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Mating rabbits?
Dear Pig...
One of our Pigs
Anyone have goats for sale?
Schmallenberg Virus Vaccine
Appeal for help by the RSPCA
had to share this photo...
Cattle Finally Go Out....
Meet (meat) Patrick
loca the pug
shoes for lamb
Captions welcome
ewe knocked horn off
ewe with dodgy looking eye
Routine Cattle TB Test
Dear Puppy No. 247
Mating a doe (rabbit) for first time over 2 years?
Grass, what grass?
The genuine Guernseys (cow 'n' goat)
injectable or drops
dear rat
cute baby pictures for pookie
does anyone have a small run for chicks I can have
what has 2 ears ,2 snouts and 3 eyes ?
6 week old lamb bloated
And on a ligther note.....
our first Ever lambs
Best rabbit breed for eatin'
goat kid help please
Dried liver treats for dogs
Pig movements, anyone awake?
Horses needing homes...
Easter bunny babies!
Piggin Ell!
Pigs (again)
It Wasn't the Easter Bunny
Various rabbit questions
Gratuitous lambing photos
Spotted this on FB - castlemilk and boreray sheep available
One for Dpack
pet names again
Vaccinations for cats
What breed of sheep?
Goodbye Hagl
curly coated babies
Raw meat dog food.
Mange in Cattle
Livestock guard dogs
Slaughter of pigs
.......and finally
lamb in the oven
"Do you know how to get a cat out of a car engine?"
In praise of pork trotters.
URGENT!! URGENT!!! URGENT - 2 Glos. Old Spot Boars - FREE
Getting a Lamb Carcass and Butchering it...
Wheat price check
just arranged first ever sheep
Sheep going to slaughter - DONE - Thanks all
slaughter houses/abbatoirs east midlands
Lots of lovely trouble
Must be Spring
Sow not delivering placenta for 2 days
Horse meat correctly labelled buy it option?
the yellow dog project.
Castlemilk Moorits
home egg counts - anyone doing them?
When is it sensible to put a cat down?
Outdoor cats.
Turkey slaughterers devon
Urgent homes wnated for...
Kune kune pigs
Had a funny feeling....
Milk replacer
looking into worming
No hay will haylage do for sheep
Pig Processing..
Market price of In-calf heifers?
dear sheep
Dog crates
Good news farming story
He says, she says.
RSPCA accused of needlessly slaughtering sheep
Neutering dogs.
Goat Sex
Dog Insurance
It's An Adorable Time of Year
downsizer transport for goats
where can I get lime?
Does anybody know...
This is driving me NUTS...aaarrgghh
Other Things To Do With Sheep
Remember remember the 8th of December
Killing your own animals for meat at home
Sheeps feet
Guinea pigs - two or three? Updated
Dog brought down Muntjac
Black Springer Spaniel
Cat Litter?
Video tour of a large meat packing plant (USA)
Cat first aid?
Farewell pigs
please sign this petition
canine minders ettiquette
Looking for a BT/BA stud goat
This is unspeakably vile...
footrot and scald treatment
going along with the theme of the day
Limping pig
rag doll kitten....
Milking experience refresher required
the plastic bit on dog collars
Puppies - (shabby) photos
Meet Herbie....
Help, loose dog doing its deed on someone else turf
Kitten taming advice please
A dog, a late night trip to vets and getting her to rest
For Mr & Mrs Rose.
Please remove your feet from the table
Poor Charlie!
Does anyone rear extra livestock and sell to a butcher?
Sheep Breeding and Showing
this is my scratching face
fun at the seaside
Dog Fencing Ideas
Flossie, the ex-battery hen, dies...
Help me speculate
Shearer wanted urgently - Brentwood, Essex
very poorly guinea pig
13 day old lamb scours ???
Izzy Kitten's Continuing Saga
smelly goats
For Ducks Sake
'Today I have seen all I wish, for I have seen 5000....
is the tide turning for uk pork ?
Feeding hens
a slight change from dexter
'Micro' pigs
Landrace piglets need homes for life - Lincs
Meet Izzy
Dog lost in Germany...
Drying up my goats, help please!
Snails for profit?
Pig movement query
Dog saves his own life by dialling 999!
Anyone had a Lamb with Listeria?
Looks like we'll be going the same way as Stonehead...
Sheep people....Bottle fed lamb to market?
Goodbye to the pigs
Smallholding/farm sitting- local knowledge needed SW,eng.
Bye bye lovely boy.
Fly rugs for horses
Managing a partially sighted cat?
Grass eaters for an orchard
time for lunch new baby photos
stolen goat -Essex
Dying to win a card at the Royal Welsh Show.
What's Your Opinion?
new cattle keeper & TB testing - confused dot com....
Horses what should I charge
Straw in livestock trailers
wheat straw
weaners finally!
Kune Kune Pigs
Cats need a home...
Best mineral block for goats.
Guinea-pigs? Rob R?
flea tick treatment
CPH number is there an easier way?
weaning goats
Barn Owl
natural remedies for scour in goats
So my next question is ......
How do I get a sheep to stand up again?
We just shot these calves...
Wooden tongue treatment
Leylandii and sheep
lambs - maybe - what should I know
Interesting report on cattle farming and social networking
Going rate for Ryeland ewes?
Whats a fair price per kilo for 2 year old mutton wethers
On farm slaughter
Cattle foot trimming
Just sheared.
Giant rabbits. One, or two?
Options question on housing for cattle?
Alpacas the basics?
Help, lame lamb
Norfolk Black Turkey Stag FOR SALE
Karma's reunion
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