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Business name help, please!
Updated website ...
Helfa Gelf Art Trail, N Wales (all Fri/Sat/Suns in Sept)
need encouragement i'm skint and cheeseless
The first steps towards obtaining a premises licence
Moral support, please ...
looking for venue near Exeter
Directory listings websites.
Livestock trailer advice
social networking to increase business. How does it work?
Printing caps
Looking for supplier of C6 white envelopes, 120gsm ...
Capital costs - how do I put them in my accounts?
Hours per week
How are you going to save your well earnt cash?
setting P+P
How to set your prices
Smart phones
A good thing has happened!
rejigging on advice from accountant
How to expand? rules, regs, employee NI etc
Is a Blast/Shock Chiller necessary?
Wonder what the point is?
Is your website ruining your sales?
Looking for tutors
Egg packaging suppliers
Article on financially succesful holdings under 10 acres
Can someone translate this....
Creditons of Devon
sawmill,to be or not to be
So I blog, I'm on FB and Twitter .....
Jute shopping bags
Partnership tax return form
Company Registration Number?
White van man?
Turnover/Pay %?
Food Festival West Wales - opportunities to promote your biz
Selling preserves and cakes - bureaucracy?
Cordial production
Sad day in our corner of the Shopping Arcade
Incubator and brooder rental to schools/nurseries?
Christmas Craft Fair, Aberystwyth
Gotta' keep trying new things
Pig Pregnancy Detection / Testing / Scanning Service
ONE-day novice pig keeping courses and half-day handling wor
small exempt slaughter business
Teaching old dogs new printmaking tricks (updated/completed)
new eco money saver website
new eco money saver
Business Insurance - meat sales
Micro Dairy Support Network?
A community 'shop'
Other places to sell my knitting?
Teacher's pet
I've become a ditherer in my old age.
roadside honesty box - worth the hassle?
Opportunity for someone genuine
New Online Shop
Rule Number 1
New rules for SMEs wanting to tender.
Equipment Insurance
Independent on Sunday article about rural businesses
Business people using social networks wanted for article
economics of craft fairs/markets
Name for new business required.
Opinions please
wondering re: making a crafty hobby generate some pin money
Removal of trading banner
So, this is the plan
Textile Workshop
I'm rubbish at my website promotion
B&B Insurance....
Federation of Small Businesses
Is the post Christmas lull over yet?
Updating/re-jigging my CV
Picking a contract rate
Cider? Exciting times ahead?
Guidelines for claiming as self-employed
Omlet / eglu courses?
Link Exchange & Banner Advertising etc
A New Capitalism
Professional actors needed.
New idea.... Farm where children could visit for a small fee
Van insurance recommendations?
Business Banking
Modern Apprenticeships
Is this the right time?
Home Baking
How to choose ethical overseas suppliers
What to grow in polytunnel to pay for it?
Christmas in Calvados?
anyone do geese for the Christmas market?
Selling kindling wood
This weekend at Framlingham(?) Suffolk
There seems to be a gap in the market...
APR on potential bank loan
An interesting development...
Blatant Publicity Post
Food Safety
small boxes
ethical merchant account
Bit of a good end to my week :)
Credit card security check fees
Diversification ideas? Brainstorming needed :)
Margins and returns
Australia holiday?
Quickbooks upgrade
Might be of interest to DS'ers who make Christmassy things
New site for Gwynedd businesses
15 naked men
Designing an advertising banner- hints needed
Blowing my own trumpet ...
making website work harder
Don't think you can't do things ....
are you stuck with your EHO guy for good?
Leather bucket
Hidden benefits to working from home
Interesting way to protest about banks' lack of support...
Publicity roadside signs
My Website is Live too
Anyone need to make some easy money?
MY website is live
Website address
We have such nice landlords...
Who can host my website?
Playing with Googles freebie website.
What would make you go "Ooooo ..."
Making a Living From 65 Acres.
Selling home made mead?
at what point does stress level outweigh earning potential?
The Small Picture Show, Brecon Cathedral, October 1 - 4
"A position has come up on Google"
'Green' wording for back of greetings cards ...
Writing a legal agreement
Recipe analysis for nutrient breakdown
My business idea - comments very much welcomed
Anyone got any connections with publishers or literary agent
Printing ink suppliers, any recommendations?
Some people are verrry cheeky.
Terms & Conditions?
Radical business grants shake-up for Welsh economy
Pigs for Filming!
Very small plant nursery
Venue for yoga weekend?
Web site or phone number?
V.A.T. !!!
Non-paying swine
Free advertising for your forum or business with myff.
Getting my thoughts focussed
Writing a business plan
Small business advice centres
walk in freezer
Working horse holiday
New web site- what do you think?
Pookie, did you see Junior Apprentice? ....
Looking for a camping field for 2 nights - Weymouth area
Offering Temporary Basic B&B
Hubby's starting out!
First workshop....!!!
What did I do?
Suppliers of Herbs
Advertising budgets
How many shows is too many?
For anyone who runs or is thinking of running courses...
Trainers wanted
Marketing ploy
About how much would you expect to pay for advert
Fingers crossed please
Federation of small businesses
Small business ideas?
selling on Folksy
Magazine add for the gite
Western Union? Advice please.
caravan letting
Attention Bodrighy!
short term business borrowing
hermitage for a writer...
Can you spot a problem with these padded bubble bags?
... commission for framed reproductions of my work
Any thoughts on business investment?
Ideas needed
Facts or fashion?
Home Grown Live! - a new gardening experience!
New business idea
Vacuum Packer
aaaarrrggghhhh partnership tax returns!!!!!!!!!!!!
Making sausages and traceabilty
late start?
Sheep cheese
Report help - Organic Calvados
selling goat meat
Barter for Label Printers
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