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Minature Pigs
Downsizer Virtual Show - Livestock
What breed of sheep should I use?
Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs
Beware Of Flying Sheep
Glos Old Spot Piglet question!!!!
Baby goats on the way as we speak
Is this what's meant by "lethal gene"?
Wiltshire Horn sheep
Unpasteurised goats milk and pregnant women
New wool spinning service in Wales
Just cleaned out the freezer...
Defra consults on welfare of animals during transport
Bach Flower Remedies as treatments for livestock/pets?
Does anyone else pay pet insurance?
Vet diagnostic accreditation.
pig transport
Sheep will fly there itself soon....
piglet rearing
Cats with bad habits
for all you cat lovers out there
orphaned lamb
Keeping sheep
Worming pigs
B***y pigs!
New addition born Saturday 11th March at Sanctuary - foal
20 day stand still.
dog fights /what critters do you have to get physical with
Bed & Breakfasting
Pics of the new(ish) lambs and piglets
Lamb Cuts From The Butcher
Milking a goat once a day?
To castrate or not to castrate (ram lambs that is tahir!)?
Which breed of pig would you favour for beginners?
Horse book recommendations
Wanted: Goat
black spots on a lambs ear !!
Judith's piggy
Alisons piggy's
keeping boars together
Baby bunnies
An exciting day
Looking for a Jersey cow in France
HELP we need to round uo our sheep !!
How much to charge for beef?
Beef joints - boxheater?
herbal boosters / remedies for livestock
Sudden death in lambs
Pigs gonna POP!!!!!!
pet pigs?
New Animal Welfare Bill Published
Fleece management
Tamworth weaners
Web link of Angora Goats
Weaner won't eat pelletts
GOS Forum
Breakdown Recovery for Livestock
clearing land with livestock
Getting animal feed delivered
Cat off its food
Sending pork via a courier
D Day tomorrow
4 Zwartbles ram lambs for sale
Grazing field after topping? and pasture management
DIY Pig ark
British Lops
Abattoirs, do you legally have to use them?
Pig - Sore Eye
A few beginner pig questions.
Sexing rabbits
I didn't realise!!
Pig paradise
Pig feeding recommendation...
Pulse feedstuff for pigs?
They've gone
Giving up pigs payment
Pigs For Beginners
Lamb experts need help again please
Help - Orf in humans
Produce from cloned cattle safe
Help with a poorly pig
Herbal remedies for Orf
Busy shearing and kidding.
Keeping Pigs & Goats together
Scour in Lambs
They've arrived!!
Raising piglets
The first of many...
Bagging up / orphan lamb milk - help please
Woolly buggers
Lambing for beginners
Lambing Open Days - March 2005
Kune Kune piglets born......
Why slap a Pig?
pet pig owners
To feed or not to feed - stuff that will poison your animals
Pigmy goats
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