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What information would you expect to see on a banner
Sewing business for sale.
Trader Banners
Royal Mail Prices Going Up Again...
Alternatives to Paypal?
Blurb for the back of a book - help please...
What do you think to this?
Insurance needed to grow and sell produce (Vegetables)
Business Cards.
Small business investment for 2013
Sheep management records
PAYE Real Time Information - your thoughts/experience?
Internet Merchant Account - Free set-up / pay no monthly fee
Unexpected business via Facebook - it can happen
Any DZer make business cards?
Your thoughts on names for a business
Google, tax & all that jazz...
How to take payments at shows
I've come to the conclusion.
Real Time Information - HMRC
Advert writing help
Smallholding sitting
Any benefits becoming a CIC (community interest company)
Calling website designers. Q for you
people that dont pay bills
Bacon price survey
Pickled egg pricing?
advice on renting
More brilliantness from Moo!
Anyone else using Muddy Carrot?
Minimum qualifications to be an electrician?
Tesco Direct.
Is anyone here selling to wholesalers or retailers?
Trying out a design
Found new premises
where do you buy packaging?
Rob, the newsletter is fab!
Course Venue in North Devon
hiring out equipment - what would you pay?
Possible useful site for small businesses
To anyone who has never bought a mail order meat box...
Artinsite - any experience?
Any ideas for presentation/display?
Extending what I do...
Good publicity for our business...
In praise of MOO
eBay / Paypal fee calculator
Website to promote my book - some gentle feedback please?
I got a letter the other day...
Selling a business?
Pallet loads?
Gadgets and apps to make your small business fly
How long would you wait?
We're moving!
UsIng mobile phones as credit card readers
How much would you pay ....?
Beware Paypal!
Should I apply for this contract?
Mass marketing
Goods Vehicle Operator's License.
Handling a possible copyright infrigement?
Complying with legislation. Eek
How much should a part-time receptionist/assistant be paid?
Working with a design consultancy?
The Muddy Carrot
What is a Lunar worth?
Book promotion ideas?
Kitchen inspection
Farm Diversification - Paranormal Weekends Offered
DS wordsmiths help needed
Feeling a bit sad
what was your favourite sweet by the quarter?
Craft sales
verifone vx670
Now a name for the new mediation service...
Start-up loans +kit for young people
Contract handspinners?
Scythes 2012
Another EU directive- fibre sales this time
Craft fairs
Cards, leaflets, banners
Contracts; t & cs.
Sending booklets out for printing
Anyone fancy an evening's work in London?
Legal gubbins
Being a sole trader...
A bit of research........
Shall I, shan't I ...decisions, decisions
What's the going rate for a WI talk?
Business plan HELP!
Day three of the new business...
selling books
Big Barn courier deal for BB members
Quickbooks is great until...
Poultry preparation courses? Lorrainelovesplants?
info pls - any B&B free listing sites
Free adverts in Home Farmer online
School for Startups, Creative Country Roadshow
Sunday Market
product/business name.
What courses do downsizers provide?
Exhibition opens tomorrow, finding the right words
Meet Earnest - free record keeping app
Any quickbook users here?
Mentoring a new member of staff
insurance for training courses
Awkward situation with a gallery owner ...
Business insurance providers
Postal Price Rises
Partnership, legal obligations query?
selling arty stuff prints /paint /3d stuff
Is community funding competing against small businesses?
New quiz for craftspeople: Help! I am not making a living
Mochyn - you've come across this Arts Forum have you?
Importing from the US
Business cards
Farmers' Market price comparison
Small Business Advice
tax allowances
Hourly rate on a farm?
Business happy dance!
brain picking time
One-to-one linocutting
Pay Pal - what do you use for your business?
Why DO you buy from your local farmer's market?
Organic stuff for allotment holders
Availability Calender Dilemma
Working on, rather than in the business
Comments on my business idea please
info on using couriers wanted
Taking EV's advice ...
Don't dither, just ask
Why don't you buy from your local farmer's market?
Quids in in Bristol
Promoting your business
Bee Keeping Website
4 x 4 Road Tax
Craftspeople Types Which are you?
why not relocate your static caravan quite rural park
looking for supplier - plastic jerry cans & glass bottle
Excellent example of a small business website
paid for advertising on websites?
Effective domain names
Looking for a Jams and Jellies seller, Minehead
Protecting intellectual property
a step backwards but in the right direction
starting up business
Using home for business
Rural Economy Grant
Craftsperson's Seven Deadly Sins
how to handle this?
I am attempting to ...
Love is ...
non receipt of emails
Anyone needed a tradesman on Christmas Eve?
ideas please
Permission to resurrect an old building.
As of this afternoon.
Free software for email newsletters
Any traders near Walthamstow?
completing grant application forms
Trader ads/write-ups?
Approved slaughterhouses
Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme (FFIS)
HSBC are fantastic
Getting a farmer to grow crops for you-how easy is it?
Self-promotional text (with better pics of the 'product')
Commissioning knitting
starting up with goat meat - carcass quality
Advice on Kiddie Classes
Advice required, we've got great contacts for goat meat etc
Crowd Funding
Business banking
how do you start up a 'food fair' or similar?
The Development Land Tax (DLT) and subsequent real estate de
business rates
Which blog?
Rosewood on Tour - wool things to attend
ISO 9001
Limited Liability Partnership
Useful blog item about Sale or Return T's&C's
Making a brochure better
Shall I, shan't I, ohhh, I don't know ....
Marketing advice
what to charge?
What type of business card catches your eye?
Farmer's market website
calling artistic folk for poll
Looking for a small plot with house to rent in The Midlands
Useful tips for sites like Crowdfunder and Kickstarter
good news hurrah
new venture needed
another string to my bow...
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