asparagus is in.
Sending christmas greetings without spending money
Asparagus is in.
vanilla pod bulk buy 2016
Wet Walnuts & Kent Cobs
Local, seasonal vegetables was the heading
At the greengrocer's this morning...
English Cherries
maltesers going cheap
Aldi Merino Wool Base Layer
Ethical shopping guide
Nifty looking rocket stove
Food price reduced
keeping an open tin of fish
New Spuds and Asparagus
'Aunties' Seasonal Food.
Riverford Organic veg box
Butcher in Sudbury Suffolk
Gluten Free Beer
Fish - online
Seville Oranges are back
Cost of preparing food from scratch
How much do you spend on meat per week?
Morrisons Backs British Beef & Lamb
Time to eat pheasant!
It's Pickled Onion Time...
Groupon offer for ham
re raw milk
Second Hand Bikes
Alleluia, new spuds at last.
Cheap ale
I've been checking out competitors websites just now...
It's Marmalade Time
Interesting blog
Argos discount
dont you love the cheap sections....
Forget Gold, Buy Potatoes
Hey Nick, your cow is famous...
Bike shops, probly in Devon?
free kindle 'book'
Wahooo...first UK asparagus of the year
BBQ's - seasonal honest!
Frugal shopping
Cider disappointment - are sweeteners normal?
Sloe Berries
Go green board game
Big Sheep farmer's market
Discount-hungry shoppers say ‘local’ still matters
shopping for supplements
Approved foods have Dorset Cereals....
Online Fishmongers - the Fish Society
British sustainable charcoal
Cheap yard boots @ Aldi
Lidl today
The Sainsbury's £50 starvation diet.
Bens Fish Mersea
The first of the Cornish new spuds
Slightly fiddly food bargain...
Health Benefits of raw milk article
Co-op voucher....
Must have seasonal offers
Another gem from Bob Farrand...
where to get nice hand tools?
vintage port
Tesco Vouchers
Julian Graves 50% off everything
Heads Up...3 for 2 on Pet Stuff
Sale on Earth Collection clothes, all £5, Tweedmill, N Wales
Seville oranges...
'Sprigs' of cranberries?
stock up during a sale?
The turkey has landed
Avoiding supermarkets; what are the alternatives?
Free Turkey
Charities that offer Christmas e-cards?
Free Xmas Candle....
Xmas / party clothes in charity shops
Xmas baking ingredients on offer in Tesco
Snow chains for your tootsies...
Seasonal meat
Yorkshire rhubarb gets PDO...
2010 Seville oranges
Raw Milk
Buying fresh yeast - specifically in Swindon
Farmers Markets: do you have an opinion you'd like to share?
If you're feeling flush...
Try not to laugh at me: when are citrus fruits in season?
Review: Hazel Mclean sausages
any seasonal shopping ?
BBC What's in season guide...
Jersey Royals
Where should I get ******** if not in the supermarket??
Seville Oranges
Suma - online ordering service launched
Nice wholefood shop in Sheffield (Beanies)
Local beer in Majestic
Downsizer Christmas Hamper.
Wet walnuts...
Scottish Organic Lamb
seasonal Japanese food !
Heaps of plums...
Week six, One Local Summer challenge
Week five, one local summer challenge
Local supper ...
Duchy Originals. This just goes to show that its equally
One local summer challenge - the near misses
Soft fruit
Week four. one local summer challenge
Week Three, One local Summer Challenge
Week Two - One Local Summer Challenge
Week One - One Local Summer Challenge
One Local Summer challenge
So who's going to pick our fruit?
Strawberries and Asparagus
buying ethical meat- any guidance?
Whole egg
Birkhall Farm Shop
What do you get in your veg box and how much of it?
Recommended veg box schemes
Soya from Brazil
Seville Oranges...
Brussels tops...
are vegetable box deliveries any good?
Bath robes
Anyone in Axminster?
Summer's lease hath all too short a date...
Jubileum plums - Sainsburys
bargain cheese
Globe artichokes
Italian cherries
Bike seats for children
Waterproof trousers
Signal crayfish
That didn't last long then...
Price of Chicken in Supermarkets
When is the Indian mango season ?
English strawberries
combining insurances
Oi Kernow
Chilean grapes
Sourcing fresh crab
Hare for the pot
chestnut puree bargain!
New stilton.
The Book People
Cereals made with British wheat? Dolphin friendly tuna?
Seville oranges...
Blooming delicious
Make your own advent calendar.
40% off wine voucher
Christmas Card - Alternatives
Price of English Apples
If you MUST buy your furry friend a present
Organic halal lamb
Farm shops and farmers markets
Is it possible to live supermarket-free?
israeli chives
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