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Taking payment over the 'net
VAT question
RPA coughs up quickly
The end of the VAT holiday
first craft fair
Label Printing, anyone interested?
Sewing around Ipswich
label printing machines?
Anyone heard of/used these people?
protection against non-payers
Taking Debit and Credit Card payments
Federation of Small Businesses
Product liability insurance
customs & excise charges on US "import"
How many hours a week are you working?
Panic, what have I forgotten?
Web site
HELP - crb, insurance and other "workshop" beauroc
Sponsorship/taxation query
which courier service?
eBay watched to buy ratio.
direct/indirect overheads
Postal Strike
pl insurance
Notice of Underreported Income
Glastonbury Traders Application
Car Stickers ?
PDF Books - anyone sold this way?
Fresh Meat Packaging
Capital allowances
Getting more website traffic? Downsizer traders?
tenders and the post office
Do you have a local butcher who sells pies?
design websites
website traffic
Articles and video's for website
pre paid postage,any problems?
registering a trade mark/ company name.
french vat.
Not on the high street...
rare breed pork & bacon ready soon (cambs area )
Anyone published their own book?
Possible outlet for 25+ kilos of yarn?
How much would you pay (approx) for a greetings card
What are the minimum requirements for a basic campsite?
greetings cards
Animal Boarding
buisness cards-
Must be doing something right...
We've just recruited
0% government, unsecured loans.
Software rip-off - how to avoid it!
Has anyone here used Workthing+?
Designing labels.
Christmas fete stall
Not really a business but... (book printing)
We've started a little business! Sort of.....
OK I think we may have mucked this up...
Selfmade Snathes for Scythes
Quiet Waters Pork and Deli range
Cutting, butchery and sausaging, Devon
Introducing Bay tree fibres
Opinions on Mr Site
Gower Stonework
google checkout
Applying for a trademark, anyone here done it?
Bangor's Bangers: car/van share scheme (also in Leeds).
How Much Land to Make a Living?
Online auction thingy ... - updated
Accepting Credit Card Payments
Marketing that works for a small business?
Public liability insurance - holiday makers
Hog roast business ?
Where do you get your business advice?
Free Postage this weekend only.
Farm Shop and Veg Box delivery business
Vista print
Anyone tried grant funding for farm diversification
What would you expect or want from an Artist's website
certified accounts - advice please
Crofting Supplies
Nutrition chart for mushrooms, where can I find one
Adding value to knitware!
Bed and breakfast - tax and rates etc
Fields of Food Update
Horse Holidays In The Peak District
Mayo Plodders
The beginnings of a Cider Empire ?
More than one domain name
Equal pay rate - what do you think?
Equestrian livery in South Wales
Farmers Markets & Public Liability Insurance
are you looking?
New Eco pig ark
New site for Veg seedlings
Who owns
Does anyone have any nice products I can sell in my shop?
Woven knitwear labels.
Problem with e-bay?
car boot sales
Help or advice please
Problems with a lease
selling pigeon ??
can anyone sew canvas sheeting?
Pork Pie's...
Big changes
Part-time workers needed
Farming opportunity
New local business group
Are you being served?
Advice on taking an exhibition stand at a trade fair...
Just a reminder
Retail Rent Reductions - How to Negotiate? UPDATE
ideas on our smallholding
Ideas for struggling small businesses
De registering for VAT
MBAs in prison
Internet telephony for your small business
Building Services
Art Galleries VAT and commission
Farmers market boxes - polystyrene or plywood and wool
Yell & Thomsons Directories Selling Your Details
new shop
Vat changes on Sage
Electricity suppliers
I have just unpacked Rob's meat ...
How much to sell a turkey for?
How do i find out.....
ebay: New P&P requirements
Protecing a business idea - intellectual property
website questions re. names and hosting...
Jam, how much would you pay?
Online payment charges
grafting on my farm in Turkey
Re-usable bags - just an idea
Is this a cunning plan?
Credit Crunch
I give up!
Recession - is it here? Has it affected you? Well or badly?
Women in business
Wood burning cookers from France - would you buy one?
Does anyone do printing?
Smallholding in Normandy France.
Difficult to get supplies in this country
Car boot sales
Insurance for one-off events?
Veg box price
suggestions on how to advertise holiday homes
Selling Plastic Barrels (30 litre ones at the moment)
Cornish crafts
Low cost advertising keywords
large glass bottles
Websites and validation
Fee has been busy!
Does it all add up?
Laws on selling toys
Employment Opportunity!
printed labels for egg boxes
Urban farm investors?
New ad
Offering free P&P but only on certain items?
Self-employed can offset mortgage interest
a stall at a Farmers Market : is it worth it ?
Couriers ?
Myfree/fastforum Down?
Fencing plough
Anyone know about shrink-wrappers?
how many hours work per week
photos for Etsy and website
Can I be VAT registered?
Consultancy pricing help..........
Claiming heat light and power ...
Oh flip
Wierd call from the National Trust
Need some web pages doing
It's all shiny...
Using your home for workshops
planning development advice anyone
Farm Food and Produce - With a Difference
diving tuition/weekends
Commercial Vegetable Juicer
Help needed for press release headline
And it gets worse (ebay)
Shop owners: What do you expect out of your wholesalers?
European students on work placement
East Anglia and Suffolk downsizers: help request
eBay changing feedback procedure ...
am i mad?
just back from Turkey loading olive oil, olives
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