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Savings in the Post Office
Pension and Tax.
Access track liabilities
Boundary dispute can anyone help?
What's in your wallet?
Laughing all the way out of the bank
Moving a static caravan. Hypothetically.
Fences and neighbours ...
Where to save ..
Bank shares plummeting...
Uncle Monty's Cottage
Credit Crunch.
Some good news on pensions
Living in a caravan
Pension funds - early access?
Downsizing to a small property
Interest rates down to 1.5%
Repossessed- BBCi
Giving the builder a credit card...
Agricultural Ties
Work available in Bristol.
Nice idea Mr Cameron
another car insurace question
St andrews and Oxford
Van Insurance
Gosh ...
rhetorical question
German ridicule for UK policies
The New Capitalism
How to Rob a Bank
childrens tax allowance 2002/ 2003
How much call is there for smallholdings for rent?
Selling the house - Estate Agent or not?
Agricultural building.
15% VAT
Co-op/Smile bank ethical policy.
Who owns the field next door?
Interest rates cut by 1.5%
Calculating daily interest...
Medieval farmstead for sale, Powys
Which would you think best?
More money for British industry?
Do you have a Will?
Interest rates cut by 0.5%
Limited Company paperwork
House for sale in Normandy
The Lewis Pound, or how to organize a paralell economy
Bankruptcy update - thank you everyone
VAT help please
Planning approval imminent!
So if potentially
lease on organic market garden
The Economy
Stamp duty changes
Which house should we go for, then?
wiring in a switch
Room to rent ...
i need to know where good land is not daft prices
agricultural rates and AOC
Balance transfer question
Nationwide website
Wanted: patient understanding accountant in Ceredigion area.
Age discrimination
teeny tiny houses
Does anyone know anything about joint debts?
Company cars.
Builders' merchants
Credit Unions
Help with estate agent terminology
Record Federal Reserve Lending
Building company to sack hundreds
8.9 acres, 2 bed cottage. 185,000
does anyone want to buy a country cottage with orchard etc
Why should a Halifax transfer take 48 hours?
are you tightening your belt
Asking you lot's as good as asking anyone else...
Consumer law / car buying query
Housing market
3 Bed Cottage in Frome
Bank shares
land price inflation
Where to look for a bit of a day-dream?
Hurrah, we're not all doomed...
Tax bill.
Right to buy
Tax the rich!
Postal charges increase from 7 April
Dooomed! Dooomed I say! (part 37)
4000 house
Painting sash windows question.
Chapel for sale on a mountain in North Wales
What can you do with it?
Do people think that property prices are likely to
Rant...Bl***y Woodworm...Rant....
Bradford & Bingley - Internet Saver Account
Busy Bees childcare vouchers
Gift Payments
AAA bond insurance crash
Wheelchair accessible holiday cottage
Money manglement for the Mac
Tax doesn't have to be... "absurdly complicated"
job hunting thread...
Tax returns...
How much land do I need...
Dooomed! Dooomed I say!
pre-retirement course
Bought presents from Amazon this Christmas? GET MONEY BACK!
How many rooms?
I need some help with a Crendon building!
French Smallholding for sale
Yurt vs Static
Gaining planning permission
Kids' bank accounts.
UK house prices see sharp tumble
shared ownership
Capital gains tax and taper relief - calculation help?!
Moving abroad
Have prices gone up fast lately?
Bank accounts
Falling UK house prices?
Lots of smallholdings available in Transilvania
Smallholding for sale Cornwall
Money Saving Expert New Campaign
Pre-manufacturered housing
Property deeds storage
Funds transfer clearance
buy to let land
Bank charges petition
new court ruling on ag tie conditions
Insurance renewals
Dowwnsizer's new Headquarters
Going to get a new car.
Cheap kitchens and bathrooms.
Market Towns
HIPS - the 3 bedroom ruling
Looking for property for rent???
Is there an electrician in the house?
enforcing deeds
Escape to the Azores
Darn it
My dream come true
Daily withdrawal limits?
Can I charge interest to a Insurance company
Cave Dwelling
Insurance tarts
cottage and land near Hawick
Offshore Disclosure Arrangements
My Current Dream
Survey results
Watten Estate, Caithness, being sold off in lots
Erlund House anywhere?
Urgent: Landlord / Tenant advice needed
What is a fair or reasonable contribution.....?
Waiting to find out about our offer .... eeep!
Savings Accounts
buying extra garden
Building a workshop
Post your haggles
Fire retardant
Rising inflation
Loft access
Eco-self-build costs?
Smallholding for sale in rural Hampshire
changing estate agents
make a good pitch
Credit cards
New Start
Where should we advertise?
Is there such a thing...
Loans - P.I.T.A!!!!
Idiot's council tax question! (and downsizing generally)
Was I too cheap
working out a kitchen budget?
Building plot and knotweed question
Location Location Location
Any tips on the best way to advertise a room to rent ...
Card fraud - nearly
potential smallholding for sale
Eco building plots in Norfolk
Land Tax
plan ahead mortal
Planning for a small holding
farms and smallholdings for sale
Interest rates up again
Eco- villages
Want one!!!!!!!
Somewhere to rent needed near Stratford upon Avon or Warwick
on a hunt in wales...
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