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Another business idea (selling pressure canners)
question for chefs/sommeliers/restaurateurs
Catering business idea
DS Skillsharing Weekend - For Sale
Fantasy Tea Shop?
website check please
An idea
New business, talking to suppliers
If you can't beat them join them?
How to sell last year's stuff without making it look like ..
Shop owners want websites, Website owners want shops....
Quick site check please
help with ideas
Shopping Cart Software
How many websites are too many?
market research veg/grocery boxes
Need some quick-fix display ideas
Any producers local to Moffat?
Credit cards
offering discounts at shows
Newbury Farmers Market. 4th May. Suppliers wanted.. UPDATE
Accounting/payroll software
I'm on Amazon!
A four-hour week?
Getting a banner done, choosing text
Devon Clothing Label...retailing and wholesaling
Do you support rural manufacturing in this country?
Integrity or sell your soul?
I need a logo...
Display pig ?
Grow your own chickens
looking to advertise on related websites
My sandwich trade - why I'm saying goodbye to it.
Rules about company directors?
Banner Ad ?
Smallholding sitting service
How much rent would you pay?
writing a business plan
Save money on parcel posting
farmers markets
Farmers Markets - all different ?
To trade tomorrow, or not to trade tomorrow?
A trade stand at a BIG Show
What do you make of this email
How long for delivery?
investment and credit
Business Idea No2
what do you wear to meet clients for the first time?
Online market place?
Logo ideas?
Recycled packaging for jewellery makers
Spit Roast..... hire !
French Translator
Take a look?
Grants, builders etc for eco build?
Valentines Day-oriented trading
Google checkouts - anyone used them?
Organic Veg Growing Workshop Agents
Any of you worried by the current financial situation?
How to avoid overplanning for work
Working for myself
Any advice on local advertising
Gastronomic holidays in France
graphic designer wanted for logo help
Children working in family buisnesses
Downsizer Traders Poll
Advertising help
If my husband goes bankrupt will it affect my business?
How large is a box?
business idea no 1
Things I should know about starting up classes
New business name?
Portfolio business?
A4 2008 Year Planner
When a friend...
how has your year been
Possible project
It's Christmas....!!!
some help please
Help find me a logo!
How do you make your presence felt online?
Biodegradeable/Recyclable DVD cases?
ebay from overseas
ecommerce on myfreeforum
What do you think of these
Will people buy handmade goods in January?
Help find me a name!
Help! ebay arrrggghhhh
Letter writing
health and hygiene rules
Playing with a new space ..
Anyone wanting to expand up north!
Design: money for old rope or a valuable investment?
Green printers
Are you a carbon neutral business?
*****mas trading
It's bl**dy annoying when..................
Children in Need
Ain't technology a wonderful thing...
Bluewater Christmas Market and Fair.......
Participatory Economics
Don't give a price for a job if you don't want it.
new website - feedback please!
Start-up grants
I need someone to translate my website into French!
Promoting a freeby business
robust, non-scuff labels
shed question
I know shes not a member of downsizer but....
new website - opinions please!!
I love it..
Craft Fair Entrance Charges
Accountants in Montgomeryshire?
Craft Fair organisers
PitRok Push ups and ...
Business idea - language learning
Small Business Pearls of Wisdom?
What are you going to do today to make your business grow?
Meat cutting rooms
My Biggest Customer to date
wood pellets
Do you think this would work?
Green business seeks Administator
Desperately trying to find a UK manufacturer...
Soap Nuts: 10% extra free
Pricing for a bulk buy
Fire Safety Risk Assessment
How much for fleece?
Why is it....
Scores on the doors
Office Equipment Sale
WIRE, anyone?
display stands
Slick sales patter or honest Joe?
Fliers ?
blasted paperwork
Selling through a farm shop
Happy Birthday Squat Orange
Organic essential oils.
What to do when the Inland Revenue are avoiding you?
Here's how to add value to your porkers!
105 Days to go...
Get your soap nuts here.....
Anyone do any sponsorship?
Self employment exps
Producing a brochure
How to stop B&B guests smoking in the rooms?
Is there a market for fine art Wine and Preserves labels?
Need to find a wholesale supplier of fairtrade or .......
Do you make a living with your own business?
Anyone recommend a courier
Will jo public/discerning buyer pay more for a cushion or ..
Free prize draw
Protecting a design
Whats in a name ?
How long have you been self-employed?
What should a magazine ad look like?
FMD, an opportunity? for sale
valuing a business
Vat scheme on secondhand goods
credit card facilities
and the bad news (ir35)
Arctic Systems winat House of Lords
Food boxes?
Google Analytics
small rant
Glass Blowing
New Poultry Software site
Customer hasn't received order in time due to postal strike
Soap Makers...
zopa? banking without the bankers
Marketing your business?
Piano lessons (gulp)
Important but not urgent
Can anyone help
Banners on Downsizer
mentoring for small businesses
My new web site, Display stands.
New website for selling arts and crafts
Any jewellery makers?
What to say to people who intend to steal your ideas?
Title and description help please !
Would you use this pub?
Nice to be appreciated
Reducing the number of bags we use in the shop
email addresses from websites
Do you trust traders...
are you building a website? - resource suggestion
Recycled packaging for jewellery
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