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Goat 101 please?
Awwwww...a piggy gets her own wellingtons...
weeners for new pig keepers
They just had to be green
Dairy goats on All Round Goat Mix?
Any spare weaners out there?
source for new zealand white rabbit
Pig shortage
Advice on worming our pigs...
Footrot vaccine
animal fat
The pig dream
Pony pics
lambs advice
Best breed for bacon?
For VM
Goat hates being milked
Bluetongue vaccine
Dog owners
Does anyone keep cotswold sheep?
be prepared to shed a tear
I might be able to rent a field-so what could I use it for?
Lambs with squits
Should I worry?
Is mastitis inherited?
Gloucester Old Spot Pigs
We got sheep
Bluetongue vaccine
Homing cows return!
Is privet honeysuckle toxic to sheep
Off home in a mo
Book- Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs
Book recommendation please - pigs
Alternative enterprise anyone ?
3 weeks old piglets producing white splats - should I worry?
any one keep Buffalos???
Free pig food?
Roast lamb
Sheep ear tags
Help!!! Novice Pig Keeper questions........
Bloated lamb
Badgers have a lot to answer for.......!
Cat Dilemma
copper deficiency in cattle and sheep
soil chemistry help n contacts needed please
hand fed lambs...
Pig ear tages
Rescue Puppy
New Pig keeper......Ear biting problems??
Lambing's finished...yippee!
Abortion storm
would photos be useful or interesting...
lambing photos
first lambs...good and not so good
contract lambing
Rabbit Advice (adults this time)
one of my spiders is quite big
What should I ask/look for in buying weaners?
Handrearing Rabbits
Mismothering lambs
lambing advice offered by mihto
Expired cows & new ones...
No, I've got the cutest pics...
Easter lambs at Heolas Fawr
having a Gilt - advice
calf pics
happy pigs?
downsizer snake ownership
Do pigs bite?
antibiotic needed for injured goat?
We're almost out of beef
slaughtering animals
Revolting Pig Farmers
free range pork - is there a definition of free range?
Giving carrots to pigs - another feeding question...
The Greenest Meat ?
Pig feeding question
Gotland sheep
Being in a bluetongue zone
Feeding Horses Advice
MORE New arrivals (new pics added)
Piggy scratching question
Pig Choppy up Day
Mites/lice on a pregnant goat
pig sty
chainsaw / smoker conversion (for ratting)
Which cuts of pork?
Here's Jack introducing our new piggies...
Pictures of Lambs
Transport of pigs
Home kill pig.
Our piggies are arriving at the weekend...
FCI form
Rules and regulations on keeping livestock
Whilst I remember...
Are you legal?
Architecture of a Pig Sty...
Why don't you keep pigs?
Double Tagging of Sheep
Making Silage on a Small Scale
conventional farming
Feeding ewes that have lambed...
Sheep scanner in South Wales / South West?
New small abattoir in Wales...
Non-factory farmed pet food
Is she in season?
Achtung, Holstein!
millie pulls it off
Frosty Sheep
Dog food
My bargain pigs have arrived.
Pig butchery course
Horse loan form
I want to be a butcher!
Welsh Rare Breed Pigs
A big suprise today. Meat from an elderly heifer.
fish farming
Worming pigs
dog fights and stopping them
To tag or to slapmark?
When is an animal wild?
Rosie - The world's best house cow
Guinea pigs
First sales
Dribbly Pig
Butchering a sheep.
Breeding Ewes Wanted
She killed and ate her own piglets!
EU pig rearing Countries
Sheep with bloated guts, any help or advice please
Fireworks and livestock
Sheep question.
Compostable coolbox for meat transport
Livestock CO-OP branding
Livestock CO-OP values/aspirations
Sign Up thread for livestock CO-OP
When do your tups go out ?
Meat Produce Request
Selling meat direct to the general public - Poster
Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food
Bluetongue Meetings
selling meat direct to the general public
Chelford RBST-Supported Show & Sale
Dire warnings of an end to UK pig farming
Government 40m livestock cost-sharing proposal slated
No livestock
Horse Wormers
Unisex rabbit accomodation?
mini pigs
First pig in freezer
Blue tongue
CPH number
Blue Tongue restrictions, moving house ....and DEFRA
Relief for farmers...
Abbatoir experience
Insect repellant
Our Pony
Just ordered four pigs
Petition re FMD .. Please Sign if willing
millie's new job
new movement restrictions?
WANTED: Pedigree Tri-Coloured Collie Pup
From bad to worse
No sheep at the Agri Show, but...
And after FMD we have Bluetongue...deep joy.
anyone here keep goats?
Worlds biggest barbeque
Worming Goats
back to normal
Feed Prices
does it matter if the ram we use is from a bigger breed..
FS: Jacob Ewes
Holding number
4 to go this week
Goat's cyst
what do you feed your pigs?
FMD what can move?
Age for goat kids to meet their maker
Poorly stray cat
Squabbling piglets
can sheep find their way home?
Smelly sheep
piglet creep feed
What actualy is a live stock "movement"?
My Dog has 2 noses.......
Seven: 4 + 3!
Ear Tags
Getting nervous...
my new dogs
Foot and Mouth again? Please no...
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