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Wanton Pig Porn!
new chum with added photo
Guinea pig bullying
Milling whole grains at home?
Sheep Mowing Grass
spot on offer
Jacob 4 horn X Jacob 2 horn
rats no more ha ha ha
effective but not elegant
Square bale hay price question
spaying ?
Alpaca Advice Please...
Looking for Saddleback Boar to hire
When can young rabbits leave Mum?
Spending Spree!
BWMB rules for fleece purchase
how very strange,canines and tunes can be rather disturbing
Fly Strike
I want a puppy.
two snouted piglet .how strange is that?
Maurice the Sun God!
Does anyone keep Gotland sheep?
Raw milk consultation outcome published
Goat bones OK for dogs?
Lets go and see Maude and Mildred.
Dorper sheep.
we like the beach
Great Yorkshire show
Worming horses
Thin cow
Today I will mostly be ...
Farming problems
I have a pig
Thank you, dpack!
Goat advice needed
Our First Kid
I may have been unwise
Livestock and Social Media
A free holiday by the sea
Bacon? How to set the fat?
Needed! Weaners.
What's your view on this?
What are orphan/ bottle fed lambs called round your way
The new girls (& their babies).
feline dementia
Sheep Head Restraint
Scrapping rabbits
The New Boys
good home needed for a long legged lady
We have turkeys again
Defunct Chicken
Do We Never Learn?
dandruffy dog grooming tip
Yohoo...ROB!...about your Kerry Hill sheep...
I finally won
We're looking at getting a puppy
Could you slap a little lotion on my back Honey?
ewe with mastitis safe to eat?
Rabbit pens
Gloucester Old Spot Boar.
The kids want goats :(
the thread about vaccinating bitches before mating? cant fi
Help for OCD dog
Lots and lots of pig pictures.
Internet diagnosis for my rabbit please?
Piglet picture
So I lost the argument
doggy seasons
Kennel cough / essential oils?
Pygmy billy goat - free
new baby's today
Pigs in Space !
Sheep question
faecal egg counts
Curtains for Pru the GOS Sow
Pig movement licences
Lamb rejection
flaming kitten!!
Sneezing sheep with snotty nose
Safe small treats for sheep to help keep them tame.
chomski update part two
Can sheep safely eat cabbage and lettuce.
How to price a cow.
Free Pig Food
Problem with my bantam cockerell's spur....
Bored? Hatching some chickens?
guinea pig dentistry by"painless dpack"
Puppy to adult dog, When?
the floods are receding but the slime can be nasty
Contingency Plan.
EID Tags for Cattle???
For Cat Staff
Sheba - 2000 ? - 2014
Oats as pig feed.
Warning to Devon dog owners
chompski has landed
No good deed...
rspca tickboxing
Spot on meat packaging labelling
Guinea pig armour
Curses On The Cat
whinging dog
Price for half a Lamb?
Cats again - we should have a Cat Forum!
Bitch on heat
The cat is on her last warning. (please help)
Forest-Fed Pigs
Pooch allergies.
Pig rearing DVD. A heads up.
Willow Farm
How much do you pay?
New born calf help, please
Cute donkey
Dog sitter Aberystwyth / Lampeter area
need help identifying
Sick dog and out-of-hours vets
Meet Min
My dog needs a holiday for christmas week only
Chicken help please
Difference between frontline combo and frontline spot on
rabbits... again
A message to all the dog lovers…..
Hand rearing a goat kid
Bill Gates wants bees
Esay Care Sheep
Dear Dog (Again)
rats revisited
Making bacon
Do you pump your sheep?
Dual purpose ducks
Pigmy goats - quick question
Brainstorming about a different way to market pigs?
Wish Lists for Rescue Cats
Award winning cyder provides free pig food.
dogs and bitches
Pig tattoo kit?
Re fly strike
Pigs eating peaches
Learning about sheep
How much do you pay......
Thank you NMG!
Rapeseed Meal.
Parvo and nosodes
trumping puppy!
Moving to the country.
Oi! Nicky Colour It Green!
Beans and goats
Mangalitza weaners
Hybrid turkeys?
Win £10 Amazon Voucher Smallholder questtionaire
can pigs eat pineapple and citrus?
smallholding livestock
Chickens - are there any garden plants they wont eat?!
Fencing for goats
any tips to teach manners to my ram?
Goat keeping courses
Rabbit futures
What else can graze our churchyard?
Thinking of getting ferrets (again)
Travelling M1->M42->M5 Dog Walking stops?
Pregnant goat with crossed legs
Bumper Fleece
Fodder Aid
Anyone rearing goats for meat this year carcasse info needed
Ticks: clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Billy wanted to borrow.
Am I allowed to shoot "wild" cows?
Are the butchering a pig DVDs any good?
Shetland Cows in West Wales
Dear BA!
Dear old Harry Cat
New Rabbit
For those who don't visit facebook...
Kate Humble Wild Shepherdess
Small Ram Kidneys?
Worried about Harry.
Fertilizing hay field question
Orphan lambs & other livestock.
lamb bloat
And ten more!
I've just discovered....
My house is becoming a toilet
dangerous dogs
Red Gut
Gratuitous duckling photo
Feeding Chickens
Buttercup control without nasty chemicals?
We want to learn how to breed Rabbits
Nesting duck
end of an era
sheep ear tags
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