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Seven: 4 + 3!
Ear Tags
Getting nervous...
my new dogs
Foot and Mouth again? Please no...
Animal Feed Prices
Boy lambs getting friendly
anyone a cat behaviourist?
snails (only for 10 days )
Herd and Flock Prefixes
How to tame a feral cat
Shamba !
Bloat in Goats
RIP Scruffy
dublin dog ban
Dog Breeding
Unsafe Plants for goats
Goat Walking
black rabbits
The Grim Reaper visits the Horgan-Webb clan
breeding rabbits
TB Testing and movement of cows.
Time for the good news
Outbreak of orf in the lambs...
Reports of Farm Animal MRSA
Farmers in denial about the real cause of bovine TB
Where to send form AML1
rabbits source
Animal Welfare Delivery Strategy
It only seems like five minutes ago
Difficult kidding
Cows, Badgers and TB
small cows?
give the pig a rabbit?
Aromatic sheep
who let the cows out
Feed storage.
List of slaughterhouses, butchers and packers.
Shepherds Problem
What would you do?
Charlotte (Church) savaged to death in Beckhams' back garden
who likes cows?
Sheep or pigs?
White park cattle
How green is the burial ban?
First lame sheep
What breed of pigs?
goat poo advice
Pigavators at work...
Price of New Season lambs
Local authority of destination
Eartag fell off
Wanted - Livestock transport.
Urgent goat advice
Sheep keeping
Horsemeat and milk and leather etc
That's the rat problem sorted then.
Which goat for cheese and meat?
Gratuitous Foal Photos
Best way to shear 2 sheep
Whole farm approach
Tanning rabbit hydes using woodash
Withdrawal period for goat wormer on milking goat
What's it like keeping pigs?
Gratuitous lamb picture
Fly strike
Goat books
Huge Pig
Fancy that.....a set of twins!
New piglets
Mutton, how old is too old?
Llamas, goats, sheep
sheep wool - tell me everything
Sheep tagging / AML1 form
Thank you Rob and Chris. (including piglet pictures)
Alpacas on INEBG
Blessed is the rural Ceredigion postman...
So, we're all getting the 'Don't feed your pigs........
Weaner off colour -help please
Woolly pigs!
Keeping Sheep
Stray animals
Cruel to be kind.
Treating lice on goats
Lambing question on intervention - when to/ whether
goat running late
Sheep, cauliflowers, why???
Sheep. Buddlia. Bad?
Tail Docking
Pigmy goat - advice / book recomentations
Pictures of one of my gilts
New gilt
This year and then next year.
thin goat
Lamb prices
Pig AI
Dealing with rats
Edible pork??
Home/locally produced feed?
worm the hounds
another litter of piglets
Goat's horn
Itch Dog
Ewe Frothing at Nose & Mouth
holstien calf for beef
a new friend
Lambs ordered
RPA coming to inspect the cows
M&S Pig Farms
Any forum members selling meat?
Nothing important, just a nice picture
The crazy, crazy world of sheep...
Phantom pregnancy
Big things Pigs
goat feeding questions
Any Lambs yet?
expanding foam
Residential Lambing Course
farrowing crate
Giant Rabbits take over the world
cavies and canines
Residential lambing course
spit roast pigs
TB tests and cattle
medicine chest essentials
Can you bottle feed piglets?
castrating piglets v entire males for meat
A Goat question?
Introducing new puppy/rescue dog to cats
Meet Stinker
Health Plan and Associated Drugs For Sheep
Cattle B&B
Crap - we've got sheep scab...
Got our first ever sheep back after being butchered ....
Goat with loss of appetite and froth coming from the mouth
My Welsh rare breed pigs
Poor Pigs at abbatoir
Our First Litter of Piglets
Livestock's long shadow
Fat ewes and lambing.
Farrowing disaster...
Registration for animal transportation
Polytunnel stock housing
Goats vs Sheep
Heads still on
goats free to good home
Lambing course for beginner shepherds!
Unexpected side effect of global warming?
End of an era...
Tony York - Pig Paradise
Spot the freak !
radio-active horses?
Aren't cows strange.........
Good Deed for the Day (I hope!)
Ten Tamworth Piglets
Magpies on my sheep.....
Suspected foot & mouth outbreak - false alarm
doggy critters
Miniature Buffalo
What else can I safely feed my sheep?
Big Bale Silage !
Cuts of meat from a lamb
Just been to see Billy the Bull
are labradours dangerous???
Setting up a goat milking machine
Just come off the phone to the slaughter house !
Sick Pig
Hound Pee Problem - Help!
New goats
Rabbit heated greenhouse
aaargh! kittens!
Dexter Cow and Bull Calf
We've got piglets!
Pure Breed Tamworth Gilts
Confused over Creeping Buttercup
Home slaughter
Equine Insurance
Pig IQ
Horses and Donkeys the ultimate downsizer tool ?
New Uses For Sheep Poo!
Manouvres this Morning
urgent help needed with piglets!
goat question - what teat dip do you use?
Keeping lambs for meat
Raising Pigs
Slaughtering old pigs
Tree hay, Dried Leaves and Shredding
How much for a ferret?
Showing pigs
Visit from Trading Standards
Large Blacks - Pig Semen
Tamworth/landrace cross
This weather is getting serious !
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