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soffit vents - circular? rectangular?
The World, Dubai
buying land
Price of woodland
round two..
Help with windows please!
SFP 06
Happy Day
what do you recon??
look who's movig to my manor..
Home improvement grants
calling all downsizers
Progress report!
Selling Your Business - Live Update
Can anyone recommend a bank for small businesses?
cost of a flat roof
Money Club House
Angle grinder.
OK on a house hunt
So you've got a bit of land....
A Downsizers Dream Property?
nursing costs /rubbish solicitor
Off you go then
derelict property renovation
Desperation is the mother of invention.
Four bed cottage/house with 1/3 acre garden for sale, Wales
Is it me, or is this a bit ewww
Lean to structures
Setting up & running a company
How to calculate interest?
Kick us while we're down...
Land to rent
Unusual conditions in deeds and covenenants
Kitchen ideas, help me please
Anyone for a medieval hall?
100,000 to be declared bankrupt this year
how many of you would sell up??
VAT and the Smallholder
Free money, maybe
1st British Legion Hall ever
Mysterious flood
cottage for sale in suffolk
Acting as a mortgage guarantor
Conveyancing question
Buildings and Contents Insurance.
Online share dealing
fixed price
Pop ups and stuff!
is there..
how do I know if I need a new boiler?
builders estimates
Single Payment Scheme
how many builders?
The debt society
Insurance for land, outbuildings and static caravan
I Have Planning Permission!!
Value of land.
Annual% to monthly%
Happy A-Day
Which would you go for (And why)?
Online working?
Excellent articles on starting your own business
Rental Property...
Another inheritance tax question
Inheritance tax question
Office rental rates
Your plot...
Everyone's doing it (except farmers)
Building regs and glazed doors
Getting Cavity Wall Insulation
How much do you earn?
Do you like your job?
tipi valley planning victory
Part-time, paid work on pond creation/lake improvement
hot water problem
tile laminate?
Heating a non-centrally heated house
Southern Ireland ...?
How do I work out how much we can afford?
Living in a mobile home?
Finding land owners
Wales - are the natives friendly?
home to rent within 50 miles of Cambridge......... -do you k
Living in Woodland
Agricultural ties
Make Me Rich
Any advice for moving to a new area?
electrical regulations
JonnyBoy's house
Self Employed
kitchen recommendations
integrated and non-integrated appliances
moving a gas meter and diy rant
Council tax
Cooperation to do more
How much for an architect?
Land agents in Devon/Cornwall
Which comes first .....
Measure twice...
Pension contributions...
NICEIC waste of space?
Regrets, I've had a few...
Adoptions as a money making scheme
Planning Office nice people!
Childcare vouchers saving
If you run a business selling woolen garments/yarn etc......
Living on a narrowboat
Cess pit/septic tank
About aging - savings & pensions
Sanding flooboards question
Advertising/selling your own property
Postponement of council tax revaluation
Money ... the lack of or not
The Auction Is Tomorrow....
Finding out when a property was bought?
Inventions and patents
Self sufficiency, how much land???
Tax return software
Estate Agents
Commercial Mortgage
Mineral rights
Selling house - change of use of land
Chance to own part of Peak park
self build help
Done It
Freehold and Leasehold
Cashing in an Endowment
Interest Rate Cut?
Easy credit
Advice wanted on rental opp.
Payment protection insurance
Downsizing to a caravan?
springs and wells
purchasing an agirultural property
Triodos Ethincal Bank
Commercial mortgages
Oh dear
what do you live in?
Stuck in this place for a bit longer!!!
Potential cash for those with a digicam and way with words
Timber Self Build Home
Paying everything off strategies
Rough guide to price per acre of land in cumbria
Unfinished house in Essex
Grants for conversion of old farm buildings
Building plots in Warrington
smallholding in Wales
Rental Property on Anglesey
Anyone with 200k to spend in Dartmore?
making money from my house
Land prices?
Smallholding wanted - Dorset, Wilts, Hants
Lots of Land
Where did you downsize to..why?...what's good, what's bad?
If you've got 900k spare...
Welsh Smallholding on Ebay
Got any good property links
Thinking about buying a field
Property in Essex
House & 1 acre for sale Lincolnshire
Does anyone know how much farmers markets charge stalls?
how do you get round this one
Finding Deeds help please
smallholding and the tax man!
Accepting Credit Cards
Draining central heating systems
Do your sums first...
Run down properties
Ethical Insurance Companies??
Buying Land
What's a fair price for 3 acres
Some good tips on advertising
Rant about my bank
Bankruptcies soar to record high
Farm Properties rise 25% in year
Child Trust Fund
Child Benefit
Who fills in your tax forms?
Article - Tracey Smith's Crossable Bridge to Downshifting
interesting sites for saving money
Free course for online businesses
My local farm shop.
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