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Would we comply with agricultural tie?
Postage costs
article on ag ties
Self assessment
Smallholding/house with land wanted to rent
Wanted bungalow to buy
cess pits, soakaways, etc
pre pay credit card?
Can't find the tuition fees thread...
Hello to all members at
Leasehold landlords?
Clay Lump Surveyor
Saving for.....?
Rich landowners
Massively reduced - 4,500 Euros for a house
Is it live?
Land Conveyancing costs
Travel insurance, free to Nationwide customers
Rights of Way 20 year 40 year
Porous paints
static caravan
Tax credits
Renting out to non UK nationals
Cob buildings and insurance thereof
restrictive covenants
Self assessment paperwork.
So far, I'm impressed...
Anyone looking for a remote get-away?
Certificate of Lawful Use
Debt Management Companies
What makes nails lift out of floorboards?
Local Exchange Trading in the Global Village.
Moving house mortgage hassle
I want to cry - Woodworm
Buildings insurance
We have an offer on our house
Roof on house
Comparison websites
Wanted To Rent Urgently
Wanted: Land to rent in Somerset
How much is ground rent?
ever been bankcrupt?
Town and Country Planning Act
dog ownership
Sweet 1.5 acre Suffolk Smallholding nr Southwold for sale
How to find farmland to rent
renting a smallholding
Does anyone know an idiot proof benifits advise site??
Planning advice needed please
Chance to buy land.
Log Cabin living in a garden
BT are an amazing company...
Low milage car insurance
Farm to Rent/Tenant for Charity
House and Flats to let and a Website
House Insurance
Not a lot...
Surplus produce sales - paying tax!
Wanted Land to Buy or Rent in Cornwall
Anyone online from Cornwall ?
Friendly accountant needed in North Wales
Getting value from capital investment
Wanted to rent 3 bed property within 20 mins of Aber
Bungalow with 1/3 acre in Camarthenshire
Small holding for sale Devon
Selling Shares
International banking?
Volunter helping in your farm. LN6
moving checklist?
smallholding near marlborough wiltshire for sale
Useless internet banking
Contracts - do I need one? and what to ask for?
Seaside Cottage was 115,000 now 99,950
car insurance
Taxation when selling a business?
where would I look?
Advice needed about house purchase
Central Portugal - House avail for long term / summer
What paint to use inside a caravan?
I want this!
What's reasonable rent on a 5 acre smallholding?
Bizarre property for sale
4 Bed house with chicken coop and land in Bulgaria for rent
I might be looking to rent out my house in N France cheap.
Boundary help please
car insurance for young drivers
Insurance for a Discovery.
Writing of all my debts!!!!
Definition of being broke/strapped for cash!
Possibly making land available to lease
Wher can i parc my caravan,and live in it in uk?
House build skillshare?
Living and travelling in a caravan
Claiming the tax back as a couple
Reining back on the finances: any ideas?
12V CH Pumps?
House buying.
OJEC Tenders.
200k for 15 acres smallholding
Smallholding Insurance
What's the point of a Building Survey?
Working from home - legal question
12 acre smallholding for sale - Pembrokeshire
beetle tapping noise
The perfect Downsizer job
Electricity socket
Intentional Community property dreams
timber framed bungalow
New Eco-Hamlet - People Needed Urgently
Chartered Surveyor in NW Devon.
Anyone fancy an isolated rural fisherman's cottage?
Ford 1100 half-size tractor.
Storage containter homes
Advice on buying a storage container please
Land to rent in Oxfordshire?
winter let
Anglesey smallholding coming up for rent
Pub/hotel for sale in orkney.
Well seasoned wood.
smallholding status
insurance for outbuildings (stables, workshop etc)
BBC consumer law article
planning and caravans
Winter let?
Red lead paint
Euro to Sterling
Lammas get planning permission
Neat Little Home?
Financial advice for people going to uni next term
25% off...
Next question about wooden floors
Painting a wooden floor
house 4 sale if anyone knows anyone who might be interested?
Dealing with musty smell
Self conveyancing
Low mileage car insurance
evading university fees - likely?
Advice on planning please
Agricultural Planning Development rights
Renting land
Buying land-advice?
Welsh farm up for auction soon,N.Wales Nr Bala
connecting to the National Grid
whats the loans site that matches lenders to borrowers
How much more than the guide price...
gosh, isnt life expensive
Width of a right of way around a building?
Uplift clause on land purchase
Motor insurance
Downsizery cottage to let
Cutting in
land wanted nr truro
Coping with direct debits...
Land to rent in Aberarth
Another high street casualty
Debtor Nations
Today's budget.
Anyone in POWYS?
Just secured our dream property (i think)
Scrotes what need slapping...
indemnifying an unadopted road
Isn't that AMAZING darlings?
VAT question
Ready-made selfsufficient life - Spain.
We've got planning permission
insurance on land
Annexing land
2 bed cottage in Aberarth to let and 2 bed for sale
Anglesey smallholding coming up for sale
Smallholding For Sale In Portugal
Third Party Mandates
Credit Cards
ancient boiler
Light fittings
Fancy being a cave dweller?
Access not on deeds
Cost of re-felting a flat roof
housing markets within markets
cob houses
Just Dreaming
Electronic run on the banks
You'll die if you don't do it...
Can't afford to pay the VAT?
interest rates- what will they do?
Savings in the Post Office
Pension and Tax.
Access track liabilities
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